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Multisonic Leak Detector
Multisonic Leak Detector
The Dielectric 1805 Multisonic Detector pinpoints leaks in pressurized cable systems by converting both
sonic and ultrasonic sounds into visual and audible signals. Designed to span the range of frequencies
from 100Hz to 100kHz, the Model 1805 quickly detects both large and small pressure leaks. Unique
circuitry enhances leak sounds while diminishing unwanted background noises. A sensitive meter responds
to low signal levels cueing the user to listen for difficult to detect leaks.
Weighing just three pounds, the 1805 is easy-to-use, portable and rugged. The 1805 is used with the 1802
Duct Probes to locate underground pressure leaks, or with a Dielectric Parabolic Reflector to isolate aerial
leaks. With the standard hand probe, the 1805 quickly pinpoints leaks in manholes, central offices, and
other readily accessible locations.
Multisonic Leak
Leak Detector
Model 1802 Mini Duct Probe is similar to the Model 1801
except the is 300 feet (92m) long and 3/8 inch (9mm) in
diameter on a vertical assembly with wheels
Model 1805-00526 Parabolic Reflector uses the standard
hand probe to concentrate weak signals from pressurized
aerial cable leaks
Ordering Information
Part number: F1805K Multisonic Detector Kit includes the
following components:
Handheld Probe
Headphone Set
Shoulder Strap
Instruction Manual
Highly sensitive; broadband frequency response helps detect
leaks that might be missed with “ultrasonic only” units
Built in speaker and large, easy-to-read meter simplify use
Complete kit includes hand probe and headphones in a
padded carrying bag
Rugged, impact resistant case makes this an ideal field unit
Padded Carrying Case
A1805-00526 Parabolic Reflector
Part number: F1805B Multisonic Detector contains all the
above accessories, except the Parabolic Reflector which
can also be purchased separately
Underground and aerial pressurized cables.
Splice Cases
Central Office Panels
Cable Plugs
Industrial Leak Locating
Frequency Response: 100Hz to 100kHz.
Input: Standard Headphone Jack (Weatherproof).
Output: Speaker 3 Inch (7.6 cm); Meter 0-100 Logging Scale;
Phone Jack for Headset.
Operating Temperature Range: 0° F (–18° C) to 130° F
Power Source: Standard 9 Volt DC Battery.
Net Weight: 3 pounds (1.35 kg).
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