SP-SW5X2 - SP Controls

5 x 2 HDMI Switcher
5-Input HDMI Switcher Scaler Format Converter
The SP-SW-5X2 Switcher Scaler allows the
integration of multiple analog and digital
devices into a high-definition environment. It
allows selection of five different sources, and
will simultaneously scale the selected video
to HDMI and HDBaseT outputs. The unit
features three HDCP compliant HDMI inputs
and two VGA inputs with discrete analog
audio inputs for each input connection. The
VGA inputs can be configured to support
YPbPr (component video), YC (S-video), and
C (composite video) video formats. There
are seven fixed output resolutions to pick
from, and several aspect ratio modes, which
will ensure your content is displayed
properly. The HDBaseT output will allow you
to extend audio and video signals up to 60m
The SP-SW-5X2 offers unique audio options
designed to simplify your installation. All
audio inputs are embedded into the HDMI
and HDBaseT streams, so you can use your
display speakers for audio. Additionally, the
line level output can be used for
reinforcement. A balanced input is provided
(line or microphone level) which is mixed
with the source audio to provide voice lift
capabilities; while the volumes of the mic
and source can be individually controlled.
The SP-SW-5X2 can be controlled in many
different ways. When the VGA inputs are
defined as PC signal inputs, the SP-SW-5X2
can be configured to automatically switch
to an input once connected to the switcher;
once a device is removed, the SP-SW-5X2
will switch to the first active input with HDMI
inputs taking priority. The front panel offers
source selection, output resolution, and
volume control. Optional HDBaseT receiver
(SP-HDBT60-SWR) sold separately.
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Input Connections
HDMI inputs
VGA Inputs
Analog Audio Input
Microphone Input
Firmware Upgrade
IR Input
Three (3) HDMI type A
Two (2) HD15-F
Five (5) 3-Pole/3.5mm Euroblock
One (1) 3-Pole/3.5mm Euroblock
UPB Type A Female
One (1) 3.5 mm jack (TRS)
Output Connections:
HDMI Output
Stereo Analog Audio
HDBaseT Output
IR Outputs
One (1) HDMI type A
One (1) 3-Pole/3.5mm Euroblock
One (1) 8P8C-F
Five (5) 3.5 mm jack (TS)
Power and Regulatory
Power Supply Input
Power Supply Output
Power Consumption
Power Supply Regulatory
Net Weight
100V-240VAC / 50-60 Hz / 0.8A
12VDC / 2.0A
24 Watts (max)
220 mm (8.66 in) x 144 mm (5.83 in) x 44 mm (1.73 in) 1RU
1.6 lbs (switcher only)
2 years
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