ProAudio 16™
DSP Preamp Audio Matrix
The ProAudio 16™ from Zektor is the most recommended audio switch in the custom installation market.
Best in class features
• 16 stereo analog L/R inputs
• 16 coax digital inputs
• 16 optical digital inputs
• Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble and 5 Band Equalizer control of analog AND digital audio.
• Volume range: +24dB to -99.5dB, and full mute (-115dB), with 0.5dB step resolution.
• Master volume to control all zones simultaneously (+24dB to -99.5dB), and full mute.
• Follow Me Fading: Allows smooth cross fading from one zone to another.
• Tone / EQ ranges: +20dB to -20dB, with 0.5dB step resolution.
• Gain settings (+/-24dB) for each input, separate gains available for digital and analog.
• Zone settings (+/-24dB) for each zone.
• Optional lip sync delay from 0 to 170ms, per zone and/or per input.
• Audio format conversion: Analog audio is automatically converted to digital audio, digital audio
is automatically converted to analog audio.
• Both analog and digital audio is available simultaneously on the outputs.
• 16 coax digital inputs and 8 optical digital inputs w/auto conversion to coax, and analog audio,
for easy integration with cable boxes.
• Doorbell input
• TCP/IP, Bi-directional RS-232 and RS-422, Rear panel IR jack.
• TCP/IP and RS-232 / RS-422 share the same protocol. Protocol allows for polled or push update modes.
Polled or push update modes are settable on a command by command basis.
• Control4® SDDP network ready
Designed by you.
Built by us... In the USA.
­Analog Audio
Freq. Response:
S.N. Ratio:
Input impedance:
16 stereo L/R
16 stereo L/R
5Hz-20KHz @ +/-0.1dB
> 85dB, 5Hz-20KHz unweighted
10K ohms
Digital Audio
S/PDIF Inputs:
S/PDIF Outputs:
Transfer Rates: Audio Modes:
Coax Input Levels:
Coax Output Level:
16 Coax
16 Optical (w/ auto conversion)
16 Coax
PCM,DD5.1,DTS,All modes
200mV-7.0V (PC card compatible)
500mV nominal into 75 ohms
IR Sensor:
IR Jack:
Serial Port:
TCP/IP: Power
Power Req.:
Mains Voltage: Power Supply: Dimensions:
Modulation Frequency: 34KHz-42KHz
3V-15V any polarity, mod. or un-mod.
(IR jack is opto-isolated)
19200 or 9600 8N1, USB Cable Compatible
K.I.S.S.™, Upgradable Firmware
Full Duplex 10Mbps
K.I.S.S.™, Raw TCP/IP Socket
32 Watts
100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz, auto-sensing
Standard 3 prong IEC C14 connector
17”W x 9.75”D x 3.375”H (feet add 0.25”)
17” rackmount chassis
Integrated rack ears
3 year advanced shipment
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