Lenovo’s Cloudera solution for ThinkServer offers impressive
Hadoop™ cluster performance and terrific value as a complete,
validated solution.
Impressive Performance
Why ThinkServer?
Lenovo’s Cloudera solution for ThinkServer is built on
the newest Cloudera Distribution for Apache™ Hadoop
(CDH™) 5.2. It features three powerful ThinkServer
management nodes, offers expansive scalability with eight
data nodes, and provides an impressive big data solution
as an enterprise data hub, landing zone or data lake.
It’s an ideal choice for commercial Hadoop deployments
for small and medium business or high performance
computing (HPC) workloads.
Select ThinkServer as your Cloudera architecture for its
no-compromises performance and world-class reliability.
ThinkServer RD550 and RD650 servers feature the latest
generation Xeon E5 v3 processors, compared to competing
Cloudera solutions which are based on previous generation
processors. In addition, ThinkServer RD550 and RD650
servers are designed to run continuously at 45 degrees
Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) and meet the rigorous
ASHRAE A4 standard, with no impact on reliability.
This permits greater tolerance in demanding environments
compared to competing choices which are based on the less
rigorous A3 standard. Thinkserver rack servers are based
on open standards and protocols, are easy to service
and are ideal for heterogeneous environments. They feature
extensive redundant components to keep applications
running smoothly without interruption. Coupling these
features, reliability and performance, Lenovo ThinkServer
and Cloudera provide a solution that can scale to service
large enterprise deployments, but can also be implemented
by smaller businesses.
The ThinkServer Cloudera solution is based on three
ThinkServer RD550 servers as management nodes.
These powerful 1U rack servers are configured with
Intel’s newest E5-2600 v3 processors and feature
increased cores, greater cache size, greater I/O
performance and less latency versus previous generation
processors. Cloudera optimizes CDH 5.2 for the latest
Intel E5 architecture, optimizing data processing workloads
at the silicon level for robust security, governance,
data protection and management that small or medium
businesses require. The ThinkServer Cloudera solution
maximizes these technologies to offer a compelling Hadoop
solution for university research deployments, manufacturing,
education or financial industries.
The ThinkServer Cloudera solution is based on eight
ThinkServer RD650 servers as data nodes. These scalable
2U rack servers provide world-class performance, enormous
capacity and innovative hybrid storage choices to meet your
enterprise analytic data management needs. They offer
74.4TB of storage capacity and eight PCIe slots for robust
I/O in a modular chassis design. The ThinkServer RD650
offers versatile storage options, with a choice of 3.5"
and 2.5" SATA or SAS drives, as well as optional enterpriseclass M.2 Solid State Drives (SSD) for secure or diskless
booting. Store any kind of data and analyze it with a wide
array of CDH compute tools like batch processing, interactive
SQL, free text search or statistical computation.
Outstanding Value
Lenovo has made it easy for you to purchase and deploy
an infrastructure solution for Cloudera’s distribution
for Hadoop on ThinkServer rackmount servers, carefully
selecting and certifying world-class components like Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, the latest release of Cloudera CDH
version 5.2, and Lenovo® RackSwitch™ 10GbE and 1GbE
choices. To protect your data and maximize uptime of your
data analytics workloads, Lenovo offers a complete list of
uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units
and console management choices. These provide a complete
solution that is competitively priced and simple to deploy.
Ordering is easy, from your Lenovo channel partner
or your Lenovo direct sales professional.
1 866 426 6398
Data / Admin Network
8 Data Nodes
3 Administrative Nodes
Corporate Network
Hardware Systems
Management Network
Lenovo ThinkServer Cloudera Solution
ThinkServer RD550, management-node for Cloudera CDH
ThinkServer RD650, data-node for Cloudera CDH
Lenovo RackSwitch G8264T
Lenovo RackSwitch G7028
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 with Red Hat Linux Support
Order from Red Hat
Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop CDH 5.2
Order from Cloudera
Lenovo S2 25U Dynamic (ship loadable) Rack
9307-RC2 1042
Lenovo DPI Enterprise C13 PDU + North American Line Cord
9307-RC2 6012
Lenovo DPI Universal Rack PDU w/ US LV and HV line cords
Lenovo RT5kVA 3U Rack or Tower UPS (200V-240VAC)
North America Line Cord
5594-RU6 6500
Lenovo Local 1X8 Console Manager (LCM8)
1754-HC3 0725
Lenovo USB Four Pack of USB KVM Cables
1754-HC3 3756
IBM 1U 18.5-inch Standard Console
1723-HC1 A3EK
Lenovo Keyboard w/ Int. Pointing Device USB (US Eng)
1723-HC1 A50G
Lenovo’s Cloudera solution for ThinkServer is based on a single validated, non-integrated solution using
a fixed configuration. If you require a configuration with more than eight data nodes, specific networking
switches or greater compute performance, contact your Lenovo Sales Professional. They will discuss
your configuration requirements and determine if Lenovo’s special bid and customization capabilities
may be able to address your configuration needs.
For more information on Lenovo Enterprise servers, networking, storage products, and solutions, visit http://www.lenovo.com/servers
For more information on Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition and Hadoop distribution, visit www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera/en/home.html
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