pegasus 212 N
pegasus 118 N
2" neodymium driver on CD horn
12" neodymium woofer in bass-reflex
18” neodymium woofer in bass-reflex
weight (without cover)
dimensions (W x H x D)
Laminated birch plywood cabinet with black scratch-resistant paint and metal grid
8 M10 flying points (only Pegasus 212N)
Protection cover with 4 wheels for transport (only Pegasus 118N)
35 kg / 76,2 lbs
48 kg / 105,8 lbs
425 x 638 x 430 mm / 16,73” x 25,11” x 16,92”
615 x 650 x 723 mm / 24,21” x 25,59” x 28,46”
pegasus 212 N
pegasus 118 N
Sensitivity: +4 dB
Impedance: 20 kOhms (balanced)
A/D converter
24 bit
D/A converter
24 bit
Dynamic range: 117 dB
Sampling rate: 48 kHz
Type: Bessel, Butterworth o Linkwitz-Riley
Frequency: variable from 15.6 Hz to 16 kHz
Slope: 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 dB per octave
5 parametric bands on each ingresso e uscita
Type: Peak, 6dB Lo-Shelf, 12dB Lo-Shelf, 6dB Hi-Shelf, 12dB Hi-Shelf, Notch
Gain: +/-15dB, variable in 0.5dB steps
Bandwidth: 0.05 to 3.00 octaves, variable in 0.05dB steps
Frequency: 15.6 Hz to 16 kHz
max. delay
Input: 600 ms
Output: 300 ms
Indipendent for each output
output power
Hum Cancel, Noise Gate, Dynamic EQ
2 x 400 W (EIA - 1kHz, THD 1%)
Tasti Up, Down, Enter and Select, 2-digit display, Signal/Limiter LED
1 XLR-F + 1 XLR-M (signal input + link)
1 XLR-F + 1 XLR-M (RS-485 in & out)
2 Powercon (mains input + link)
power supply
800 W (EIA - 1kHz, THD 1%)
see label
DX NET - Remote Control Software: PC-based software for the processor's remote control
(compatibility: Windows® 98 SE, 2000, NT, XP, Vista)
pegasus 212 N
pegasus 118 N
frequency response
48Hz - 18kHz (-3 dB)
35 Hz - 300 Hz (-3 dB)
sensitivity (max SPL)
Continuous: 136 dB
Peak: 140 dB
Continuous: 128 dB
Peak: 131 dB
60° x 40°
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Digital integrated loudspeaker system
pegasus N
DPPM module
Utilizing an advanced switching power supply system with power factor correction,
the new Pegasus N amplification module is now 5kg lighter than a similar module
with traditional power supply. In addition to this, the switching power supply
features greater stability and an extremely high and
constant efficiency independently from the mains
voltage. The traditional power switch has been
removed and replaced by a circuit breaker, as
requested by many professional users.
A new version of LEM’s custom DPS RED208 along
with new generation 24bit converters, the accuracy
and definition of the internal processing is now at the
highest quality level in this product range.
Digital Control
The integrated digital processor features 40bit internal
processsing and high resolution, low noise 24bit
converters for a superb audio quality and and a
dynamic range suitable for the most demanding
The available features provide a total control of all the system parameters:
• HPF and LPF crossover filters with the choice between Butterworth, Bessel or
Linkwitz/Riley response and up to 48 dB/oct. slope • 5 EQ filters for the input
and 10 EQ filters for each output that can be individually set as full parametric,
Hi and Lo shelving (6 or 12 dB slope) or notch filter • Delay lines on each input and output for master delay compensation and
individual loudspeakers alignment • Phase adjustment with 5° step through a full 360° • High precision limiters on each output
for the system's loudspeaker protection.
Three additional plug-ins are also available, which allows the system performances to be further increased:
• Hum Cancel, a dynamic notch filter that can be used to eliminate hum typically from mains power supply
• Noise Gate, a dynamic filter for the cutting any background
noise • Dynamic EQ, 4-band dynamic equalizer
The DPPM module includes factory presets suitable for the use of
the system in different configurations, which can be recalled
directly from the control panel. A complete serial interface
(RS485) allows the remote control of all the input parameters
(EQ, master delay, level) and the plugins from a PC using the
DX NET Editor software. Personal setups can be saved in a series
of user presets.
Power section
The power amplifiers included in the DPPM module are designed in order to macth perfectly each speaker and include the VDAT
(Variable Damping Assisted Tuning) system. This system allows the amplifier to control the loudspeaker acoustical damping factor
in order to obtain always the maximum efficiency, in particular in the low.frequency reproduction. In addition, the digital limiters
allow the maximum output power to be constantly under control, providing optimal dynamics and avoiding the annoying acoustical effects typical of analog systems.
pegasus 212 N
2-way amplified loudspeaker system with digital processing
Main features
• 2" compression driver (3" voice coil) horn-loaded, 60x40° coverage
• 12" woofer in a vented cabinet
• 400+400W DPPM - Digitally Processed Power Module with VDAT system
(Variable Damping Assisted Tuning)
• Integrated digital processor con with X-Over, EQ, Delay, Phase, Limiter and additional
• Plywood cabinet with 2 handles and 4 M8 flying points
pegasus 118 N
Amplified sub-woofer with digital processing
Main features
• 18" woofer in a vented cabinet
• 800W DPPM - Digitally Processed Power Module with VDAT system
(Variable Damping Assisted Tuning)
• Integrated digital processor con with X-Over, EQ, Delay, Phase, Limiter and
additional plug-ins
• Plywood cabinet with 3 handles and 4 wheels for transportation
live music clubs systems, theater and ballroom events, band PA, convention centers, worship
pegasus 212 N
??? mm
430 mm / 16,92”
425 mm / 16,73”
425 mm / 16,73”
??? mm
pegasus 118 N
650 mm / 25,59”
The high quality features accomplished by the passion and experience that has
always distinguished LEM Professional Sound products and the great flexibility
allowed by the amplfication modules and integrated digital processors, make
Pegausus N a powerful and versatile system that allows a vast number of configurations for a high quality performance, both for in- and out-door.
pegasus N
pegasus 212 N | pegasus 118 N
638 mm / 25,11”
Pegaus N represents the perfect merge of
excellent acoustic performances and a
set-up that guarantees both efficiency
and reduced dimensions turning out to be
the perfect solution for a wide range of
615 mm / 24,21”
723 mm / 28,46”
615 mm / 24,21”
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