INSTRUCTIONS Yukon`s new Directional Sound

Yukon's new Directional Sound Amplification System (DSAS) is a highly sophisticated
professional amplification device designed for enhanced listening and recording of distant
or faint sounds. DSAS Yukon can be attached to all optical products that have a 1/4'' inch
mount. Portability between optical devises gives the DSAS owner the luxury of combining
the most appropriate optical scope with a sound amplification system best suited for each
specific application.
1. Remove the DSAS Yukon from its carrying case.
2. Insert the battery into the battery compartment (1) according to the markings on the inside.
3. Connect the Directional Antenna (9).
4. Connect the headset to the output jack (2).
5. Place headset speakers on ears and activate the device by depressing the “ON” button.
6. Adjust sound amplification volume to an optimal level by changing the equalizer adjuster.
7. Direct the DSAS's microphone towards the source of sound.
8. For recording purposes insert the connector into recording jack (5) and begin recording.
9. Follow instructions in your recorder's manual. To connect the DSAS Yukon to other optical
devices push the head of the screw (6) until the 1/4'' mount is moved out. Attach the unit to
the tripod socket of your optics.
10. Mount the DSAS Yukon on a tripod with the tripod socket (7).
11. To turn off the DSAS press the “ON/OFF” button. Always check the LED indicator light (8)
it will turn off when the system is off.
The Manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for
a period of three years from the original date of purchase. Any device returned for
warranty service must be judged by The Manufacturer as having been used according to
its original design intents. As such, misuse, neglect, or any abnormal use is not covered
by this warranty.
The Manufacturer will repair or replace products or parts thereof, which, upon
inspection by The Manufacturer, are found to be defective in either materials or
workmanship. As a condition of The Manufacturer's obligation regarding warranty work,
the product must be returned to The Manufacturer with satisfactory proof of purchase.
It is highly recommended that you fill out and return your warranty registration card to
ensure the warranty coverage.
This warranty is null and void if equipment has been altered, tampered with, modified,
or otherwise abused, mishandled, or subjected to unauthorized repairs.
The Manufacturer disclaims any other warranties, either expressed or implied, except as
expressed herein. The sole obligation of The Manufacturer is to repair or replace
the covered device.
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