Instruction Manual
A Head rest adjuster
B Upper belt guide
C Lower belt guide
D Cup holder
E Instruction manual
Diono Group 2-3 Booster Seat
Thank you for purchasing this group 2-3 booster seat. If you are not
completely satisfied with the booster seat or you would like to change any
accessory or obtain any help about the booster seat, you can contact our
customer service department (details at the back of this guide).
Group 2-3
(15Kg to 36kg / approximately 3 to 12 years)
Only suitable for use in vehicles fitted
with a 3-point retractable safety belt
approved to ECE R 16 or equivalent
standard and must not at any time
be fitted using a 2-point lap belt.
Storage of the user guide
It is most important that these
instructions remain with the booster
seat at all times.
You can store these instructions in
the pocket provided on the side of
the seat base of your booster seat [E].
Please read this instruction manual
carefully before use.
Death or SERIOUS INJURY can occur.
• Airbags can cause injury. Do not use this child seat on a passenger seat
fitted with a frontal airbag.
• Always give preference to using the rear seats of your vehicle even if your
highway code permits the use on the front seat.
• The buckle of the vehicle belt must not come above the lap belt guide of
the child seat. If this is the case, try another seat or contact our customer
service department in case of doubt.
General Safety Instructions
• Keep these instructions with the booster seat in case you need to refer to
them again in the future. Failure to follow these instructions may affect
your child’s safety.
• Your booster seat must be positioned and installed so that, under normal
vehicle usage conditions, no part can become jammed under or between
any movable seat or in the vehicle door.
• Always replace the this booster seat after any accident, in case of any
unseen damage.
• Do not modify or add to your booster seat in any way without the approval
of a competent authority or the manufacturer, as this will void any warranty.
• Shade your booster seat from sunlight to avoid hot items causing injury to
your child.
General Safety Instructions - (Continued)
• Do not leave your child unattended whilst in the booster seat and in the
• Make sure there is no loose luggage or other large objects that are likely
to cause injuries in the event of an accident. These may cause injury to the
other occupants. Always secure loose items.
• Do not use the booster seat without the seat cover. Do not replace the seat
cover with any cover other than the one recommended by the manufacturer, as it directly influences the safety performance of the booster seat.
• Always ensure that the vehicle adult seat belt is fastened once your seat
is installed. Secure your booster seat with the vehicle seat belt at all times,
even when not in use. An unsecured booster seat can cause injuries in the
event of a collision.
• The booster seat may acquire some wear and tear over the years which
may result in some parts requiring replacement. Please contact our customer service department for replacement parts.
Preparing your Booster Seat for use
Before using your new booster seat it is important to understand fully
how to install your booster seat properly, secure your child correctly and
familiarize yourself with the features and functions of the seat .
Please take the time to read and understand these instructions fully. This
is best done with the seat in front of you.
Please always read the safety warnings.
Using Booster with Backrest
Assembly and Adjustment
Attaching the Backrest
1) Lay Backrest on flat surface with front facing down. [A]
2) Hold seat bottom facing down. Align seat bottom pivot bar at a 90° angle
to backrest hooks. Push in to attach seat bottom to backrest. [B]
3) Rotate seat bottom downwards and under backrest until a ‘click’ is the seat
shape is formed. [C]
Adjusting the headrest
Squeeze the red adjuster on back of booster seat headrest while adjusting
its height up or down to fit child.
Installing the Booster Seat into a Vehicle
Booster seat should rest firmly on vehicle seat bottom cushion with backrest
firmly touching vehicle seat back cushion.
Adjust angle of booster backrest to best match vehicle seat back: push down
1 and with the other hand push backrest
on booster bottom with one hand
until it rests firmly against vehicle seat back cushion.
Security Strap
This restraint features a unique security strap that improves the safety,
performance and security of this child restraint. Diono always recommends the use of this security strap when possible.
1) Route lower end of strap (2) under vehicle seat back
2) Extend upper end of strap (1) over top of vehicle seat back
3) Fasten upper and lower ends of strap together
4) Confirm restraint is positioned properly on vehicle seat
5) Pull free end of strap (2) until top of vehicle seat cushion is
compressed and strap is tight
6) Confirm restraint is secured tightly to vehicle seat. If not, repeat step 5.
Securing the Child
1) Sit child upright and all the way back in booster
2) Feed shoulder portion of seat belt through upper
belt guide on side opposite the seat belt buckle.
3) Fasten seat belt across child and under both armrests so lap portion rests within lower belt guides.
4) Ensure that on buckle side, both shoulder and lap
sections of seat belt pass under the arm rest.
5) Adjust headrest to proper height: Upper belt guide
should be slightly above (at least 1 cm) the child’s
6) Ensure seat belt lays flat and not twisted and that
lap belt is positioned low down on child’s lap and firmly engaged with the
Important! Review all steps above.
Using Booster without Backrest
Securing the Child in the Booster Seat with Adult Belt
Place the Booster Seat against the of the vehicle seatback [6] in the direction of travel.
With your child sitting upright and back in the seat, extract the adult seat
belt and pass it across the front of the child.
Pass the lap section of the adult belt over the child’s lap and under the
armrest on both sides of the seat. Ensure the lap belt is low down on the
child’s lap and firmly engaged with the pelvis. [7]
Connect the adult belt connector tongue to the seat belt buckle.
Ensure that on the buckle side both the lap and shoulder sections of the
adult seat belt pass under the armrest [7].
Care and Maintenance
The booster seat cover is removable. In case of light staining, clean using
a damp cloth or soapy water. The cover can be removed completely and
hand washed up to 30°c.
• Line dry or tumble dry on low temperature setting.
• Do NOT bleach. Do NOT wash cover in hot water.
Diono warranties this product only to the original purchaser effective from the date of purchase. In case of warranty claim, the original
(not a copy) proof of purchase sales receipt must be returned with the
product. The warranty does not cover natural signs of wear, damage
resulting from excessive stress or improper use. All materials on this
product meet high requirements for colorfastness when exposed to direct sunlight. However, all fabrics fade when exposed to UV radiation.
This is not a material defect, but rather a normal sign of wear which is
not covered by the warranty. For warranty information and details visit
Removing the Cover
Remove the cover from the seat by pulling it off over the back of the seat.
Additional information
This car seat is not approved for use on aircraft. For more information
contact the airline.
This car seat is a “universal” child restraint system. It has been approved
in accordance with regulation R44/04, and is suitable for general use in
vehicle seats.
• This restraint is likely to fit if the vehicle manufacturer states that the vehicle approval specifies suitable for “Universal” child restraint systems.
• This restraint system is classified as “Universal” in accordance with the strictest approval criteria, whereas earlier models do not correspond to these
new provisions.
• It can only be installed in vehicles with 3-point static or retractable seat
belts that have been approved compliant with the UN/ECER16 or other
equivalent standards.
If you have any questions about the use of this booster or fitting it in a
vehicle, please contact our customer service department.
Product: Cambria child booster seat
Mfg. by: DIONO UK
Unit D Ventura House
Ventura Park Road
Tamworth Staffs B78 3LZ UK
Tel: 0845 300 9071
© 2013 Diono LLC. All rights reserved. Cambria EU EN 091213
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