These headphones allow you to play MP3 or WAV music stored on a microSD card. They are light and
inexpensive. We invented them so kids could give them to grandparents and elders in need.
Step 1- To Charge headphones- plug into computer USB port or wall-wart- When charged, Light goes off.
Step 2- To create a playlist for your elder try using The Alive Inside App - ​​.
Step 3- To load music from your personal computer- Plug the headphones into your computer USB port
and turn the headset ON. The card will appear in your computer as a drive- (NO NAME).
If the headset does not recognize - use a card reader as pictured (transfer will also be faster). You can load
files to the SD card with iTunes (only MP3s), from your hard-drive, or use
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If microSD card with music is inserted - and POWER is switched ON, the music will play in order.
Arrows --> allow you to skip songs,
+ & - raises or lowers volume.
The optional ​Alive Inside Splitter​ was developed to make music a SHARED experience. Plug the Splitter
into your Smartphone or laptop and use the Alive Inside App and headphones at the same time.
​NEW INVENTION! Now, TWO can plug in and listen to the headphones at the same time!!
‘Making the film, “Alive Inside,” fed my soul, but, one day, I asked some middle school
kids to bring music and life to some elders. What happened blew me away! I saw young souls
fill with purpose, exhibit skills no one thought they had, and I was filled with hope. Creating
empathy in our next generation, and aliveness in our last became my mission. I believe in
music and human connection. They will lead us where we need to go- to safety. Join us at​ and help our youth, the forty six million elders living with Alzheimer’s, our
culture and your deepest self! We are all part of turning Eldercare on its head!’
Michael Rossato-Bennett
Director of “Alive Inside” &
The Alive Inside Foundation
237 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 | 212.433.2734 | |
237 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002 | 212.433.2734 | |
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