PP-3AAMC - Energizer Technical Information

Instant Charger
for Micro USB Mobile Phones
• Ready to use
• Takes 3 AA Energizer®
Ultimate Lithium
Batteries (included)
Product Detail:
Instant Charger for Micro USB Mobile Phones
Power to Connect Anywhere, Anytime
Designation: Insant Charger for Micro USB Mobile Phones
Model: PP-3AAMC
Color: Black “soft-touch” painted plastic
Control: Tact Switch
Display: 1 Blue LED
Output Connector : iPhone 30-pin (MFi 5W network)
Output Voltage : DC5V +/-5%
Output Current : 1A Max
Output Protection Over voltage (when output>5.6V)
Low voltage (when output<3.3V)
Typical Weight: 45 grams
Dimensions (mm): 98(H) x 50(W) x 19(D)
Battery Protection: Low voltage
Environmental Conditions:
Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 35°C
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 60°C
• LED charging
indicator on the
on/off button lets
you know when
you’re charging
Device Operations: When a Phone is connected to the output
port, automatically starts charging; when
press the button, charging will be stopped;
when press the button again, will start
charging again.
• Great for on-the-go,
immediate charging
Before Using Your Charger:
Please read all instructions and cautionary
markings on the package, manual and charger
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