Stroller Examples
107cm (42”) Long X
57cm (22.5”) Wide X
102cm (40”) High
Passengers boarding with
bicycles are directed to
stow bikes in:
• Wheel chair area as long
as this area is not being
utilized by anyone noted
in the Priority Seating
• The large open area near
the rear door.
Bicycles are the sole
responsibility of the
passenger. Request to
board with a bicycle may
be denied if passenger
safety is at risk.
Stroller Dimensions:
104cm (41”) High X
51cm (20”) Wide X
71cm (28”) Deep
62 cm (24.5”) wide X
114 cm (45”) high X
120 cm (47”) long
Stroller Dimensions:
147 cm (58”) long X
61 cm (24”) wide X 123132 cm (48-52”) high
If you have any questions
about riding
North Bay Transit with a
baby stroller or a bicycle
please contact:
North Bay Transit
Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
(Closed on statutory holidays)
Length from Wheel to Handle:
120 cm (47 inches)
Width from Wheel to Wheel:
66 cm (26 inches)
Transit Buses
Strollers and Bicycles
on the Bus!
Respect other Passengers
Every day thousands of passengers ride
our buses in North Bay. Many of these
passengers require or request the front
seating area behind the driver that
provides a wide aisle with seats that
fold up.
The following is intended to clarify
some of the issues that arise from
sharing this limited accessible seating
Priority Seating on North Bay Transit (in
order of priority):
1. People using mobility aids such as
wheelchairs and scooters.
2. Persons with disabilities, seniors in
need (age 65 or older), people with
Children in strollers & bicycles
Note: children in strollers and bicycles will
be accommodated, however, should
anyone noted in priority (1) or (2) require
the accessible seating area, you will be asked
to move to another seat.
Play buggies such as plastic pull-along cars,
wagon carts and strollers not carrying
children are not subject to the same
Is my stroller too large for the bus?
The maximum size for a stroller is 61 centimetres (24”)
wide by 122 centimetres (48”) long. Oversized strollers
must be folded before boarding the buses. An oversized
stroller is anything larger than the single sized stroller
measurements as stated above and includes jogging
Why do seniors and people with disabilities have priority
over strollers at the front of the bus?
It is a requirement under the Accessibility for Ontarians
with Disabilities Act.
Can I fit my stroller into a bus that already
already has both
the wheelchair/scooter areas occupied?
Yes, if the stroller is small and can fit into the seating
area without extending into the aisle.
Will the driver lower the bus; can I use the ramp to
board the bus?
If you request that the bus be knelt or the ramp be
deployed, the driver will do so. Remember, you may
still be required to collapse your stroller or move to
the back once on board.
Using the front of the bus provides seniors with quick
access to a seat and handholds. This reduces their risk of
falling when the bus is moving. A light fall can result in a
devastating life-changing injury to seniors. For persons
with vision loss, this location is vital to hear the driver and
to accommodate a guide dog.
• Have your fare ready before the bus arrives.
Let passengers exit first.
I don’t
don’t own a car and I need to take my child to the
grocery store with me. How can I fold up the stroller and
carry all the groceries onto the bus?
• When space permits, children may remain in a
stroller. Keep strollers out of the aisle and lock
the wheels.
If you plan your trip to avoid peak periods you may find
that you can avoid this problem. Consider a back pack
style child carrier as an alternative to a stroller or using a
smaller stroller while carrying your groceries in a
back pack. Be prepared that in some circumstances you
may need to wait for a later bus to accommodate you. If
the accessible area is occupied, you may be asked to wait
for the next available bus.
The bus driver has discretion to request the passenger
move the stroller, bundle buggy or bicycle to a safe
location, if they feel the stroller, bundle buggy or bicycle
is compromising safety of passengers.
• Let the driver know right away if you need the
bus to kneel or you need the ramp.
Hold on to your stroller at all times!
• If you take your child out of the stroller, then
please fold the stroller to avoid taking up
more seats than necessary.
• When the bus approaches your stop let the
driver know that you will be getting off.
• To avoid
tipping your
child out of the
stroller, board
the bus
forward and
leave the bus
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