cPCI-3720 Series
3U CompactPCI Low Power
Pentium-III /Celeron CPU Module
CompactPCI Systems
PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI Specification R2.1 Compliant
PICMG 2.1 CompactPCI Hot Swap Specification R1.0 Compliant
Standard 3U form factor
Design for Intel Lower Power BGA2 Pentium-III or Celeron
1-slot width version available for low power applications
Support Pentium-III CPU at 1G, 850M, 700M Hz with 256KB on-die L2 cache
Support Celeron CPU at 700, 400MHz with 128KB on-die L2 cache
One 144-pin SO-DIMM socket supports up to 256MB RAM
Internal CompactFlash IDE interface
Supports 7 bus-master PCI devices on CompactPCI bus
Dual 10/100Mb Ethernet port by Intel 82559ER controller,
single Ethernet version is also available for big quantity OEM project
Build-in one USB port, one serial port, integrated PS/2 type keyboard and mouse connector
Support remote console via the serial port
Modularize low profile 2.5 inches HDD mechanism for 2-slot version
Modularize slim-type FDD mechanism for 3-slot version
General CompactPCI Features
• PICMG 2.0 CompactPCI Rev. 2.1 compliant.
• PICMG 2.1 CompactPCI Hot-swap specification Rev.1.0 compliant
Form factors
• Standard 3U CompactPCI board size: 100 mm x 160 mm
• cPCI-3720A Series: 1-slot (4TE/HP) wide
• cPCI-3720B Series: 2-slot (8TE/HP) wide, with HDD housing and
front plate FDD interface
• A slim-type FDD kit support 3-slot (12TE/HP) wide version
• Intel BGA2 Low Power Pentium-III with 256KB on-die L2 cache at
full-core speed
• Intel BGA2 Low Power Celeron with 128KB on-die L2 cache at
full-core speed
• Front side bus (FSB) frequency: 100MHz
• Intel 440MX Chipset (in EIA Roadmap)
• Award PnP BIOS with 2Mb (256KB) Flash ROM
• BIOS write protection, provide anti-virus capability
• Customized power-on screen (for OEM project)
• DMI BIOS Support: Desktop Management Interface (DMI) allows
users to download system hardware-level information such as CPU
type, CPU speed, internal/external frequencies and memory size.
• Remote console support
Host Memory
• One 144-pin SO-DIMM socket, support maximum 256MB
un-buffered SDRAM module
IDE Ports
• Bus Master IDE controller: one 44-pin EIDE interface supports two
IDE devices.
• With mezzanine card, provide one CompactFlash socket and 44-pin
IDE connectors
• Support CompactFlash storage disk from 8MB up to 512MB
• For 2-slot version, a mechanism supports to build-in 2.5” ATA HDD
USB Interface
• Two USB ports, USB-A is on both front and rear I/O. USB-B is on
the rear I/O only.
• USB Specification Rev. 1.1 compliant
• 500 mA over-current protection
On Board Supper I/O
• Winbond W83977EF
• One high-speed bi-directional SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port on J2 rear I/O
• One FDD interface, support slim type floppy drive
• Two 16C550 UARTs compatible COM ports, COM1 is on rear I/O,
COM2 is designed for using on both front faceplate
(via RJ-45 connector) and rear I/O.
• One PS2 integrated keyboard and mouse connector Watchdog Timer
• Programmable I/O Port 3F0h and 3F1h to configure watchdog timer,
which can be programmable to be 1~255 seconds or 1~255 minutes
• Watchdog timer time out will generate interrupt to NMI or RESET,
which is BIOS selectable.
• Bundled easy-programming library for DOS and Windows 98/NT/2000
Hardware Monitoring
• Winbond W83782D, monitoring CPU temperature, system
temperature and DC Voltages
On-board Ethernet
• Two Ethernet ports: LAN 1 support both front and rear I/O.
LAN 2 support front I/O only
• Intel 82559ER high performance Ethernet controller
• IEEE 802.3 10Base-T/100Base-TX compatible
• IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation support
• IEEE 802.3x 100Base-TX flow control support
PCI Bus Bridge
• Supports up to 7 PCI bus mastering devices on CompactPCI bus for
peripheral slots
Flash Disk Supporting
• Support Flash2000TM (from 32MB to 512MB) flash-storage drive on
2.5" IDE interface
cPCI-3720 Series
• Support CompactFlash flash-storage drive (from 32MB to 512MB)
Front Panel LEDs and Switch
• Active LED (Green), HDD LED (Red), WDT LED (Amber),
General Purpose LED (Blue)
• Flush tact switch for system reset
3U CompactPCI Low Power
Pentium-III /Celeron CPU Module
• Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensed
• Shock: 15G peak-to-peak, 11 ms duration, non-operation
• Vibration:
Non-operation: 1.88Grms, 5~500Hz, each axis
Operation: 0.5Grms, 5~500Hz, each axis, with 2.5” HDD
Safety Certificate and Test
Special Feature
• Support hot-swappable I/O
• SBC can be hot-swappable when operate under single SBC
operation environment (no peripheral)
• HALT (temperature and vibration stress)
• Operating ambient temperature: 0 to 55°C
• Storage temperature: -20 to 80°C
Peripheral Connectivity
Serial Port (COM1)
Serial Port (COM2)
Parallel Port
Keyboard & Mouse
Ultra DMA 33 IDE 1
10/100Mb Ethernet Port #1
10/100Mb Ethernet Port #1
Reset button
Front Faceplate
On-board Front Board
Rear I/O Connector
--Y (RJ-45)
--Y (PS-2)
--Y (RJ-45)
Y (RJ-45)
Y (Mezzanine)
--------J2(Pin reserved)
J2(Pin reserved)
J2(Pin reserved)
CompactPCI Systems
Ordering Information
cPCI-3720 series
All models of the cPCI-3720 series are mounted with on-board CPU, 2S1P, USB, CompactFlash Socket. The RAM or HDD are not included.
1: Single Ethernet (OEM only)
2: Dual Ethernet
CPU type: PG: Pentium-III 1G Hz (OEM only)
P8: Pentium-III 850MHz (OEM only)
P7: Pentium-III 700MHz
C7: Celeron 700MHz (OEM only)
C4: Celeron 400MHz
CU: Celeron Ultra Low Power 300MHz (OEM only)
A: 1-slot version
B: 2-slot version
The above table shows many configurations for OEM version. The following table shows the standard models. Please contact ADLINK for the OEM projects.
Standard Model Numbers
Description / Configuration
1-slot version, Low Power Pentium-III 700MHz, dual Ethernet
1-slot version, Low Power Celeron 400MHz, dual Ethernet
2-slot version, Low Power Pentium-III 700MHz, dual Ethernet
2-slot version, Low Power Celeron 400MHz, dual Ethernet
The FDD kits for cPCI-3720
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