Student DonsApps Mail for iPad

Setting up USF Student DonsApps Mail on the iPad These instructions are designed to assist in the final server setup after the initial account setup for USFconnect email on your iPad. 1. Click on the Settings icon to enter the iPad settings. 2. Click on the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option. 3. Click on Add Account. In the next screen select Other as an account type. 4. Click on Add Mail Account to begin entering the information for your DonsApps account. 5. Enter the following: a. Name: Your name as you want it to appear on outgoing emails b. Address: Your USF email address c. Password: Your USFconnect password d. Description: Enter a descriptive name for your account e. Click Next to continue. 6. Make sure IMAP is selected at the top and scroll to the section Incoming Mail Server and enter the following: a. Host name: b. Username: Enter the username as-­‐
your usfconnect c. Password: Your USFconnect password 7. Scroll down to the section Outgoing Mail Server. 8. Enter the following information: a. Host Name: b. User Name: Enter the username as-­‐
your usfconnect c. Password: Your USFconnect password 9. Click Next to continue. 10. Click Save to finish the initial setup. 11. Once back in the accounts window, select your newly created account. 12. Click on the Account link to continue. 13. In the account window, first check the SMTP settings by scrolling down and selecting the SMTP server name. 14. Set up the outgoing mail settings by clicking on the SMTP server name in the Primary Server section. 15. The Host name, User name and Password should be populated. 16. Make sure that the following additional information is set: a. Use SSL is On b. Authentication is set to Password c. Server port is set to 465 d. Click Done to finish. 17. Once back in the account window, scroll down and select Advanced. 18. The key items to check in this section are: a. Use SSL is on b. Authentication is set to Password c. The server port is set to 993 19. You can click on the home button to exit settings. 20. Your DonsApps mail account is now ready to access on your iPad. 
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