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Surface Mount Pro 12.9”: Lightning to Ethernet
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You can now turn off WiFi and hard wire iPad Pro 12.9” directly to a local network while fully
charging iPad Pro. This guide serves to help you install Surface Mount Pro 12.9” with Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and USB Ethernet Adapter to enable Lightning to Ethernet.
Install Instructions:
PoE Splitter
2G Electrical Box
Lightning Cable
PoE Splitter and
Lightning Cable
24V or PoE
PoE Shown
Surface Mount Pro 12.9”
Bezel and Splitter: $599.00
70748 White
Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera
Apple USB Ethernet Adapter
Data Cable
USB Adapter
USB Adapter
Network Adapter
24V or PoE
Locate all of the components above for a successful
Network Adapter
This is how the components will be wired together.
(Be sure to run 2x CAT5 or CAT6 cables if using PoE)
Be sure to install the 2G Box as close as possible to
Plug the USB adapter into the iPad Pro and insert the
the side that the home button on the iPad will be
located. This is how the components will be wired to- iPad Pro into the Surface Mount Pro as shown in the
gether in the wall. Be sure to position the components Surface Mount Pro Installation Instructions.
to provide space for the USB adapter to have room.
Plug the USB Adapter into the Lightning Cable from Make sure the Surface Mount Pro is flush with the wall.
the PoE Splitter and the USB cable from the Network If there is a gap between the wall and the Surface
Mount, you may need to adjust how you have inserted
the components in the 2G box.
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