RJ45 Splitter/Combiner WT-MMF-RJ45 uPoE Cable - WiFI

PoE-Texas LLC
3616 Far West Blvd
Austin Tx 78731
RJ45 Splitter/Combiner
uPoE Cable – kit of 2
This wifi-texas brand device has two uses.
Ethernet cable doublers
Use with a WT-AT type injector to double the power into
one device from 25 watts to 50 watts – combines two
802.3at ports into one uPoE port.
Use to put two 10/100 ethernet circuits onto one
Long run Ethernet cable with or without PoE
Supports 2 individual 10/100 data rate connections and
up to 25 watts for each ( 50 watts total) on CAT-5e
supports gigabit data rates and 50 watts per CAT-6 cable
Use two for each uPoE device – one on the PoE side and
one on the LAN side of a WT-AT-4 or WT-AT-8 device
Connect two Male RJ-45 to your switch, then remotely
connect each male RJ45 to your Camera, WiFi or phone.
Use any CAT-5e cable between the two WT-MMF devices
It provides a low cost solution for either use case. UpoE operation is Intended for use with WiFi-Texas brand WT-AT-4
or WT-AT-8 devices. Ethernet doubler operation is intended for use with any 10/100 switch with our without PoE
Power source
8 wire, 4 pair combined 10/100/1000
4 wire, 2 pair split 10/100 connector
Input Voltage Max
Input Current at 48v
Operating Temperature
PoE switch or injector
Female RJ45
Male RJ45 with 1&2 and 3&6
Up to 57 volts
650ma per pair – 60 watts total
0°C ~ 50°C
125 mm cable length
2 ounces
PoE Tester from PoE-Texas
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