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Gavita Pro 600e SE EU
1. Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the Gavita Pro 600e SE EU. Please read and understand this manual completely before using the
product. Only use the product as specified in this manual.
1.1.Used symbols
Warning! A warning indicates severe damage to the user and/or product may occur when a procedure is not carried out
as described.
Caution! A caution sign indicates problems may occur if a procedure is not carried out as described. It may also serve as
a reminder to the user.
Note: A note gives additional information, e.g. for a procedure.
This symbol indicates that the reflector and lamp can reach very high temperatures (>85 °Celsius). Mind a cool down
period before performing maintenance.
With this symbol Gavita declares that this product complies with legal European requirements.
The symbol on the material, accessories or packaging indicates that this product may not be discarded as household
waste. Dispose of the equipment through a recycling centre that handles electronics and electrical appliances within the
EU and in other European countries which use separate collection systems for used electronics and electrical appliances.
By disposing of the equipment in the proper way, you will be helping to prevent possible risks to the environment and
public health, which might otherwise be caused by improper handling of the discarded equipment. Recycling of materials
contributes to the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, please do not dispose of your old electronics and
electrical appliances via household waste.
This symbol indicates the minimum distance (B) between the fixturetype (A) and the lid surface.
2. Product description
The Gavita Pro 600e SE EU is an adjustable horticultural fixture. The product can be used to drive a single ended 600W 400V
high frequency type high pressure sodium lamp.
The Gavita Pro 600e SE EU is an e-series product. It can be remotely switched and adjusted by a Gavita Master controller. The
controller can automatically switch the fixture on and off during a 24 hour cycle. The controller also offers a temperature
safety feature, dimming or switching off connected fixtures when the temperature in a climate room becomes too high.
The product can also be switched on and off by means of conventional timers in combination with a contactor. When switched
with a timer and contactor, the output of the product can be adjusted by hand using the power output selector knob.
In this manual, the Gavita Pro 600e SE EU will be referred to as: “the fixture”.
3. Product information and specifications
3.1.General product information
Product name
EAN Code
Part number
Plug type
Gavita Pro 600e SE EU
Gavita Holland bv
EU plug 230 V
UK plug 240 V
CH plug 230 V
3.2.Technical specifications
Product weight
Dimensions (L*W*H)
Temperature case
Temperature ambient
Input voltage +/-10%
4 kg
570*240*260 mm (height excl. mounting hooks)
75 °Celsius
0 ~ 35 °Celsius
230 - 240 V AC
Input current at 100%
Input current at 110%
Input power at 100%
Input power at 110%
Power factor
Total Harmonic Distortion
Power inlet
Power output settings (plus EXT)
External control signal
External dim connector
Ignition voltage
Inrush current
2,8 A
3,0 A
645 W
700 W
< 10%
50 - 60 Hz
Class 1 - requires an earth connection
300/400/500/600/660 Watt /EXT
Gavita Master controller analog protocol (<11,5V) - see manual EL controller
RJ14 connector build in (6P4C)
5 kV / 600 ms
≤ 37,5 Amps
3.3.Compatible products and accessories
Compatible controllers
Replacement reflector
Compatible lamps
Compatible power cords
Compatible interconnect cables
Compatible splitter
Product name
Gavita Master Controller EL1 EU
Gavita Master Controller EL2 EU
Gavita Master Controller EL1 UK
Gavita Master Controller EL2 UK
HortiStar HR96 600 SE
Gavita Pro 600 W Electronic HPS E40
Power cord EU, 5 meter
Power cord EU, 2,5 meter
Power cord CH, 5 meter
Power cord CH, 2,5 meter
Power cord UK, 5 meter
Power cord UK, 2.5 meter
Interconnect cable RJ14, 0,6 meter
Interconnect cable RJ14, 1,5 meter
Interconnect cable RJ14, 2,4 meter
Interconnect cable RJ14, 3 meter
3 way RJ14 cable splitter
Gavita part number
The product is meant for use in climate rooms. The product may be used in damp environments. The product may not be used
in wet environments or outdoors.
CE LVD approval according to: EN 60598-1: 2008 + A11: 2009.
CE EMC approval according to: EN 55015 (2006) + A1 (2007) + A2 (2009); EN 61000-3-2 (2006) + A1 (2009) + A2 (2009); EN
61000-3-3 (2008); EN 61547 (2009).
4. Safety recommendations and warnings
Warning! Carefully read the warnings below before using or working with the product!
• Always adhere to the local rules and regulations when installing or using the fixture.
• This product may cause interference to radio equipment and should not be installed near maritime safety communications
equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating between 0.45 - 30 MHz.
• Do not use the fixture when either its lamp or its power cord are damaged. Replace the power cord only with original
certified cords. Replace the lamp only with lamps specified by Gavita (see paragraph 3.3).
• The use of other lamps may damage the product and lamp and will void the warranty.
• Modifications to the cords can lead to unwanted electromagnetic effects, which makes the product not comply with legal
• Do not expose the fixture to:
-- condensing humidity, heavy mist, fog or direct spray;
-- (ambient) temperatures outside the specified range;
-- dust and contamination;
-- direct sunlight during use or HID light that could heat up the ballast.
• Always disconnect the fixture from mains before performing any maintenance.
• Always allow for a cool down period of at least 30 minutes before touching the lamp or reflector. Touching the lamp or the
reflector when the lamp is lit or immediately afterwards will result in severe burns!
• Never touch the lamp with bare hands as this will cause damage to the lamp.
• Do not use the fixture near flammable, explosive or reactive substances. The lamp and the reflector of the fixture reach
temperatures of >85 °Celsius.
• Do not use sulfur vaporizers or water misters. Sulfur and calcium deposits on your reflector will decrease its efficiency.
• The installation and use of the fixture is the responsibility of the end user. Incorrect use or installation can lead to failure
and damage to the fixture. Damage to the fixture and electronic circuitry as a result of incorrect installation and use
revokes the warranty.
5. Contents (1)
A. Gavita Pro 600e SE EU fixture
1. Electronic ballast
2. Reflector bracket
3. Lever to unlatch reflector
4. Lamp socket
5. Reflector Hortistar HR96 600 SE
6. Mounting points
B.Threeway control cable splitter (3xRJ14)
C. 2x Interconnect/ drop cable (RJ14/RJ14)
Cable length: 1,5 m.
D.Gavita Pro 600 W 400 V EL lamp
E. Local power cord
CH plug 230 V
UK plug 240 V
EU plug 230 V
6. Controls, connections and
indications (2)
A. Female RJ14 port for controller input
B.IEC connector for power cord
C. Power output selector knob
D.Status LED
7. Installing the fixture
407 mm
Warning! Avoid coiled cords. Coiled cords may lead to electromagnetic
Warning! Always install the lamp before connecting the fixture to the mains.
arning! When connecting the fixture to the controller it may ignite. Make sure
either power is disconnected or the controller is switched off.
Warning! Ensure the local cabling can support the voltage and current
requirements of the fixture.
7.1.Preparing the fixture for use
• Switch off mains power.
• Install the lamp in the fixture (see paragraph 10.1).
• Hang the lamp by its two mounting points (3). The two mounting point are
spaced 407 mm apart.
0,6 m
7.2.Connecting the fixture to a controller (controller required)
Note: A RJ14 splitter is provided with the fixture to allow for a group of up to 40
fixtures to be daisy chained to one controller port (4).
For more information on connecting fixtures to a controller, consult the controller
• Switch the power selector knob on the Gavita ballast to the “EXT” (5) position.
• Connect the controller to the included RJ14 splitter (4D) using the controller’s
connection cable (4C).
• Connect one output of the splitter to the RJ14 plug of the fixture using the
interconnect cable (4E). The indicator light on the ballast will blink when the
connection is successful.
• Connect the other output of the splitter to the input of the following RJ14 splitter
using an interconnect cable (4F).
• Repeat this process to connect up to 40 ballasts per controller port (4A/B).
Warning! Ensure the power cord and the controller cable do not touch the
Max 40 Ballast
Main Channel
Max 40 Ballast
Aux Channel
7.3.Connecting the fixture to the mains
Warning! Ensure the cord is not coiled and does not touch any hot surfaces.
Warning! If external switching gear is used to switch the fixture, ensure it can
cope with the inrush current of the fixture (see paragraph 3.2). Always use
a double throw contactor suitable of switching a capacitive load. Never use
household timers to switch the fixture!
Gavita Pro 600e
If a controller is used, ensure the controller is connected to the fixture.
Plug the included power cord into the IEC connector of the ballast.
Plug the power cord into the mains.
Switch on mains power.
8. Product use
Warning! Never use the fixture without a lamp or reflector!
Caution! Before you dim or boost your HPS lamp, make sure that you run it at
nominal value (100%) for at least 100 hours to stabilize the lamp. Failing to do
so may lead to sub-optimal light levels and premature end of life failure of your
Gavita Pro 600e
8.1.Adjusting the output of the lamp manually
Note: This fixture has a soft-dim feature that will gradually dim or boost the
output when it is switched. It will take about 60 seconds per step. The dimming
process is so slow that your eyes will not see it happen. Soft-dim increases the
lifespan of your lamp.
• Turn the output control knob to adjust the output of the lamp:
300/400/500/600/660 Watt (6).
8.2.Using the controller to adjust the output of the lamp
The lamp is steplessly variable when connected to a controller (50 -110%). Consult the manual of the controller for more
information on controlling the output of the lamp.
9. Troubleshoot using the status LED
The multi colour status LED provides information on the condition of the controller and the lamp. Consult table 1 and 2 to
interpret the status LED. LED signals are represented by colored dots:
- All operating modes include GREEN;
- All warning codes include RED;
- All history codes (except the ignition code) include ORANGE;
- WARNINGS and history codes overrule operating mode display.
9.1.Status indications
Status LED message
Status fixture
No power / off
The fixture is not connected to the
mains or the power is off
Check power
Ballast stand-by
(on EXT)
Fixture is connected to the mains and
to a controller. Output of ballast is off
Ballast on
(on EXT)
Fixture is connected to the mains and
to a controller. Output of ballast is on
Ballast on (Manual Fixture is connected to the mains and
set to manual output
Fixture is igniting
the lamp
Fixture is trying to restart the lamp
Table 1
No action required. When lamp doesn’t
start: Lamp too hot, defect or not
properly connected (remote). Disconnect,
check power cord and connections
9.2.Error or warning indications
Status LED message Status fixture
Too low voltage
Too low voltage
occured in past
Too high voltage
Too high voltage
occured in past
Too high
Too high
occured in past
Table 2
No signal from
controller (on EXT)
Input voltage is too low Check mains voltage
See above, reset
Input voltage is too high
Check input voltage, check wiring and connection,
check neutral in 3 phase systems
See above, reset
Disconnect from mains. Check installation, clean
ballast, check environment temperature
temperature is too high (max 35 °Celsius). Make sure fixture is not heated by
(max. 115 °Celsius)
HPS lamp light. Wait untill the lamp is cooled down,
then reconnect to mains
See above, reset
Fixture is connected
to the mains and set
to EXT but there is no
signal on the control
If a controller is connected, search for loose
connections, defect contacts or short-circuits.
10.Inspection, maintenance and repair
Warning! Disconnect the product from mains before performing any
maintenance or repairs.
Warning! Do not open or disassemble the fixture, it contains no servicable parts
inside. Opening the fixture can be dangerous and will void the warranty.
Warning! Always allow for a cool down period of at least 30 minutes before
touching the lamp or reflector.
aution! Do not clean the fixture with detergents, abrasives or other agressive
Caution! Do not touch the inside of the reflector during installation and do not
use water, abrasives or detergents to clean it. This will damage the reflective
Caution! Ensure the exterior of the fixture is dry after cleaning it.
• Regularly check the fixture for dust or dirt buildup. Clean if necessary.
Contamination may couse overheating and decreased performance.
-- Clean the inside of the reflector only with a soft, dry cloth;
-- Clean the electronic ballast and the outside of the fixture using a dry or damp
• Check the lamp monthly for discolorations or black markings. Always replace a
damaged lamp.
Note: Before initial use, the lamp could have black markings. This will disappear
when the lamp runs on full power. If not, replace the lamp.
• Regularly check the wiring of the product to ensure it is undamaged.
10.1. Placement and replacement of the lamp
aution! Do not touch the lamp with bare hands as this will damage the lamp.
Always use a fabric glove to handle the lamp.
Caution! Only use lamps specified by Gavita (see paragraph 3.3).
Note: Gavita recommends replacing the lamp every year or after 5000 lighting
hours, whichever one comes first.
Switch off mains power
Use a fabric glove to carefully unscrew the lamp from the socket (7). Use a protective glove if the lamp is damaged.
Use a fabric glove to carefully screw a new lamp into the socket (8).
Switch on mains power.
10.2. Placement and replacement of the reflector
Note: Gavita recommends replacing the reflector after 5000 lighting hours.
Depending on the environment and contamination levels the reflector will degrade.
The vega/Miro™ aluminum can not be cleaned without damage. Therefore we
recommend to change the reflector once every year. Also replace the lamp when
replacing the reflector.
• Switch off mains power.
• Remove the lamp from the fixture (see paragraph 10.1)
• Support the reflector on the side of the reflector lever to prevent it from falling
• Move the reflector lever up to retract the two pins holding the reflector in place
• Remove the reflector (11) and place a new reflector in the fixture. Ensure the
reflector lever is in the opened position to allow the reflector to pass.
• Ensure the holes in the reflector are aligned with the pins in the fixture (12).
• Release the reflector lever so its two pins hold the reflector in place.
• Insert the lamp in the lamp holder (see paragraph 10.1).
• Switch on mains power.
11.Storage and disposal
• Store the fixture in a dry and clean environment, with an ambient temperature of
-20 ~ 85 °Celsius.
• The product must not be discarded as unsorted municipal waste, but must be
collected separately for the purpose of treatment, recovery and environmentally
sound disposal.
Caution! The lamps are chemical hazardous waste and must be delivered to the
designated authorities.
Caution! The lamp contains mercury.
Gavita Holland warrants the mechanical and electronic components of their product
to be free of defects in material and workmanship if used under normal operating
conditions for a period of three (3) years from the original date of purchase. If the
product shows any defects within this period and that defect is not due to user error
or improper use Gavita Holland shall, at its discretion, either replace or repair the
product using suitable new or reconditioned products or parts. For HPS lamps the
warranty period is one (1) year from the original date of purchase. In case Gavita
Holland decides to replace the entire product, this limited warranty shall apply to
the replacement product for the remaining initial warranty period, i.e. three (3) years
from the date of purchase of the original product. For service return the fixture to
your shop with the original sales receipt.
Manual: Gavita Pro 600e SE EU
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Not for sales or use in the Netherlands
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