MODEL 4307
Compact monitor
Thank You For Choosing This
JBL® Product
Thank you for purchasing this JBL speaker system. Please read though
this owners manual carefully before using the speakers,
and then sit back and enjoy excellent playback sound made possible
through their correct connection and placement.
We recommend saving the cushioning and other packing materials, even
after unpacking the product from the carton box. Harman International
Japan will not be responsible for damage caused by improper packaging
when using materials other than those of the original carton box when
transporting the units for moving, repairs, or other reasons.
• The speakers are not magnetically shielded. Therefore, if placed
near a CRT television, colors on the screen may become distorted. If
this occurs, move the speaker system slightly further away from the
• Speaker systems are durable consumer goods. Their lifespan can be
shortened due to effects from temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light,
etc. Please keep the speakers away from bright light fixtures and direct
sunlight, and from places with high temperatures, such as near the
exhaust outlets of air conditioners or heaters. Also, please refrain from
placing the speaker system in closed automobiles or next to windows
with direct sunlight.
• he environment in which speakers are placed generally has a strong
influence on the sound quality of low frequencies. If you place the
speakers in corners of your room, lower frequencies will be enhanced,
and while this will allow you to savor a rich, deep bass, it will also be a
dull sound with no edge. On the other hand, when placed away from the
wall, the sound will be sharp and clean, even though you sacrifice some
of the heavy bass. We recommend that you make the final decision on
the placement of the speaker system while actually playing some of your
favorite music.
•In order to get the best stereo effect, please place the left and right
speakers at an equal distance to the left and right in front of the listener.
While the sound field will become wider as more space is placed between
the left and right speakers, the stereo-image quality of center-oriented
elements such as vocals will weaken. Please adjust the space between
the speakers to match the distance with the listening position.
•The sound localization for these speakers is the center of the treble unit,
and placing your ears at a listening position at this height will provide the
best sound localization and sound field. Adjust the height of the system
using commercially available speaker stands and racks.
CAUTION: When connecting speakers to an amplifier, please do so after
turning the amplifier off. If you connect the speakers while the power is still
on, it could damage the amplifier and speakers.
This speaker system uses color-coded speaker terminals, with red for +
and black for −. Connect commercially available speaker cables to the
terminals in back while paying attention to the polarity.
*When using loose end cables on which the protective shield has been
peeled back, please be careful that the metal parts of the terminal do
not bite into the protective shield. This could interrupt sound due to poor
Also, since there is the possibility of a short circuit if the leads of the cables
touch, please do not peel back too far on the protective shield.
The speaker system is equipped to allow users to adjust the levels for mid
and high frequencies, which are easily influenced by factors such as the
size and construction of the room. Adjust to your preferred tone using the
knobs on the left baffle control panel on the unit while listening to music
with which you are familiar. The upper “HF LEVEL” knob adjusts the level
of the high frequency tweeter, and the lower “MF LEVEL” knob adjusts the
mid level frequencies of the mid-range unit.
The levels of each band increase when turning the knobs clockwise, and
decrease when turning them counter clockwise. The “0 dB” position is the
standard position for a normal listening environment.
*The relationship between the volume level on the amplifier and
the amount of sound from the speakers can differ depending on
the characteristics of the equipment, such as the efficiency and
impedance of the speakers, output characteristics of the amplifier
and the output level of the source equipment (such as a CD player),
as well as the combination of these. When using this speaker system
in combination with an amplifier that has low output, if the bass is
enhanced and the volume is raised to an excessive level using the
tone control or other method, clipping will occur due to distortion in
the amplifier output, and this could damage the speakers even if the
power is below the maximum recommended amplifier input. If you
sense any abnormalities in sound, please lower the volume.
When the speaker set becomes dirty, wipe with a soft, dry cloth.
Never use liquids that contain volatile solvents such as paint thinner
or benzene to clean the system. Also, please be careful not to apply
any spray pesticides.
If the grille net becomes dusty, remove the dust using a vacuum
cleaner. When doing so, please adjust the power on the vacuum
cleaner so the suction is not too strong. Also, do not wash the grille
with water. This may cause discoloration and sagging of the grille to
he warranty for this product is provided according to the
conditions listed on the warranty certificate. Please check the seal
impression of the store where you purchased the product, the date
of purchase and other information on the warranty, and keep it in a
safe place.
• S peaker systems are durable consumer goods. Since a good
amount of stress is placed on the woofer section due to the
demands of especially intense movement, its practical lifespan
is limited. Since temperature, humidity, and ultraviolet light can
shorten the lifespan of the speakers, please keep them out of
places with high temperatures.
Speaker TYPE
THREE-way bookshelf
LF: 250 mm pure pulp white cone woofer
MF: 125 mm pure pulp cone midrange
HF: 38 mm pure titanium dome tweeter
Frequency response
45 Hz - 45 kHz
Max. Recommended Amplifier
Power (music)
150 W
Rated Sensitivity
91 dB(2.83 V/1 m)
Crossover Frequencies
Dimensions (H × W × D)mm
328 × 545 × 300 (including grille)
16.6 kg (including grille)
*Product specifications and appearance are subject to change
without notice for improvements.
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