eSATA II PCI Express Card
3Gb/s – 4Ports
Add Four External eSATA II
Ports to Your Computer
High Performance Options
Get Connected Faster
By including four eSATA 3Gb/s ports, this card can be used to
combine up to four hard disks together with your computer to create
a versatile and powerful RAID solution. For example, using the LaCie
4big Quadra, you can set up each hard disk in a hardware RAID
5 mode, then combine them together into a software RAID 0 mode
(with the help of the host computer)*, making this configuration
comparable to a RAID 50 array. This allows for enhanced disk
failure protection, a greater speed of up to 700MB/s, and up to
24TB capacity (with four 8TB LaCie 4big Quadra each).
Add the new LaCie eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s – 4Ports for
instant connectivity and amazing performance with your eSATA
peripherals. The LaCie eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s – 4Ports
features four external eSATA connectors, and can run at speeds of
up to 3Gbs/s, making it the best interface choice for professionals
who demand high speeds. Plug as many as four external hard
disks (for example, the LaCie 4big Quadra) and easily configure
them with Mac® OS X and Windows®.
Efficient Design
Data Protection
Many four-port eSATA cards are at risk of overheating, but the
revolutionary active heat sink design helps the LaCie eSATA II PCI
Express Card 3Gb/s — 4Ports stay cool and keep performing. A
built-in blast fan also helps to prevent overheating, making the
card safe and reliable.
By using Disk Utility, Mac OS X users will be able to create a
RAID 1 array of one or two pairs of hard disk, creating an ideal
configuration for security. For example, users can create two RAID
1 arrays of four LaCie 4big Quadra configured in RAID 5, which
it turn will produce a system able to withstand one drive failure
(RAID 5) and even one tower failure!
• Add four eSATA II ports to your computer
• Heat sink fan for more efficient cooling
• Silicon Image 3124 chipset for optimal compatibility
• The best choice for performance with LaCie
eSATA devices
eSATA II PCI Express Card
• Fast interface transfer rates: up to 3Gb/s
• Compliant with PCI Express slot (8x)
• Use with PC and Mac
• Professional performance with LaCie devices, like the
LaCie 4big Quadra**
Box Content
• LaCie eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s – 4Ports
• Quick Install Guide on CD-ROM
• Drivers for Windows and Mac
Minimum System Requirements
• PC or Mac with a PCI Express slot (8x)
• Latest version of Windows XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7 /
Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6
Item Number
Max Interface Transfer Rates
Hardware Compatibility
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Four external eSATA II connectors
PCI Express Card (8x)
up to 3Gb/s (300 MB/s)
PCI Express slots***
Supports SATA II NCQ
120 x 120 x 20 mm / 4.7 x 4.7 x .8 in.
110 g / 3.8 oz.
1-year limited
* RAID software configuration included in Mac Disk Utility and Windows Disk Manager.
** An eSATA data cable is needed for connection (sold separately).
*** This PCI Express card is not compatible with PCI or PCI-X slots, laptops, or notebook computers.
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3Gb/s – 4Ports
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