QUICK START GUIDE - TracPhone Fleet One

TracPhone Fleet One Quick Start Guide
This guide provides basic operation information for the TracPhone Fleet One satellite
communications system. For complete installation, operation, setup, and diagnostics
information, refer to the User and Installation Manual. If you need any assistance, please
contact KVH Technical Support.
Technical Support
North/South America, Australasia:
Phone: +1 401 847-3327
E-mail: support@kvh.com
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific:
Phone: +45 45 160 180
E-mail: support@emea.kvh.com
How to Make a Voice Call
FROM the Fleet One Terminal
TO the Fleet One Terminal
Dial 00<Country Code><Phone No.># or off-hook key
Dial +<Fleet One Phone No.>
Example: +870 772420567
Using the Phone Book:
Dial 00<Short Dial No.># or off-hook key
Last called: Dial 0*# or off-hook key
Last answered: Dial 00*# or off-hook key
Local Onboard (call to another handset):
Dial <Local No.># or off-hook key
Example: 0301# (analog) or 0501# (IP handset or
smartphone connected via WLAN)
“+” = International call prefix; varies by country
1. International: Dial +1 212-401-0650
N. America: Dial 1-877-202-0367
2. Select a language when prompted
3. Dial <6-digit MobileLink Access Code>#
The access code is linked to the terminal’s phone number.
How to Access the Internet
You can access the Internet using any device connected
to the terminal (such as a smartphone or laptop).
1. On a connected device, start your web browser and
enter http://ut.bgan or the IP address of the Fleet
One terminal; default is (Your
browser’s proxy server settings must be disabled.)
2. At the web interface dashboard, click Start Data
Connection. You should now have access to the
Internet. Click Refresh to update status.
3. When you are finished using the Internet, return to
the dashboard and click Stop Data Connection.
Using the web interface, you can set up the terminal to
automatically start a data connection at startup. See the
User and Installation Manual for details.
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TracPhone Fleet One Quick Start Guide
How to Use a Smartphone with Fleet One
To use a smartphone or other wireless device with the
Fleet One system, you first need to connect a wireless
access point (WAP) to the terminal to establish a WLAN.
The Fleet One terminal does not have built-in Wi-Fi.
To make calls via the WLAN, an SIP client (or app) must
be installed on your smartphone with the following SIP
server details:
SIP Server Address and Port:
Default address:, Port: 5060
Fleet One Terminal
User Name:
Local No. in Fleet One (0501 to 0504)*
* Set up the same user name and password in your phone
and the Fleet One web interface (go to SETTINGS > IP
Handsets). See the User and Installation Manual for details.
Default: Same as user name*
Codec Priority:
Highest priority codec type: G.711
Status Indicators
Power Light
On/Off Switch
Power Light
Powered off, or no power input
Powered on, normal operation
Green, Flashing
Starting up
Orange, Flashing
Shutting down
Web Interface Icon Bar
Satellite signal strength
A new SMS message has arrived; click
the icon to see new messages
An event is active; click the icon to see
a list of active events
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EMEA Headquarters
Kokkedal, Denmark
Tel: + Fax: +
E-mail: info@emea.kvh.com
KVH Industries, Inc.
World Headquarters
Middletown, RI U.S.A.
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