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LDSS 3.3 Frequently Asked Questions
Version 2.0 – covers LDSS versions 3.3 and 3.3.5
Document Producer & Forms Composer:
1) In Document Producer what is the technical difference between the options PDF Format
and PDF Page Format ?
PDF Page Format allows the addition of “job ticket” options from Document Producer. This
will allow pages to print duplex, staple, etc. on individual print jobs. This function only
works with machines that have native PDF support. The PDF Page Format will not work
with devices using the ImageQuick option.
2) When editing a variable and selecting it as, for example, emailID, Forms Composer
seems to add blank spaces at the end of an e-mail address if the e-mail address in the data
stream is shorter than the e-mail address that was used in the test data file. For example, if
the e-mail address used when editing the form is josephine@lexmark.com and then the email address in the data stream is fred@lexmark, spaces are added to fred@lexmark.com
and an error is returned from the mail server.
This is a problem when using the e-mail action provided with the basic Document Producer
package (e.g. E-mail, Fax, Print, FTP and Save to File). If a solution is needed that pulls email addresses from a print stream, a custom script is needed. The e-mail variable created
in Forms Composer must have the spaces removed before it is passed to the e-mail action.
3) Why do I get one PDF file for each page in my Document Producer or Forms Card
If First or Last pages are not selected in Page Activation conditions then one PDF file per
data page is generated.
4) Can I send Document Producer output to a Windows print queue instead of printing it
directly to an IP printer?
Yes, this function exists in LDSS 3.3 and it may provide better print spooling than direct IP
printing in some instances. However, testing in the customer environment is necessary to
determine which method is better. To print to a Windows print queue enter
“Q:windowsprintername” instead of an IP address, where “windowsprintername” is the
name of the desired printer as listed in the “Printers” list in Windows.
5) Why don’t my fonts look right in Forms Composer and Document Producer?
Forms Composer and Document Producer support only TrueType fonts. Additional fonts
may be added to the system and will be supported by Forms Composer and Document
Producer. It is important to verify that fonts used on the Forms Composer system are
available on the Document Producer system and in the printer if the Forms Card is used.
6) I want to move my formset from one machine to another. Which files do I need to move?
The .fdd file is the only one that needs to be moved. All necessary files, such as images,
activation conditions and data maps are stored in the .fdd file. All other files produced are
for temporary use and increase the speed of opening a project.
7) In some cases print job output to a printer does not come out in the same order as the
jobs were submitted to Document Producer. Is there some way to ensure that print jobs to
the same printer will print in the order in which they were input?
Document Producer utilizes four threads in the operating system for maximum efficiency.
Use of multiple threads has a side effect that may allow merge jobs to be re-ordered during
processing. To ensure job output stays in the same order as the input change the server to
use only one thread. Instructions for this operation are available from Lexmark technical
8) Are LDSS PDF files searchable?
Document Producer will output either searchable or image PDF files based on the script
command used. Forms Card PDF files are searchable.
9) Can a system be architected for server redundancy so that if one server crashes the other
picks up where the first one left off?
Document Producer does not have this capability at this time.
10) If a server crashes during a merge will the job pick up where it left off when the server
is restored?
Depending on what was happening at the moment of the server crash, the merge job may
start over and run correctly to completion or the job may be lost. In the case of the latter,
the merge job will need to be resubmitted.
11) Can I pool printers using a Windows print queue so that workload is balanced?
This feature is not currently available with Lexmark software. Some third party software
does provide this capability. Some Windows operating systems offer an option called
“printer pooling.” This option does not actually pool printers, but instead provides fail-over
capability. This means that a print job would be redirected to a second printer when the
primary printer fails.
12) Can I increase the number of threads used by Document Producer on multi-processor
servers to increase throughput?
Testing has shown that increasing the number of threads beyond four will not consistently
improve performance and is not recommended.
13) Can I use an Optra Forms initialization string to trigger a project activation conditions?
No. An Optra Forms Initialization string is not supported in LDSS 3.3.
14) Can I convert my Optra Forms to LDSS forms?
Yes, use the conversion program available at customersat.ap.lexmark.com.
15) I have a customer who sends data from an AS/400 (iSeries). How do I get the data from
the AS/400 to Document Producer or the Forms Card?
Use the LDSS AS/400 Workstation Customization Object available at
customersat.ap.lexmark.com and connect the machines via LPR and LPD.
16) Can I send host data with an Optra Forms initialization string to Document Producer or
a Forms Card?
Forms Composer 3.3.5 and Document Producer 3.3.5 provide a filter that can be set to
remove this init string at merge time. The filter will be available in future Forms Cards.
17) How are the forms initialized if init strings are no longer used?
Forms are initialized by Project Activation Conditions which are set with Forms Composer.
18) Will Web Fill or Windows Filler work with LDSS forms?
These technologies are not compatible with LDSS at this time.
19) How can I change the IP address of my LDSS server without uninstalling and
reinstalling the software?
Use the following steps to change the IP address for your LDSS server:
1) Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services
2) Stop the Lexmark Document Server
3) Stop the Lexmark Document Server Gateway. The Lexmark Document Solutions
Web Server does not need to be stopped.
4) Open the file server.dat, which is in C:\Program Files\Lexmark\Document
Solutions\Server (assuming LDSS was installed in the default location) and change
the server IP address to the correct one.
5) Save the server.dat file and restart the services, starting the Lexmark Document
Server first.
20) Why can’t Forms Manager access my printer that is connected to the network using a
Lexmark MarkNet 4050e?
The MarkNet 4050e does not contain the communication protocols Forms Manager uses.
21) I applied a filter to my test data in Forms Composer and saved and uploaded my project
but Document Producer doesn’t filter the data. Why not?
Activating the filter in Forms Composer only filters the data in the data pane of Forms
Composer. You must activate the filter on the pipe that is used in Document Producer 3.3.5.
The Forms Cards do not currently have filters.
Document Distributor
1) When installing Document Distributor I often see the name GNU flash across the screen.
What is GNU?
GNU (GNU’s Not Unix) is a set of libraries used in LDSS. Lexmark is contractually
obligated to display these messages.
2) Does LDSS 3.3 support any kind of GOTO command to return to prompt using the “ask”
routine again?
Yes, see the Using Steps Script Example at the end of this document.
3) Does the HP AutoStore software provide the ability to make two or more ask statements
in their workflow language?
HP AutoStore does not provide a scripting language like LDD. The closest thing they
provide are fields that always appear in the same order. These fields do not provide
conditional logic.
4) How can I get a “job complete” notice upon completion of printing?
This can be accomplished with a script using the print action with the .waitforcomplete
method to send an e-mail back to a user once printing has been completed.
Workflow Composer
1) Can I check the validity of an e-mail address before executing a script?
This is not possible in this version of LDSS.
2) How can I insert multiple prompts?
See the Using Array Prompts Script Example at the end of this document.
3) Can I access temporary LDSS files to assist script debugging?
No, these files are not available for use.
Forms Card
1) Can I convert an Optra Forms module to a blank flash module for use with a Forms Card
for form storage?
Yes. Simply reformat the flash card from the operator panel of the printer or MFP. If the
Optra Forms flash module is password protected, you will not be able to format the flash
card from the operator panel. You will first need to use Optra Forms Manager to remove
the password.
2) When I send my data to a printer with a Forms Card installed the project never gets
activated and my data is printed without the form. When I perform a merge preview in
Forms Composer it works fine. Why won’t it work?
The printer firmware is set to always send a file with a .txt extension to the PCL
interpreter. Change the data file extension to something other than .txt.
3) What will happen if I send data containing an Optra Forms init string to a printer with a
Forms Card installed?
The information will always be routed to the printer instead of to the Forms Card.
4) Why does the new Forms Card require two modules instead of just one as Optra Forms
The Forms Card provides function beyond Optra Forms, such as bar codes and alleviating
the need for an Optra Forms initialization string. This enhanced function required one
module for printer firmware and the Forms Card code and another card or a hard drive for
form storage.
5) How many bar code symbologies are available on the Forms Card?
This information is available from Lexmark on request.
6) Can I print a blank form from a printer or MFP?
This function is not offered at this time and is being considered for a future release.
7) Can I use the Forms Card in a printer with an ImageQuick, IPDS, PRESCRIBE or
PrintCryption option?
An SPR is required for this functionality.
8) Is Forms Manager the only way to send forms to a printer?
Forms Manager 3.3.5 provides the capability to create a flash file that can be sent to a
printer without the need for Forms Manager.
9) Will I be able to send a form to a non-network printer in the future?
There are no plans to offer this capability.
10) Can I use a printer driver to download a form to a printer?
This is not possible at the present moment and there are no plans to offer this functionality
in the future.
11) Can I use a Forms Card in a Source Technology printer?
The Forms Card is not compatible with Source Technology printers.
12) I understand that I can archive merged forms on the printer hard drive. What happens
when the drive becomes full?
When the printer hard drive is full the Forms Card will discontinue writing to the hard
drive but will not return an error message to the host or print an error page.
13) Which printers will support the new forms card?
T430, C510, T63x, T64x, C752, C76x, W840, and C920.
14) Can the flash memory module or hard drive be used for the storage of other resources in
addition to the forms?
Yes. Logos, fonts and other resources can be stored on the same flash memory module or
hard disk.
15) How does the Forms Card handle subforms?
Subforms must be downloaded to the Forms Card in addition to the form from which they
are called.
1) How do I obtain documentation about which LDSS services are installed? I am trying to
solve problems without rebooting and bringing down many services.
Manual stopping and starting services should not be required nor is it recommended. Call
Lexmark technical support for assistance if necessary.
2) Will LDSS 3.3 work with Citrix and Windows Terminal Server?
LDSS 3.3 does not currently support operating within Citrix and Windows Terminal Server
3) Which LDSS modules are required for specific functions?
The table on the following page lists which modules are necessary for common functions.
4) Can LDSS send a notification of job complete?
LDSS cannot currently send notification on completion of a job. System performance would
be significantly affected if such a function were implemented in the current architecture.
5) How can I design an LDSS system such that jobs will never be lost?
To ensure that jobs will not be lost it is recommended that two individual systems run
concurrently. One system could be used for printing and the other to archive the print job
6) Does LDSS support DataGlyph technology?
LDSS does not have this capability at this time.
7) Does LDSS support Windows Cluster Servers?
LDSS does not support Windows Cluster Servers at this time.
8) Can I convert several Optra Forms to LDSS forms at once?
This function is not offered at this time and is being considered for a future release.
9) Why can’t Server Manager find my server anymore?
It is required that all servers have a static IP address. Check your server address to ensure
it has not changed.
LDSS Suite Functions
Scan to E-mail
Scan to ftp
Scan to fax
Scan to SharePoint Portal Server
Scan to Domino.Doc
Scan to Novell GroupWise
Scan to MS Exchange
Form Generation
Datastream Forms Merge
Datastream Forms Merge w/ Bar Code
Datastream Forms Merge to Multiple Dest.
Document Workflow
Distributor Composer
Form Repository
Form Repository with Fillable Forms
Form Repository Sent to Multiple Dest.
Desktop Scan Control (Desktop Solution)
Scan to OCR to E-mail
Scan to OCR to ftp
Scan to OCR to Multiple Destinations
Scan Bar Code From Hardcopy
Create Bar Code From MFP or Desktop Clients
Script Generation
Forms Document Document
Composer Producer
Using Steps Script Example
stringprompt username
with username
.SetPromptText("Please enter your username")
// email_address
stringprompt email_address
with email_address
.SetPromptText("Please enter the email address")
// In order to move around within a prompt block, you can set up a
"step" then
// use the nextstep command to go there.
// Be sure to identify your last step with the laststep work as not to
get stuck in a loop
// Steps only work inside the prompt block
step "ask_username" // setup a step that starts the first question
ask(username) // present the user with the question
if (username == "jsmith") then
validation code here
// imagine some type of
nextstep "email_prompt" // If the user is valid we are going
to send them to a step called "ask_email"
nextstep "ask_username" // If the user is not valid we will
send them back to the username prompt
step "email_prompt" // this is the step to run if the user is
ask (email_address)
Using Array Prompts Script Example
// The multi-select prompt type creates an array with each choice
being a position in the array///
// For example, if you select the first option then the first position
in the array would = TRUE//
// For more information onusing arrayprompts consult the script
arrayprompt action_prompt
with action_prompt
.SetPromptText("Select the actions you would like to perform")
// print_ip
passwordprompt print_ip
with print_ip
.SetPromptText("Please enter the printer IP address")
// email
stringprompt email
with email
.SetPromptText("Please enter the email address")
// path
stringprompt path
with path
.SetPromptText("Enter the path")
step "prompts"
ask(action_prompt)//// Present the user with the choices
// To see what options they selected, we can use an IF
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(1) == TRUE) then /// This would check
to see if the first option was selected//
ask (print_ip)
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(2) == TRUE) then /// This would
check to see if the second option was selected//
ask (email)
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(3) == TRUE) then /// This would
check to see if the third option was selected//
ask (path)
/// You would need to repeat the same type of logic for the action
setting to perform the action//
/// specifiied
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(1) == TRUE) then /// This would check to
see if the first option was selected//
///print action module here
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(2) == TRUE) then /// This would
check to see if the second option was selected//
// email module here
if (action_prompt.GetCheck(3) == TRUE) then /// This would
check to see if the third option was selected//
// archive module here
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