Data Sheet
7200 Series
Capacitance Meter
Taking performance to a new peak
7200 Series Capacitance Meter
The 7200 is a sophisticated capacitance meter equally suited
for demanding R&D, as well as manufacturing applications. Two
phase-sensitive detectors are used to extract and display both
the parallel capacitance and conductance of the device under
test. From the measured parameters the 7200 can calculate
and display the equivalent parallel and series resistance, series
capacitance, dissipation factor, and quality factor Q. Capacitance
can also be displayed as a deviation from a selectable reference
standard in % or pF units. The 7200 uses a software filter technique which averages consecutive measurements to achieve a
stable display value. Test levels are programmable from 15 to
100 mV, making the 7200 suitable for a wide variety of semiconductor measurements. Up to 99 complete front panel setups
can be stored and recalled in internal non-volatile memory.
• Capacitance range, 0 to 2000 pF
Bias Voltage
The 7200 accepts, measures and displays external bias voltage
over a range of ±60 V. An internal bias supply is also included
and is programmable over a ±60 V range. This bias capability,
along with fast responding analog C, G and V outputs, makes
the 7200 ideal for C-V and G-V semiconductor plots, as well as
DLTS material studies.
Automatic Zeroing
One key stroke zeros the 7200 for stray capacitance and loss.
The 7200 is capable of zeroing up to 2000 pF. As a result, the
• Conductance range, 0 to 2000 µS
• Test frequency, 1 MHz crystal-controlled
• Test level, selectable 15, 30, 50, and 100 mV
• External bias ±60 V
• Standard programmable internal bias ±60 V
• Analog outputs proportional to both C and G and bias
• GPIB standard
maximum range of the instrument can be effectively increased
Bus Operation
to 4000 pF by first zeroing the 7200 with a 2000 pF specimen
The 7200 is equipped with a full function ieee-488 interface
connected to the input.
bus. The following can be remotely programmed: all panel functions, including special functions; store and recall panel setups;
Special Functions
and zero and bias controls. For rapid data transfer, C, G and V
A variety of special functions are provided to extend the opera-
information is available simultaneously. Front panel setups can
tion of the 7200 to meet specific requirements. For example, the
be stored and recalled by program location.
instrument can be forced to hold a particular measurement or
bias range. The averaging filter length can be selected from no
averaging up to 500 measurements. Special functions can also
be used, in conjunction with external standards, to calibrate the
instrument from the front panel or over the ieee-488 interface.
Capacitance Display
External Bias Display
Capacitance Range
0 to 2000 pF
Voltage Range
±60 V
Full Scale Ranges
2, 20, 200, 2000 pF
0.1 V
0.25% of reading
0.25% of rdg + 4 counts
+0.2% of full scale +0.005 pF
0.001 pF from 0 to 2 pF
Internal Bias
0.01 pF from 2 to 20 pF
Voltage Range
0.1 pF from 20 to 200 pF
1 pF above 200 pF
±60 volts, programmable from
the front panel
0.5% of setting + 10 counts
1 mV for voltages ≤ 20 V
Conductance Display
10 mV for voltages > 20 V
Conductance Range
0 to 2000 µS
Maximum Current
Full Scale Ranges
2, 20, 200, 2000 µS
5 mA
Rear Panel Connectors
2.5% of reading +2.0% of full scale +0.05 µS + 2 (ωC)
Analog Out, C
Where C is the parallel capacitance in Farads
Residual Series Resistance
2Ω maximum
0.01 µS from 0 to 2 µS
2 volts full scale, source resistance 1000 ohms, linearity 0.1%
of reading + 0.05% of full scale
Analog Out, G
2 volts full scale, source resis-
0.1 µS from 2 to 20 µS
tance 1000 ohms, linearity 0.1%
1 µS from 20 to 200 µS
of reading + 0.05% of full scale
10 µS above 200 µS
Analog Out, Bias
2 volts full scale
Source resistance 1000 ohms
Computed Parameters
Complies with IEEE-488-1978
Series Capacitance
0.000 to ±9999 pF
Implements AH1, SH1, T6, TEO,
Series Resistance
0.00 Ω to ±9.999 MΩ
L4, LEO, SR1, RL1, PPO, DC1, DT1,
Parallel Resistance
±488.5 Ω to ±9.999 MΩ
CO and E1
0.000 to ±999.9
Quality Factor
0.000 to ±999.9
0.000 to ±4047 pF
0.00 to ±99.99%
External Bias In
±60 volts max
62.5 mA fuse protected
Front Panel Controls and Displays
Temperature Influences
Keyswitches enable data entry
and selection of major functions
Operating Temperature
10° C to 40° C
Amplitude Error
<± 0.017% /° C
Vacuum Fluorescent
20-digit display of BIAS LEVEL,
Phase Error
<± 0.2° /° C
Warmup Time
2 Hours
Test Signal
1.0 MHz, crystal-controlled
15, 30, 50 and 100 mV
External Bias
Voltage Range
±60 V
Maximum current
62.5 mA fuse protected
Other Specifications
12 lbs (5.4 kg)
Power Requirements
100, 120, 220, 240 V AC
50-60 Hz, 35 VA
Council Directives
89/336/EEC//93/68/EEC, 73/23/EEC//93/68/EEC & Standards
EN55011, EN50082-1, EN61010-1
CE Mark Declares Conformity to European Community (EC)
Rack mount kit, single
PIN 950002
Rack mount kit, dual
PIN 950001
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