Adaptec® Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS/4805SAS

Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI
RAID 4800SAS/4805SAS
High-performance, eight-port PCI-X and PCI Express
(PCIe) SAS controllers with the industry’s most
advanced RAID for servers and workstations
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), the successor
to parallel SCSI for data storage, is a pointto-point technology that delivers full
throughput to each storage device by
managing multiple ports with a single
controller. Adaptec SAS connects to either
SAS or SATA disk drives and transfers
data at rates up to 3Gb/s per port.
Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID
The Adaptec 4800SAS and 4805SAS are the
newest generation of Adaptec SCSI RAID
controllers. Building on industry-standard
Adaptec RAID technology, they provide the
industry’s most advanced feature set and
highest data protection with SAS drives.
Advanced hardware features
With a 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X (Adaptec
4800SAS) or an eight-lane PCIe (Adaptec
4805SAS) host interface, each controller
can connect up to eight SAS or SATA drives
via two x4 internal connectors. A configurable external x4 SAS connector provides
expansion up to 128 disk drives through one
or more SAS JBODs. The powerful Intel
processors and eight-port Adaptec SAS I/O
controller deliver high performance for
servers and workstations. They each include
128MB of ECC-protected DDR2 DRAM
with optional battery unit.
The industry’s most widely deployed RAID code
Adaptec RAID Code (ARC) includes the
industry’s most advanced feature set, supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50, optional
upgrades, RAID Level Migration and Online
Capacity Expansion without downtime. ARC
supports arrays up to 512TB, enabling the
creation of large arrays with today’s high
capacity disk drives. Only Adaptec offers
Optimised Disk Utilisation, the ability to
create multiple LUNs per disk and use all
the space on dissimilar drive sizes.
Adaptec Advanced Data Protection Suite
Adaptec Advanced Data Protection Suite
includes Snapshot Backup that creates pointin-time copies of an array for better data
backup. Copyback Hot Spare lets administrators designate a drive location as a hot
spare. After a drive replacement, the controller migrates back to the original configuration. New data protection includes Striped
Mirror (RAID 1E), mirroring over an odd
number of drives; Hot Space (RAID 5EE)
allows a hot spare while using all drives for
data; and Dual Drive Failure Protection
(RAID 6, 60), survival of two drive failures.
These optional features are sold separately.
Product Highlights
Why Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID?
Adaptec makes it easy to cost-effectively
deploy, manage, scale and protect storage.
Our products and technology are based on a
proven RAID core; advanced ASIC designs;
tested compatibility with operating systems,
motherboards, applications and drives; RAID
education; and global support.
SAS, SATA and SATA II compliant
Easy-to-use storage management
The intuitive Adaptec Storage Manager™
(ASM) tool centralises management of all
Adaptec RAID products. ASM enables
remote RAID management, monitoring and
configuration through secure, encrypted
communication. Pop-up tips and online help
simplify RAID array creation and management.
Compatibility, reliability and support
Adaptec has been delivering storage and I/O
solutions for over 24 years, and is the undisputed RAID leader – no technology is more
proven. These cards are tested thoroughly for
third-party compatibility, and backed by a
three-year warranty and legendary Adaptec
technical support.
Scalable to 128 SAS or
SATA disk drives
Configuration flexibility: up to
eight internal ports or four
internal and four external
ports for simple expansion
PCI-X 64-bit/133 MHz host
interface (Adaptec 4800SAS)
Eight-lane PCIe host interface
(Adaptec 4805SAS)
Native command queuing (NCQ)
3Gb/s per port
SES2 enclosure management
Standard RAID levels
0, 1, 5, 10, 50
Adaptec Advanced Data
Protection Suite (optional)
128MB ECC DDR2 fixed cache
(optional 256MB)
Optional battery backup module
Online applications extend
feature set: Online Capacity
Expansion, RAID Level Migration,
Optimised Disk Utilisation
Operating system support for
both 32 and 64-bit Windows,
Linux, Netware and FreeBSD
Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID
Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI RAID 4800SAS/4805SAS
Ordering Part Number: 2183100/2183300
Why buy
High-performance and cost-effective RAID controllers offer advanced features and flexibility to connect both
performance SAS disk drives and cost-optimised SATA II disk drives
Customer needs
Ideal for supporting server and workgroup applications where high levels of sustained read and write
operations are required, such as video streaming, web content, video-on-demand, security and surveillance,
fixed content, and reference data storage
Departmental and workgroup servers and workstations
Device support
Eight SAS ports support both SAS and SATA devices
Configuration flexibility for up to eight internal devices and external expansion to storage JBODs
Data transfer rates
Up to 3Gb/s with SAS or SATA II interface
RAID features
Standard Features: RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50, hot swap, hot spares, RAID Level Migration, Online Capacity
Expansion, Optimised Disk Utilisation
Optional features
Adaptec Advanced Data Protection Suite: Striped Mirror (RAID 1E), Hot Space (RAID 5EE), Dual Drive
Failure Protection (RAID 6, 60), Snapshot Backup, Copyback Hot Spare
Cache memory
128MB of ECC-protected DDR2 memory (optional 256MB)
Optional battery unit sold separately
Bus type
PCI-X 64-bit/133 MHz host interface (Adaptec 4800SAS)
Eight-way PCIe host interface (Adaptec 4805SAS)
Internal connectors
Two x4 SAS connectors
External connectors
One x4 SAS connector
System requirements
Intel or AMD architecture with available PCI-X or eight-lane PCIe slot
Supports EM64T and AMD64 architectures
Operating system support
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat and SuSE Linux, Netware, Free BSD
(for most current Linux drivers go to; Linux driver source code available for compiling
into other distributions
Software in kit
Adaptec Storage Manager™, BIOS configuration utility (ACU), Command line interface (ARCCONF)
Cables in kit
Two 1-m SAS fanout cables with integrated power adapters
Physical dimensions
3/4 Length PCI form factor
Full Height 11.5cm H x 24cm L
(4.53in H x 9.44in L)
Operating temperature
0 to 55 degrees C
Three years
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