iPad/iPhone Guide

iPad/iPhone Guide
Medcan Video Visits
Leading the way into virtual medicine, Medcan now offers video visits,
helping to eliminate the barriers of time and distance in connecting you
to your healthcare provider.
iOS version 7.1 or later.
Wi-Fi or 4G-LTE service.
Your email invitation contains the link you need to join the video
visit. The person who sent you the invitation email must also supply
you with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is required
for privacy and security reasons. When you log in, you also need to
provide your name.
1) Open your email invitation (from do-not-replyguestinvite@otn.ca) and tap the indicated link.
A PIN web page opens in your default browser.
2) Type the PIN that was provided to you separately by the person
who scheduled the appointment and tap Continue.
A new browser tab/window appears with a Join Conference
3) Tap Join Conference.
4) If you have previously installed the VidyoMobile app, skip to
step #7.
If this is the first time you have participated in a video visit, an App
Store “VidyoMobile” screen appears.
Tap the Download & Install button to download and when complete
tap the Open button.
The app opens and a VidyoMobile Agreement screen appears.
5) To read the agreement, tap View the license agreement. To
accept the agreement, tap Accept.
A Vidyo login screen appears. Ignore this screen.
6) Return to the browser session that displays the Join
Videoconference screen (e.g., go to home desktop and then tap
browser icon) and tap the Join Conference button.
iPad/iPhone Guide
Medcan Video Visits
A Vidyo Access screen appears.
7) Type your name in the Display Name field and then tap Join.
A PIN dialog box appears.
8) Type the PIN given to you by the video visit organizer and then tap the
Enter/Return key. A progress bar may appear briefly as you are
connected to your video visit.
NOTE: If at any time you are asked to log-in to the Vidyo app, tap the
cancel button on your device and then repeat steps #1-3 (that is, from the
link in your invitation email).
9) When connected, a video window appears. If you are the first person to
enter the video visit, you will see only yourself.
10) To end the video visit, first tap anywhere in the video image to view the
control bar and then tap the End Call button ( ). When the Vidyo Access
Screen appears tap the Exit button.
Before the scheduled date and time of your video visit, you can use the link in your invitation email to test
the quality of your video broadcast. This test enables you to see your own video signal as it appears
when broadcast.
1) To initiate the test, follow the same steps as described in Joining the Video Visit. A video window
appears showing your broadcast image.
When the video window appears, it includes two images:
Your self-view image:
 Video directly from your webcam
 Labeled with the name you entered in the Display Name field of the Vidyo Access
Your broadcast image:
 Video sent through the Internet.
 Labeled with the name you entered in the Display Name field of the Vidyo Access
2) Check your broadcast image for both the quality of the video signal and the quality of your video
image. For example:
 Ensure that your video image is:
i. Centered with your head and shoulders in the frame.
ii. Not too zoomed-in or zoomed-out.
iii. Well lit – lighting should be bright and even.
 Ensure the video signal is clear and smooth (not jittery or pixilated).
iPad/iPhone Guide
Medcan Video Visits
3) To end the call, tap once anywhere within a video image to view the Video Control bar and then tap
the End Call icon ( ).
Use your front-facing camera and center yourself in the video. If you have a stand for your
iPad/iPhone, use it. The camera should broadcast you straight on, so that you appear to be making
direct eye contact.
Make sure there is enough light. More light equals better details. If your area looks a little dark, either
turn on more lights or set up a lamp that can add some light. Avoid sitting in front of a window.
Close all programs on your iPad/iPhone except those necessary for your video visit, to free-up its
If at any point prior to or during your video visit you experience technical difficulties, please Disconnect
and close your browser. Try clicking on the link provided in the email and following the process again.
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