The TAOS TSL1401R-EVM/Parallax TSL1401

The TAOS TSL1401R-EVM/Parallax
TSL1401-DB (#28317) linescan imaging
daughterboard provides one-dimensional
sight to almost any microcontroller. It is
designed for plug-in compatibility with
Parallax's BS2pe
Motherboard but can be
used with other BASIC
Stamps, the Parallax
Propeller, PICs, and
AVRs, to name just a
few. It is a platform
suitable not only for
evaluating TAOS's
TSL1401R imaging chip,
but also for incorporation
into OEM products, as
well as hobbyist, robotic,
and educational
The TSL1401-DB includes the TAOS
TSL1401R 128-pixel sensor chip, a 7.9mm
focal length imaging lens, and control
electronics to aid in capturing images for
evaluation. It produces a clocked analog
data output, whose voltage levels
correspond to the light intensity at each
pixel. By means of an analog-to-digital
converter (or even a simple digital logic
threshold), image data are easily
transferred to a microcontroller to detect
objects, edges, gaps, holes, liquid levels,
textures, emissive sources, simple
barcodes, and other visible features.
Combining it with the BS2pe Motherboard
and a suitable output device, one can
construct a complete inspection system in
a very compact form factor.
Central to the TSL1401-DB's ease of use is
the 50-page manual and its accompanying
software and firmware, all of which can be
downloaded for free. The AVR coprocessor
firmware for the BS2pe Motherboard, for
example, provides a
completely scriptable
imaging frontend that
captures images in the
background and locates
features, while the BASIC
Stamp is busy with other
tasks. Also included is a
programming template
and examples for both
the Motherboard and the
BASIC Stamp 2.
As an aid to seeing what
the camera sees in real
time, both for setting up and alignment
and for trying various detection strategies,
a PC-hosted monitor program provides
both an oscilloscope view of the pixels, as
well as a sweeping view of multiple scans
laid side-by-side. It also includes userselectable measurement tools for locating
edges, counting pixels, computing extrema
and averages, and the like. This program is
designed to be used with the BASIC Stamp
2pe Motherboard and automatically
uploads the PBASIC code necessary for
Future add-ons for the TSL1401-DB's
topside mezzanine connector include the
LightSync-DBM for synchronizing to
fluorescent lighting, and the Strobe-DBM,
which will provide LED front-lighting.
Features and
For a complete product
reference, please consult
the TSL1401-DB Users'
Manual, downloadable from,
the TSL1401R datasheet,
1.35" (34.3mm) square x 1.2"
(30.5mm) deep, with lens.
Operating Voltage and Current
Vdd = 3.3V to 5.0V
Idd < 5mA
Pixel clock input (CLK): CMOS
Start scan input (SI): CMOS
Analog output (AO): 0V - Vdd
Optional trigger input: CMOS
Optional for Mezzanine (CMOS):
SCL input, SDA I/O, Strobe input,
Strobe output (open-drain)
Main: 12-pin Hirose DF11 (M)
Mezzanine: 6-pin Hirose DF11 (F)
Focal length: 7.9mm
Aperture: f2.4
Elements: 1 plastic asphere, 1 glass
+ IR-cut filter
Field of view: 53°
Focus: 25mm - infinity
Thread: 12mm x 0.5mm
Exposure Time
267µS to 68mS (BS2pe Mobo)
2.03ms to 68ms (BS2)
Analog: 128 pixels
Binary (interpolated): 255 pixels
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic
Solutions (TAOS)
1001 Klein Road, Suite 300
Plano, Texas 75074
(972) 673-0759
Parallax, Inc.
599 Menlo Drive, Suite 100
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 624-8333
Specifications are current as of 12 May 2009 and are subject to change without notice.
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