Set Up Your Faculty/Staff Email On Your iPad Using Exchange

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Set Up Your Faculty/Staff Email On Your iPad
Using Exchange
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As a Faculty or Staff member, you can use Exchange ActiveSync to check your SU email on your iPad using the built-in Mail app.
To begin, first open your Settings app and choose Mail, Contacts, and Calendars from the left hand menu. Then click on Add
In the Add Account… windows, tap Microsoft Exchange.
Salisbury University IT Help Desk | 410-677-5454| Last Edited: 28 March 2016
It will pop up a window for some basic Exchange settings. Enter your full email address in the Email field and in the Username field.
Enter your password in the Password field, and give it a Description (in the example below I've chosen SU email). Tap Next to
It may pause at a verifying screen for a short period. After it tries to verify it will pop up with new window, asking for a Server. Enter for the Server. Enter as the Domain. Click Next.
It will then bring up a new window, giving you the option to turn on or off Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Choose what you want to
sync with your mail program, and then tap Save.
Salisbury University | Last Edited: 28 March 2016
Once finished, you'll see a window similar to the one below, indicating that the account has been added.
You can exit out of Settings now, and open up your Mail. After a short wait, it should begin to populate your mailbox. Clicking on
Inbox will give you a drop down of all of your messages, as illustrated below.
Salisbury University | Last Edited: 28 March 2016
Clicking on the Mailbox button in the Inbox drop-down will display your folders.
Salisbury University | Last Edited: 28 March 2016
Note: In addition to your mail, the Mail settings can also Sync your Calendar and Contacts. You will need to open the Calendar and
Contacts apps to view them. Also note that this is an Active Sync, meaning that when you make changes to your contacts, mail, or
Calendar on your iPad, it instantly syncs it with your Active Directory account. Deleting a contact on your iPad, for example, will
delete it from Outlook itself.
Also, note that if you choose to synchronize Contacts, it will only pull the contacts that you have in your Contacts list. It does not pull
the AD (full campus) directory.
Lastly, remember that your password will expire every 90 days, and your device will not automatically update to the new password.
You will have to change the passwords manually in your iPad.
Salisbury University | Last Edited: 28 March 2016
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