Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Trainings

Troubleshooting Pre-Recorded Trainings
Q. What do I need to play recordings?
A. You should have a sound card to play recordings and an Internet connection to
play the recording on the web. However, you can view a recording without an
internet connection only if the recorded file is downloaded to your computer. You
must use the WebEx WRF or ARF Player based on the recorded file type to play
Q. What are the minimum system requirements for viewing pre-recorded
A. To view a pre-recorded training on the Windows platform, you should have a
computer with:
Intel Pentium 166 MHz or faster
128 MB RAM or more
Sound card, and Speakers or a Headset
To view a pre-recorded training streamed over the Internet, you need a computer
56K modem connection or better (128K recommended)
It is highly recommended to avoid wireless connections when viewing recordings.
Q. How do I play a recording that is published on a web page?
A. You can play a recording on a web page simply by clicking the link for the
recording. The WebEx Player plug-in is downloaded, and plays the recording
Q. Can I view pre-recorded trainings on any web browser?
A. No, you can only view pre-recorded trainings using Internet Explorer version 6 or
higher or Netscape Navigator version 7 or higher.
Q. What should my browser settings be?
A. You will need to verify that your browser is set to accept ActiveX controls,
JavaScript and Cookies. Follow the instructions below to verify your browser
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
1. Open a browser window.
2. Click Tools Menu, and then click Internet Options.
3. Click the Security tab and click Custom Level. The first five controls under
the ActiveX controls section should be set to Enable and click OK.
4. Click the Privacy tab and click Advanced.
5. Make sure that you are accepting cookies from all parties (including session
6. Click OK.
7. Click the Advanced tab.
8. Make sure the Java VMs (Virtual Machines) are all enabled (Java Console,
Java Logging and JIT compiler).
9. Click OK and restart the computer for the settings to take effect.
For settings on other browser versions, contact Technical Support at 1866-863-3910 and press option 4 (Toll free in the United States and
Canada). +1-408-944-4159 for International. Alternatively, you can email
Q. Why does an Active X Control message appear when I click a link for a
A. The Active X window appears only if it is not enabled for the browser on your
computer. Install the application using the instructions provided in the window.
Figure: Installing Active X Control
Q. Why does a security message appear when I click a link for a recording?
A. If a security message appears when you attempt to play a recording on a Web
site, the Windows operating system is informing that a plug-in for your web browser
is about to be installed. A plug-in is a third-party software that extends the
capabilities of a computer program. In a web browser, a plug-in may be required to
display non-standard (often multi-media) content formats. Click Yes to allow the
WebEx Player installation to continue. The plug-in does not pose a security threat to
your computer or network.
Figure: Example of a Security Warning
Q. Are recordings streamed or downloaded to my computer?
A. When you click a link for a recording on the web page, you can choose to play it
(stream) or download it to the computer.
Q. What is a WRF and ARF player, and from where can I download?
A. A WRF and ARF player is used to view pre-recorded trainings and the player is
selected based on the file type. The players can be downloaded by accessing the site, and then clicking the Recorded Sessions link under the
Attend a Session section.
Q: I cannot find the site with the recordings:
A. If you are having trouble finding the site with the recordings, verify that you are
using the correct URL. Some common mistakes are the following:
Typing ‘www’ in the URL. Ingenix WebEx site does not include the “www” server
Typing http instead of https.
Q. Do I have to enter a password to view pre-recorded trainings?
A. Yes. This is for security reasons to limit access to our clients only. You can enter
the password “caretracker” to view the recordings.
Q. I am having headset problems. How do I resolve it?
A. Be sure it is correctly plugged in, check the inline volume control, and increase
volume if needed.
Q. I am having audio problems. How do I resolve it?
A. Adjust the volume of the WebEx Player by moving the Volume slider on the
WebEx Player dialog box.
Figure: Volume Control in WebEx Player
Adjust the volume for multimedia playback devices:
Click the Volume icon displayed on the bottom right of your computer screen. If
the Volume icon does not displays follow the instructions below.
1. From the Control Panel, double-click Sounds and Audio Devices. The Sounds
and Audio Device Properties dialog box displays.
2. Click the Audio tab. Under Sound playback section, click Volume. The Volume
Control dialog box displays.
Figure: Sounds and Audio Devices dialog box
3. If no output volume controls displays, click Options from the menu bar and then
click Properties. The Properties dialog box displays.
4. Select the Playback check box. Check the needed volume controls (i.e. select all
options) and click OK.
5. In the Volume Control section, validate the Mute all check box is not selected for
and the slider bar is turned up.
Figure: Volume Control
Q. Video appears blurry or blotchy. Video images do not appear completely
or are “cut off” on the screen.
A. WebEx Player displays video at the color depth set for your computer monitor.
If the video was recorded on a computer with a monitor that was set to a higher
screen resolution than that set on your computer's monitor, video images may be
“cut off” on the screen. Try setting your monitor's screen resolution to a higher
setting—for example, 1024 by 768 pixels. For instructions on setting screen
resolution, see Windows Help.
If a recording was made on a monitor with a higher color depth setting, video images
may appear blurry or blotchy. Increase your monitor's color depth to 16-bit (65,000
colors) or 24-bit (over 6 million colors). For instructions on setting color depth, see
Windows Help.
Q. How do I control playback of the recording?
A. You can pause, stop or control the volume by scrolling to the playback controls at
the bottom of the window.
Q. How do I control the Full Screen View?
A. During playback, you can switch your view of a recording between a standard
window and a full-screen view. A full-screen view of a recording fits your entire
screen and does not include a title bar or scroll bars. By default, the recording
displays in full screen view.
To display the recorded session in standard view:
Click the Full Screen icon on the WebEx Player dialog box. You can click the
same icon to toggle between full screen and standard view.
Figure: Controlling Full Screen and Standard View in WebEx Player
Q. How do I exit from the recorded session?
A. Click File on the menu bar of the WebEx Player dialog box and then click Exit, or
of the WebEx Player dialog box.
Figure: Exiting the WebEx Player
If the solutions listed above does not resolve your issue, contact WebEx
Technical Support at 1-866-863-3910 and press option 4. (Toll free in the
United States and Canada). +1-408-944-4159 for International.
Alternatively, you can email them at or contact your
System Administrator.
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