Uniclass Product Specification
UDV-004 DVI KVM Switch
4-port DVI KVM Switch w/ Front-panel Button and Keyboard Hotkey Control
UDV-004 DVI KVM Switch
The UDV-004 DVI KVM Switch is designed specifically for sharing a DVI Monitor/Flat Panel Display between four DVIenabled PCs. You can use it to control four DVI-enabled PCs using only one keyboard, mouse and DVI monitor/Flat
Panel Display.
DVI interface technology to ensure digitally crisp and clean imaging
The DVI interface technology is tailored to modern digital Flat Panel Display. It implements genuinely digital signal
transmission over the cable to reduce undesired distortion from conventional analog/digital conversion.
Robust and reliable with metal enclosure
The UDV-004 DVI KVM Switch is robust and durable in metal enclosure, suitable for use in environments pervasive with
electromagnetic interference and wherever a sturdy protective metal case is needed to withstand possible impact.
4-port DVI KVM switch in metal enclosure
DVI-I interface technology supports digital and analog video signal transmission
PS/2 style keyboard and mouse control
Support Microsoft IntelliMouse®, IntelliMouse Explorer®, Logitech NetMouse® and other compatibles
Direct channel selection and operation using Front-panel push button and keyboard hotkeys
Support for DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux, etc.
Hot-plugging PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM Switch or PCs
Numerical LED display for easy port status monitoring
Plug-and-play, no Windows driver software needed for PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 operation
Buzzer sound for port switching confirmation
High VGA resolution 1920 x 1440 (analog) / 1600 x 1200 (digital)
Metal enclosure for best shielding and protection
Uniclass Technology May14, 2003
Uniclass Product Specification
UDV-004 DVI KVM Switch
Model No.
PC Port
Console Port
PC Port Connectors
Console Port Connectors
PC selection
Numerical LED display
Keyboard/Mouse emulation
Digital Display Resolution
Analog Display Resolution
Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature
Dimension (L x W x H)
Power Adapter
Safety / Emission
4 x PS/2 Keyboard 6-pin Mini Din female
4 x PS/2 Mouse 6 pin Mini Din female
4 x DVI-I Single Link female
1 x PS/2 Keyboard 6-pin Mini Din female
1 x PS/2 Mouse 6 pin Mini Din female
1x DVI-I Single Link female
Push button / Hotkeys
1 x 7-segment LED
1600 x 1200 (digital)
1920 x 1440 (analog)
PS/2 interface power
0 ~ 40°C
- 20 ~ 60°C
0~90% RH, non-condensing
Mini Desktop
Metal enclosure
220 × 100 × 45 mm
(Optional) DC 9V 500mA
1000 g
Uniclass Technology May14, 2003
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