EasyUSB Audio Bridge Tech Spec

Vaddio™ EasyUSB Solution for Existing Audio Systems
The EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE is an elegant
solution to enable existing professional
audio equipment to go digital by converting
the analog audio signals to USB 2.0 for use
with the Unified Communication soft clients
like Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google+
WebEx, GoToMeeting and more!
Professional audio equipment can connect to the AudioBRIDGE with balanced line level inputs and outputs on a
3-pin Euro terminal block or unbalanced consumer level inputs and outputs on RCA connectors. The
AudioBRIDGE converts the analog audio to a USB microphone and loudspeaker channel for connection to the PC
The AudioBRIDGE has been optimized for use with UC clients including Microsoft Lync. A unique feature of the
AudioBRIDGE is user configuration of USB terminal type. The AudioBRIDGE can be configured as a USB
speakerphone (Type 403) or a USB echo cancelling speakerphone (Type 405). Use Type 405 when connecting
to professional audio conferencing mixers with echo cancellation. Use Type 403 when connecting to audio
equipment that does not have internal echo cancellation. This feature improves performance with Microsoft Lync
and other soft clients.
The AudioBRIDGE includes independent USB and analog gain stages. Gain structures can be configured
between the pro audio equipment without being impacted by PC volume controls. Additionally, the AudioBRIDGE
even includes a serial control (RS-232) port for use with AMX/Crestron control systems.
While the EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE is a simple idea, execution of the idea is one of the most important aspects of
selecting an analog audio to USB 2.0 converter. This solution offers many desirable features specifically included
to perform flawlessly for mission critical UC applications using new or existing audio systems.
One (1) EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE Analog to USB 2.0 Converter
One (1) 12 VDC, 1.0 Amp Switching Power Supply
One (1) AC Clip Set (North America or International)
One (1) 6’ (1.83m) USB 2.0 Cable, Type-A to Type-B (black)
One (1) Control Adapter (DE-9F to RJ-45F)
Four (4) Rubber feet for the bottom of enclosure (if not rack mounted)
One (1) Installation and User Guide
Balanced Line Input:
 Mono line level (+4dBu) input on 3-Pin Euro terminal block mapped to the USB record channel
Unbalanced Line Input:
 Mono consumer level input (-10dBV) on RCA mapped to the USB record channel.
Note: Both line inputs, balanced and unbalanced are summed together and sent out USB.
Balanced Line Output:
 Mono line level output (+4dBu) on 3-pin Euro terminal mapped to the USB playback channel.
Unbalanced Line Output:
 Mono consumer level output (-10dBV) on RCA mapped to the USB playback channel.
USB Audio:
 AudioBRIDGE uses standard UAC (Universal Audio Class) drivers, so there are no annoying drivers to load.
 It is a UAC compliant speakerphone with configurable terminal type for use with PC-based soft clients.
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Rear Panel Connections
EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE Rear Panel Connectors (left to right):
Power Jack: 5.5mm OD x 2.5mm
ID coaxial, 8-dip switches for
audio processing, USB Type-B
connector, RS-232 port on RJ-45,
Unbalanced Line In/Out on RCA-F
and Balanced audio on two 3-pin
Euro terminal block connectors.
Configuration Example
EasyUSB AudioBRIDGE - Rear Panel Connections
18 VDC, 1.0 Amp
Power Supply
Local Near-end Mic
Audio to Line Input
uses UAC
Far-end Audio (from USB
connection) to Pro Mixer
PC with UC Client Software
(Turn off internal echo canceler)
DVI-D or
from PC
Line Output
Line Input
USB 2.0
Room’s Pro DSP
Mixer with AEC
Line Level
Room Microphones
Room’s Large
Format Monitor
(Simulated Star
Base - Earth Orbit)
Room Speakers
Part Numbers
Audio Inputs
Audio Outputs
User Controls
Audio Specifications
USB Specifications
Power Consumption
Dimensions (H x W x D)
North America: 999-8536-000
International: 999-8536-001
Mono Balanced Line Level (+4dBu) on 3-pin Euro terminal block
Mono Unbalanced Consumer level (-10dBV) on RCA connector
Mono Balanced Line Level (+4dBu) on 3-pin Euro terminal block
Mono Unbalanced Consumer level (-10dBV) on RCA connector
USB HID Controls for Volume, RS-232 Serial Commands, Rear DIP Switches for
audio processing
Frequency Response: 20 HZ to 20KHZ, Dynamic Range: >90dB, THD + Noise: <.02%
USB 2.0, UAC Compliant (Universal Audio Class drivers), 48kHZ, 16 bit resolution
<18 Watts
1.72” (43.7mm) H x 8.375” (212.73mm) W x 6.0” (152.4mm) D
1.4015643 lbs. (0.63573887 kg) Approximately
One (1) 18VDC/1.0 Amp Power Supply and AC Clip Set
One (1) 6’ (1.83m) USB 2.0 Type-A Male to Type-B Male Cable
998-6000-004: ½-Rack Mounting Kit (Includes one long ear and one short ear)
998-6000-005: Under Table Mounting Bracket for ½-Rack Sized Device
440-1005-020: 65.6’ (20m) Active USB 2.0 Extension Cable
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