ZyXEL Wireless Router NGB

Customer Installation Guide
NBG-4615 v2 ZyXEL Wireless Router
Form #496PTC Rev. 09/2013
Hardware Installation
1. First, connect the DSL modem to the WAN port, located
on the back of the NBG-4615 v2, on the far right side
next to the antenna.
2. Next, connect any wired computers or devices to any of
the four LAN ports, directly to the left of the WAN port.
DSL Modem
Wired Computers
AC Adapter
Logging In to the NBG-4615 v2
3. Direct your computer’s web browser to
When asked for the Password, input 1234.
4. Click Login to begin setting the Wizard Setup (for new
Wizard Setup – Connect to the Internet
5. Click the Connect to the Internet button to start the Internet
Detection tool.
6. The Detection tool will attempt to automatically discover what
type of Internet connection is coming from the modem
(Ethernet, PPPoE, etc.).
Wizard Setup – Connect to the
Internet (Cont’d)
7. If the Detection tool discovers the Internet type, it will automatically present the applicable options to complete setup, if any. In
the case of PPPoE, you will be asked to enter the PPPoE User
Name (typically your Pioneer email address) and Password.
8. Additionally, you can be set up with either a Dynamic IP or Static
IP (most customers will use the Dynamic IP setting).
PPPoE with Dynamic IP
PPPoE with Static IP
Wizard Setup – Connect to the Internet
9. For Static IP addresses, you’ll need to insert the IP Address, Subnet
Mask, Gateway Address, and Primary / Secondary DNS addresses.
10. If the Detection tool discovers a DHCP Internet connection, there are
no additional steps.
11. If the Detection tool does not correctly detect the Internet connection
type, simply choose the correct type from the Internet Connection Type
drop-down menu and insert any pertinent information.
12. When finished, click Next.
Static IP
Wizard Setup – Router Password
13. You’ll next be asked to change the Admin password. Simply
type and confirm the new password, click Next.
Setup Wizard – Wireless Security
14. We’ll now setup wireless settings. Begin by entering in a
name for the SSID (this is the name that wireless computers
15. From the Security mode drop-down, select a wireless security method.
We recommend WPA2- PSK.
(Note: WEP can be used, but must be set up in the Expert Mode menu) Setup Wizard – Wireless Security
16. You’ll next enter the WPA Wireless password. The
same password will be entered into a computer when
it tries to connect wirelessly. Also, Verify the Password in the corresponding field.
17. Click Next.
Wizard Setup – Finalizing
18. Finally, once settings are applied, you’ll be greeted with the
Congratulations screen. Click Go to close the Wizard and
proceed to the router’s main Dashboard.
Advanced Settings – Wireless LAN
On the lower right corner of the Dashboard, you can click on Wireless
Security to check the NBG-4615 v2’s wireless LAN settings, including
SSID, Security Mode, and Wireless password.
Expert Mode – Wireless Security
Setup (WEP)
20. You may have an older wireless device that may not be compatible
with WPA. In this case, you’ll need to use the router’s Expert Mode
menus to configure WEP.
To access Expert Mode, click on the Expert Mode
link in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
Note: You can return to Easy Mode (the Dashboard) by clicking
on the Easy Mode link in the upper right corner of the Expert
Mode menu.
Expert Mode – Wireless Security
Setup (WEP) (Cont’d)
21. In the left margin of the Expert Mode menu, click on the
Configuration icon (the icon looks similar to gears).Expand
the Network menu and click on the Wireless LAN submenu.
From the Security Mode drop-down menu, select Static
Click, Apply.
Static WEP
Expert Mode – Wireless Security
Setup (WEP) (Cont’d)
22. The menu will now adjust so you may enter the
WEP settings.
Ensure the WEP Encryption is set to 128-bit. You’ll next enter the
WEP Encryption Keys.The same Passphrase will be entered into a
computer when it tries to connect wirelessly.The key must be exactly
13 ASCII characters long (or 26 hex characters (0-9, a-f)). It is mandatory to set up Key 1, other Key setups are optional.
Click Apply.
Expert Mode – WAN (Cont’d)
23. In Expert Mode, on the left margin menu, you can click
on Configuration, then Network, and then WAN to verify
the NBG-4615 v2’s WAN setting.
Expert Mode – WAN (Cont’d)
In the Expert Mode under the WAN settings two items need to
be changed:
24. Enter 1492 as the MTU Size.
25. Select User-Defined in the drop down menu box and type in the box to the right of User-Defined box.
If your computer utilizes the wireless connection,
and you have enabled wireless encryption, then you
will need to enter the key or passphrase for the wireless devices to gain network/Internet connectivity.
If you need help with the basic setup of this
router then please call Pioneer Customer Care,
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