Isolated Network Adapter
• Max. network distance: 4000 feet
• Max. number of devices: 32 per network
• Max. baud rate: 115.2 Kbaud
• Supply voltage: 5VDC @ 100mA max. (from
CPU) or 24VDC @ 70mA (external source)
• Max. driver load: 62 ohms
• Driver voltage: ±1.5V minimum
• No load current: 80mA
• Max. current: 100mA (62 ohms)
• Isolation resistance: >1014 ohms/7pF
Key features
The FA-ISOCON Universal Isolated
Network Adapter is used to place RS-232
devices such as PLCs, operator interfaces,
industrial computers, etc. on an RS-422
or RS-485 multidrop network. The
Network Adapter converts RS-232 signal
levels to isolated RS-422 or RS-485
signal levels. This network adapter is
similar to our other RS-232/422
converters, but it offers the added benefit
of network isolation. This adapter is
especially useful in noisy environments
where data corruption due to induced
noise is possible. The FA-ISOCON
features Automatic Network Transmitter
Enable(ANTE) so that an RTS output is
not required on the connected RS-232
device. The FA-ISOCON is a direct
functional replacement for the FAISONET when CTS Controlled
Transmit Enable(CCTE) mode is active.
Having both ANTE and CCTE modes,
the FA-ISOCON is compatable with
most RS-232 devices.
The diagram below shows a simple
example of an FA-ISOCON use for a PC
to multiple PLC communications.
Following are some of the key features
and benefits of the FA-ISOCON:
Network master
(PC or PLC)
External power required
Port 2 ONLY!
Bottom port
• Dipswitch selectable Automatic Network
Transmitter Enable so that an RTS output is
not required on the connected RS-232
• Dipswitch selectable CTS Controlled
Transmit Enable mode for backwards
compatability with the FA-ISONET.
• Dipswitch select termination and bias
resistors; short/open TXD+/RXD+ and
TXD-/RXD- terminals for 1/2 duplex comm.
• Isolation removes ground loop currents
from data lines. Noise voltages resulting
from transformer-like coupling are also
• Many forms of radiated noise are reduced
to negligible levels.
• FA-ISOCON can be powered from 24VDC
or 5VDC. (Unit may be powered directly
from CPU pins on CPUs with +5V pins or
the auxiliary 24VDC power supply on I/O
• Unit has RS-232 transmit and receive LEDs
and an RS422/485 Transmitter Enable LED
to simplify troubleshooting.
RJ12 port allows you to use the modular cables (included) to
quickly connect the D0-05, D2-240 or D3-340 to the FA-ISOCON. Connections can be made to the D3-350, DL405 CPUs and
PCs with the connectors that are included.
is a “snap”
The FA-ISOCON comes with an
attached DIN rail connector. Simply
hook the top of the DIN connector on
the DIN rail, then pull the unit down
and rotate the bottom of the DIN
connector onto the DIN rail (or use the
provided holes to flush mount it on a
panel). The adapter’s RJ12 serial port can
be connected to a PC or a DirectLogic
CPU port using one of the supplied
cables/connectors. Or, use the adapter’s
RS-232 terminal block to connect to a
serial device. Connect the RS-422/485
communications wiring to the convenient RS-422/485 terminal blocks.
Adapter components
• FA-ISOCON Isolated Network Adapter with
attached DIN mounting bracket
• 25-pin male to RJ12 6P6C connector
• 9-pin female to RJ12 6P6C connector
• 1’ cable, RJ12 6P6C plug to RJ11 4P4C plug
• 1’ cable with RJ12 6P6C plug to RJ12 6P6C
A) FA-ISOCON converts the network
master’s (computer or PLC, etc.) RS-232C
communication signal levels to RS-422/485.
B) FA-ISOCON converts the RS-422/485 signal
levels back to RS-232C for a connection to
the D3-340 CPU bottom port.
C) FA-ISOCON converts the RS-422/485 signal
levels back to RS-232C for a connection to
the D2-240 CPU bottom port.
D) FA-ISOCON converts the RS-422/485 signal
levels back to RS-232C for a connection to
Removeable terminal blocks make it easy to connect communication wiring.
the D0-05 CPU port 2.
(Replacement terminal plug kit FA-ISOCON-P)
Communication Products
• Voltage withstand: 1.2KVrms/1s
1.0KVrms/1 minute
• Operating temp: 0 to 60ºC (32 to 140ºF)
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