Co-Processor Firmware Updater User`s Guide

Acoustic Communications Group
Firmware Updater
User’s Guide
Document ID: 203004-TUT
Version: 1.0
Revised February 20, 2008
The Co-Processor Firmware Updater is an additional application that runs on the Micro-Modem to
facilitate upgrading firmware in the field. You must first load the updater application on your MicroModem, and then run it to load new firmware on your co-processor.
Note that both the Micro-Modem bootloader and the Co-Processor Firmware Updater will time out and
reboot after a period of no activity. For the bootloader, this period is about 10 seconds, so you may
want to make sure you have read and understood these directions before beginning.
Before you can use it, your co-processor may need a hardware update. Contact the WHOI Acoustic
Communications Group for more information.
Loading the Updater on the Micro-Modem
1. Enter the Micro-Modem bootloader. This can be done in different ways depending on your
configuration. With most WHOI modem deck boxes, this can be done by connecting to the
default serial port and setting the “Off-Prog-Run” switch to “Prog”. When the prompt appears
in your serial terminal program to “Press any key to enter the bootloader,” press a key.
2. Press “d” to select Download.
3. Type “4” to select Location 4.
4. Press “y” to indicate that you are sure that you want to download.
5. Send the “cpflash-0-1-0-1.dl” file when prompted using ASCII transfer mode. This can be done
in Hyperterminal by using the Transfer -> Send Text File… menu item.
6. After the file is downloaded, the bootloader will print, “Executable 4 replaced” and show the
main menu.
7. You can now proceed to step 2 of “Upgrading Co-Processor Firmware.”
Upgrading Co-Processor Firmware
Enter the Micro-Modem bootloader.
Press “r” to select Reboot.
Type “4” to select Location 4.
Assuming the process of loading the updater worked (above), you will see the Coprocessor
Firmware Updater menu.
Press “d” to select “Download new firmware”.
Press “y” when asked if you are sure.
If you are shown the following error: “ERROR: Coprocessor not ready (status xx).”, your coprocessor probably needs a hardware update, and you will need to send it to the Acoustic
Communications group for service.
Otherwise, the application will indicate that it has erased the co-processor flash memory and
prompt you to send a HEX firmware file.
Send the “psk-0-1-0-xx.hex” file using ASCII transfer mode. This can be done in Hyperterminal
by using the Transfer -> Send Text File… menu item.
After the file is downloaded, the application will print, “Firmware download complete” and
show the menu.
You can now choose “x” to exit the application and reboot your modem, or power-cycle the
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