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Quick Start Guide
This guide explains the most commonly used buttons/features that will help you become quickly familiarized with the iControl.
For more detailed information, please contact PeakFlow to request an electronic owners manual.
What is The iControl? It is the
ultimate flood prevention
equipment. The iControl is a
high capacity sump pump
system that can operate
whether there is power or not.
It self tests, sends alerts, and
allows remote access to it
using any internet
connection. The homeowner
or contractor can remotely
silence alarms, test
equipment, view status, and
edit all configuration,
notification, and alarm
settings. The iControl
includes a pump(s) in the
sump alongside your
existing primary pump, a
redundant dual float
sensors, a maintenance free
battery, the iControl
controller (the bigger of the
two electronics devices),
and the iControl ethernet
keypad (the smaller device
with the LEDs, LCD screen,
and buttons). The keypad is
(or will be) connected to
your router for internet
access. Now let’s discuss
the online interface...
PeakFlow iControl Keypad
User and Web Server Interface
WiFi or Cat5
Connection To Router
Separate Circuits Is Ideal
PeakFlow iControl Controller
Internet Connected Sump Pump System
1.5” or 2” Discharge Pipe
Maintenance Free
Clear, Quiet Check Valve
Sump Pit
A/C Pump Switch
PeakFlow iControl Dual Float Sensor
Full Redundancy
PeakFlow EcoPower
Primary Sump Pump
Highest Quality & Capacity
PeakFlow iControl
Backup Sump Pump
Highest Capacity & Efficiency
PeakFlow iControl Quick Start Guide
To access your iControl’s web interface
From a device connected to your home network:
Go to the web address that was provided to you by the technician who performed the connection.
This address is typically either http://192.168.x.x:81 or http://10.x.x.x:81.
From a mobile device OR a device not connected to your home network:
Open the most recent email sent to you by the iControl and click on the “remote access” link –
example: (some routers will allow you to use this remote access
address even if you are connected to your home network). Recommendation: set up a free ddns
account with (or similar) to create an access address that is easy to remember and
redirects to whatever address your ISP has assigned your router, even if it changes. See the
“Email” section below to setup your email notifications. The technician has set up “port
forwarding” rules on your router in order for this to work.
Until you Login, only the 3 and 5 buttons work to Silence alarms and to view Status. Once logged in with your
4 digit password, all buttons are functional, and you have 5 tabs labeled “Legend”, “Config”, “Alarms”,
“History”, “Emails”. Legend is like a mini owners manual, and History has a button you can push to see the
last 24 system alarms. Config, Alarms, and Emails tabs are discussed here:
PeakFlow iControl Quick Start Guide
The system will beep when an alarm condition is detected. In addition, you will receive email and/or text
notifications, as configured. Use “Silence” when you want an alarm to stop beeping during an event. Use
“Reset” once the event is over, to set system back to stand-by mode. Note: if you “Reset” an alarm during an
event, it will sound again if the alarm condition repeats. See full owner’s manual for complete explanation of
each alarm. You may download it at
PeakFlow iControl Quick Start Guide
Q. What do I do when an alarm occurs?
A. You can Silence an alarm by pressing the green 3 button on either the hardware keypad, the online keypad, or from within the
alarm tab on the online interface. You can now decide if there is an emergency or not.
Q. Will the self-frequency test still run even if the well is dry?
A. Yes. It is not harmful to the pump if it only sucks air during the test.
Q. How long does it take for the back-up battery to recharge if completely discharged?
A. Up to 12 hours, but this depends on how much battery power it’s connected to.
Q. How long will the back-up battery provide power for the pump should my home’s power go out?
A. At a 5% duty cycle, about 3 days. Less time if the pump needs to run more frequently, longer if the pump runs less frequently.
Q. When the back-up battery needs replacing, will the iControl notify me?
A. Yes, as long as the “Battery Age” alarm is checked on the “Emails” tab, you will receive notification when the battery reaches an
age of 42 months.
Q. My iControl’s text messages don’t contain the local and remote access links. How come?
A. Certain cell phone carriers limit information that can be transmitted in texts. This is out of our control if the local/remote access
links are not included.
Q. I am not receiving emails, what is wrong?
A. Check your spam/junk folder. If emails are landing there, allow email from our email server:
PeakFlow iControl Quick Start Guide
Q. If I lose power to my house, will I still be able to communicate with the iControl?
A. You can still have communication if you have a backup power supply (UPS) on whatever internet equipment brings your internet
service: router, modem, switch, wifi adapter, range extender, etc. Upstream ISP power outages are beyond your control.
Q. How long does a backup power supply (UPS) provide power to a device?
A. It depends on the UPS size and how many devices are plugged into the UPS. The fewer the devices, the longer it lasts. Please
refer to your specific UPS specifications for more exact details.
Q. How do I turn the pump on right now (just to make sure it’s working) without reaching into the pit to lift the sensor?
A. Keypad: Press the Test button at the System Ready menu. Select Equip, then Pump. WebPage: Press “Pump Test” button in
Config Tab. Test lasts 10 seconds.
Q. How can I test that notification is set up properly so that I will receive my email/text notifications?
A. Keypad: From the System Ready screen, press Button 6 under Test. Select Comm, then Email (it will go to all recipients listed in
Emails tab). WebPage: Same. Or go to the Email Tab where each email address may be tested individually.
Q. How do I know that I haven’t lost my ethernet connection at some point?
A. Set the iControl to send an A-OK notification. If you don’t receive it as expected, something may be wrong. Also, you could keep
the IP address in your mobile device as a bookmark and open it as often as you like. The iControl will send you a notification if
your external IP address changes so that you can update your bookmarks. Tip: create a free ddns account and web address.
Q. The pumps haven’t turned on and I am starting to get very worried and want to turn the pumps on so they run non-stop.
A. From Keypad: Press the Mode button and the 1 or 2 Buttons several times until “Override Mode” appears. Follow prompts to turn
pump on continuous. Pump will turn off in 90 seconds. Pressing Cancel or the 4 button turns off the pump. Pressing “On” before
90 seconds expires will reset the timer to 90 seconds. From WebPage: Press “Pump Test Now” button in Config Tab.
Q. One time during a power outage, I pressed a button on the keypad and it beeped but didn’t respond.
A. This will happen occasionally during power outages and is not an indication of any problem. Just press it again.
Q. I received an “IP Address Change” email. Why?
A. If your router is power cycled or your ISP makes changes, you may end up with a different external IP address. This is the address
you need for remote access to the iControl. The iControl recognizes that the IP address has changed and sends you a notice so
that you can edit any bookmarks, etc. that you might have previously established. If this happens regularly, we strongly
recommend creating a ddns redirect account at (or similar).
Q. The images on the interface are not loading properly.
A. Click the refresh button on your browser. If that doesn’t work, close your browser and clear your browser’s cache. Reopen the
browser. The iControl interface and the images should load properly.
Q. I would like to double my pumping capacity. Can I plug in a second pump to the iControl?
A. Yes, sort of. A second pump requires a second controller. The two controllers can then use a single keypad for interfacing. For an
illustration of this install, please visit our website.
Thank you!
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