Insane Audio Car Stereos Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
For i/e JK1001, FJ1001 and TJ1002
Version: 2.0
Date: 08/20/2016
Safety Precautions...........................4
Hardware and Buttons.........................5
Applications and Widgets.....................7
Touch Screen Display ........................13
Adjusting the LED Backlighting...............14
Setting the Date & Time......................15
Adjusting Sound..............................19
Enabling and Disabling Safety Features.......20
Music Player.................................23
Video Player.................................27
CD / DVD Player..............................28
Radio App....................................30
iPod App.....................................36
Using WiFi...................................48
Insane NavEngine.............................51
Downloading Additional Apps..................53
Where to Get Additional Information..........55
Frequently Asked Questions...................56
APPENDIX A: Setting up the Torque App........60
APPENDIX B: Using Torque.....................68
APPENDIX C: Adjusting Pre-Amp settings ......74
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Insane Audio head unit!
Hopefully, by now you’ve already installed your Insane Audio head unit
and you are reading this guide right in the dash of your vehicle!
All Insane Audio Android based head units are fairly simple to operate,
however, if you are new to the Android operating system or need some
general assistance then this guide is for you. This Quick Start Guide is
designed to show you the basics to get you started.
Safety Precautions
IMPORTANT: Please use common sense
when operating your Insane Audio head
unit. You should NEVER be operating the
unit, watching videos or television while
driving. Keep your hands on the wheel
and keep your eyes on the road!
Never attempt to open your Insane Audio head unit or
repair it yourself. Doing so is not only dangerous, but it
will void your warranty.
This product uses a 12V power supply system and should
be properly grounded at all times. Please consult a
professional car stereo installer if you aren’t sure whether
or not your system has been properly installed.
Hardware and buttons
This section will focus on Insane Audio’s JK1001 but the same
general principles apply for other Insane Audio android based
head units.
The following buttons are on the right side of your JK1001…
Pressing this will
eject any CD or DVD
that you have in your
JK1001 unit.
Automatic Music Search
(please see page 37 for
more details)
Should you ever need
to reset your JK1001
unit, you can press this
button with a pin or
paper clip.
This nob controls songs/ radio
stations and mute. Pressing
the nob will mute music.
Turning the nob will seek
forward radio stations and
skip songs.
This toggles audio loudness
compensation on/off in
This will pause/play from
several different apps (music
player, DVD player, etc)
Opening this flap will reveal
the slot for a microSD card.
This is a great place to store
music or movies that can be
accessed through a number of
different aps.
Hardware and buttons
The following buttons are on the left side of your JK1001…
This controls the power to
the unit and the volume.
Push: to power on/off. And
Turn: to adjust volume.
NAVI opens the Insane
NavEngine app.
Pressing the EQ will change the
EQ setting from Custom to
Rock to Classic, etc.
Pressing the MENU
will bring you back to
the main menu from
any app.
DVD will open the DVD/ video
app. This allows you to watch
DVD’s while parked.
Opening this flap will
reveal the slot where
maps for Insane
NavEngine are stored
This is a micro USB slot where
you can plug in a Mini USB
thumb drive or Mini USB to full
size USB adapter. See below.
This is the Mini USB to full size adapter cable. The smaller end plugs into the
JK1001 and allows you to plug a full size USB drive into the larger end. This
way you can access music, movies or other information from a full size USB
thumb drive right through the face of your JK1001.
Applications & Widgets
This is the main menu of your Insane Audio head unit. At
the top of your screen you will see an icon with six
squares grouped together. We call this the ‘six pack’.
Clicking on the six pack will lead you to the app drawer
where you can view all applications currently installed on
the system. Note that these are arranged alphabetically.
Applications & Widgets
Your unit comes with all sorts of different applications but how
you use the system is entirely up to you! You can remove apps
or download new ones from the Google Play store. At time of
writing this Quick Start Guide, there are over 2 million apps
available on the Google Play store. Many of them are free and
almost all of them will work with your new Insane Audio head
To move an application from the app drawer to your home
screen, simply press and hold on the specific app and drag
where you would like that app to be. When you do that, you
now have an icon on your home screen.
Applications & Widgets
It’s important to understand the differences between icons on
your home screen and applications in the app drawer. Icons
on your home screen are simply shortcuts to applications so you
can move or delete these however you’d like. To delete an icon
from your home screen, simply hold it down then drag it to the
trash. That application will still exist in the app drawer,
however, so you can always add it back by pressing the six pack
then dragging that application back to your home screen.
Also note that you have several pages on your home screen for
icons or widgets. Try swiping the screen to the left and right
and check it out!
Applications & Widgets
Android also has the concept of widgets. A widget is a
control or tool that you can add to your home screen.
Unlike a shortcut to an app, a widget displays information
or allows you to control an aspect of the system right
from your home screen.
Your Insane Audio head unit already contains a bunch of
cool widgets that we put on there for you. To access
them, press the six pack, then swipe the screen past all of
the applications. Widgets are found to the right of
applications in the app drawer. Just like applications,
simply hold down the widget you want to move and drag
it to your home screen.
Applications & Widgets
To move a widget to your home screen, simply repeat the drag
and drop method for apps.
And to delete one off your home screen, just drag and drop to
the top red bar.
Of course, you can always download additional widgets
from the Google Play store.
Touch Screen DISPLAY
All Insane Audio head units come with extremely high
quality, high resolution, fully capacitive touch screen
displays. That means that not only does it look great, but
you can navigate the system and access data in a far more
enriching experience then ever possible before.
Your touch screen contains a special protective coating
from the factory, however, you still should take a few
simple steps to ensure years of trouble free use.
•When cleaning the screen, power it off the unit first
•Use only a lint-free or microfiber cloth
•Never use any chemicals or cleaning products on the
touch screen. A very small amount of soapy water
will do the trick
•After cleaning, make sure that the surface is free
from moisture by wiping it with a dry lint-free cloth
Touch Screen DISPLAY
You can adjust the brightness of your screen by swiping
down from the top of the screen at the main menu and
clicking on the brightness icon.
You can adjust your LED backlighting to be any color you’d
like. To do this, first go to the settings menu (accessible
through the app drawer) then look for Element under the
DEVICE section.
In here, you will be able to customize your LED
backlighting. You can either choose from the preset solid
color options, create your own color by using the sliders
on the left or select the rainbow option (bottom right)
which will set the system to gradually fade through all
colors in the rainbow.
Setting the Date & Time
There are two places where the time is set: the system settings
and the clock widget.
The system settings can be accessed by pressing the six pack.
Then find the settings icon
Setting the Date & Time
From the settings menu, select Date & Time.
There are a lot of options here, but we recommend starting
simple and then playing around with advanced features as you
get more comfortable. To that effect, turn off all three
automatic time checkboxes, and manually set your date, time
and time zone.
Setting the Date & Time
The clock widget is on the main menu and has its own time
controls as well as some pretty cool features. For example, you
can set a "home" time zone. Then, when you drive to a
different time zone it will automatically add another clock and
show both your home time and your local time. You can also
add another world city that you'd like to display the local time
for. Here too, while there are lots of options, we recommend
starting simple.
So, from the main menu, click on the clock widget. On the
bottom right hand corner is a "3 pack". Click on that, then
Setting the Date & Time
Remove the "automatic home clock" checkbox.
Set your home time zone. Then go back one menu and click on
the little GPS pin icon on the bottom left. This will bring up a list
of world cities. Note that if you check any of these boxes, then
the time for that city will appear on the clock widget. Make sure
all of them are unchecked if you only want one time to show up
on your main menu.
Adjusting Sound
InsaneEQ gives you full control over how things sound inside
your vehicle. The easiest way to access this is to swipe down
from the top of your screen and select AMP
Balance / Fade
Your Insane Audio head unit is shipped to you
from our factory with certain safety precautions
enabled, however, this can be customized just
like everything else on the system.
IMPORTANT: Please use your Insane Audio head unit
responsibly! Do not operate or attempt to watch
video while driving. Always pay attention to the
road, keep both hands on the wheel and make safety
your top priority!
From the main menu, you’ll want to first access
the app drawer.
Select settings, then scroll with your finger to the
bottom of the settings page and click on the
‘Driving Safety’ option.
Watching video: When you are driving, your unit will disable
any video so to not distract the driver. Checking this setting
will allow the unit to continue playing videos or DVDs while
the car is in motion.
Playing Music: This setting will allow your portable storage
unit to automatically play music when you plug it in.
Reversing Sound: While backing up, your Insane Audio head
unit will automatically display your rearview camera. It will
also mute all sound by default to allow the driver to focus on
reversing. Turning this on will allow you to have your music
stay at full volume or decrease the volume to a specified
threshold while reversing.
Music Player
There are many ways in which you can play music on your
Insane Audio head unit. Perhaps one of the best ways is to
play music that has been stored onto a microSD card or USB
thumb drive.
Insane Audio’s JK1001 (pictured below) has a microSD card slot
on the bottom right of the unit where you can store movies or
music with no moving parts and no skipping while you are
bouncing down the trail.
Whichever Insane Audio head unit
you own, they all come with
microSD card slots and this is
a great way to play music!
Music Player
We also provide multiple USB inputs and you most likely wired a
USB cable to your glove box. You can plug a USB thumb drive
directly into this cable to access media.
First, you’ll want to plug your media into a computer and load it
up with music. After you have copied some music over, you’ll
want to insert this media into your Insane Audio head unit.
Important note: In order for media to be recognized by the
Android operating system, it needs to be formatted properly.
Your media must be formatted as FAT-32 or NTFS. exFAT will
not be recognized.
Music Player
Depending on your settings (under Driving Safely) your
music player may or may not automatically open when
you insert your media. You can also access the music
player by clicking on the Music icon from the home menu.
Clicking on the folder icon on the bottom right will allow
you to change the source for your music. Remember,
your Insane Audio head unit is designed to play music
from a number of different media sources.
Music Player
The menu button on the right of the music player will
expand to show available media.
Select a song and turn up the volume!
Video Player
Similar to adding music to media being accessed by your Insane
Audio head unit, you can also add movies to your storage
media. Your Insane Audio head unit will play videos in most
modern file formats.
Once you have videos on your microSD card or a thumb drive,
you can access them in the video app on the main menu.
The video player looks and feels very similar to the music player
and you can select media sources, folders and files in a similar
CD/DVD Player
(on select units only)
If your Insane Audio head unit is equipped with a CD/DVD
player, it can be accessed by either inserting a disc or by
clicking on the DVD icon on the main menu.
Your Insane Audio head unit will play store bought CD’s or
DVD’s as well as media discs that you burn yourself.
CD/DVD Player
You can control playback through the app by using the
touch screen interface.
Simply touch the screen, and the movie controls will
appear. Touch the screen again and the controls will be
hidden until you need them next.
Radio app
If you are looking for some good old fashioned AM/FM
radio, you can find the radio app right on your main menu
Radio app
In the radio app, at the top you have a row of buttons -FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2. These are just your AM and
FM bands. On the very bottom, you have a row of your
To set a preset, simply tune to a station you'd like to
preset then hold (long press) one of the bottom buttons
and it will store the preset for you.
Radio app
ST toggles between Stereo and Mono and LOC will toggle
between local and distant frequency handling.
Your Insane Audio head unit also contains some advanced
digital radio functionality.
AF enables alternate frequencies. This allows the tuner to
automatically shift to a different frequency broadcasting the
same digital tag when the first signal becomes too weak. If
you’re not explicitly looking to take advantage of this feature,
the we recommend leaving it turned off to avoid confusion.
Radio app
The TA button will automatically scan for Traffic
Announcements in your area.
PTY is a self destruct button. DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON
Radio app
Just kidding. It's for Program Type. Some stations
broadcast a digital encoding with the program type and
you can scan for pre-defined program types like rock,
news, jazz, etc.
Simply push the button, then your Insane Audio unit will
give you a list of program types, select what you'd like to
listen to and it'll try to find it.
Please keep in mind that digital radio functionality
depends on what digital information is broadcast in your
area so your experience with these features may vary.
Radio app
The other thing you’re going to want to know about the
radio is the AMS button on the face of your Insane Audio
head unit.
AMS is an Automatic Music Search. This is a good feature
for when you're driving to an unknown area. Simply press
the button and it will scan through stations and set your
presets automatically. This is particularly useful if you’re
in a vehicle with steering wheel controls as you can set
the presets with the AMS button then cycle through them
via your steering wheel controls.
Note that pressing AMS will erase any presets that you
may have stored and will replace them with new ones.
Automatic Music Search
Insane Audio supports both classic iPods and newer style
iPods (you’ll need an adapter) by using the included iPod
cable. Most folks wire their iPod cable to the glove box.
The iPod application is available in the app drawer (by
pressing the six pack) or it will automatically launch when
an iPod is plugged in.
Insane Audio’s iPod
By default, the menu on the right allows you to
select artists or songs.
Insane Audio’s iPod
The folder on the bottom right will access
additional options
Insane Audio’s iPod
Here you can pick playlists you have set up, see
your artists and albums.
It is worth noting that your Insane Audio head
unit was specifically built to be able to support
both old style iPods and new style iPods. We did
this simply because we want our users to have
more options and maximum compatibility.
Users can easily get an adapter to connect
newer iPods to old cables, but not the other
way around.
That being said, Apple products tend to be a bit
finicky, so here are a few tips to help you get the
most out of using a newer style iPod with your
Insane Audio head unit:
•Always plug the adapter into your iPod first, then
into the Insane Audio cable after. Your iPod doesn't
play nicely with your Insane Audio head unit the
other way around.
•Your lightning adapter is omni-directional (you can
plug it in forward OR reverse). But, if you plug it in
one way one time, then plug it in the other way
another time... your iPod won't play nicely again. Try
to be consistent in how you use your adapter.
BlueTooth Setup
Your Insane Audio head unit can connect to all kinds of
different Bluetooth devices.
For example, you can connect to your smartphone for
both handsfree calling and media streaming.
The first step, is to launch the Bluetooth app from the
main menu.
Bluetooth setup
This is the main Bluetooth menu. Since we have no
devices connected yet, you’ll notice that most icons are
greyed out.
Select the setup button on the bottom right.
Bluetooth setup
Here you can change the name of your device as well as
the default PIN. This is always a good idea.
We will go with something like this…
Bluetooth setup
Now let’s step through connecting a smartphone to your
Insane Audio head unit.
At this point, you’ll want to go to your phone and find the
Bluetooth section under settings. Please keep in mind
that all phones are different and your settings will vary,
but you should be able to connect most smartphones to
your Insane Audio head unit (including Apple, Android
and Windows devices).
In our example, we see MyJK which is our JK1001.
Bluetooth setup
Once you attempt to connect, you’ll likely be
asked for a PIN. This is the one you just created
Bluetooth setup
Once you have successfully paired your device,
you’ll note that more icons have come to life in
the Bluetooth menu. Let’s go ahead and
stream some audio from our smartphone…
You can now wirelessly stream music from your
Bluetooth setup
You can also access calling through the app at
the top left of the Bluetooth menu.
This will lead to a number pad where you can
place calls.
Bluetooth setup
The Directory is where your contacts can be loaded and
You will likely need to synch your contacts for the first
time. Do this by selecting the button on the right hand
side. Depending on your device, it may or may not
require permission from your phone.
Using WIFI
Your Insane Audio head unit comes with a high quality,
ruggedized WiFi antenna designed to pickup a nearby
WiFi signal. Most users use their smartphone as a
mobile hotspot (sometimes called WiFi tethering) to have
Internet connectivity on the go!
To setup WiFi, first press the six pack then enter the
settings app.
Using WIFI
In the Settings app, select Wi-Fi
Turn WiFi on, then you will see available connections.
Using WIFI
Then simply click on the preferred signal and click
Depending on the network settings, you may or may not
be prompted for a password.
Insane NavEngine
Perhaps one of the best features of your Insane Audio
head unit is Insane NavEngine. With road maps, offroad
maps, turn-by-turn directions and full 3D topography…
Insane NavEngine is designed to get you where you are
going both on the road and on the trail.
To access Insane NavEngine, simply press the NAVI button
on the face of your unit. Alternatively, you can select the
Insane NavEngine icon in the app tray.
Insane NavEngine
Insane NavEngine is fairly intuitive, but has enough features
and functionality to warrant a separate instruction manual.
Downloading additional apps
Your new Insane Audio head unit is packed with all kinds
of apps and features, but you aren’t limited to just that!
Just like your smartphone or tablet, your Insane Audio
head unit can go online and download additional apps.
To do that, you’re going to want to access the Google Play
store. (for you iPhone users, this Android’s version of the
App Store)
Note that you’ll need to be connected to WiFi in order to
take advantage of this feature.
When you first enter the Play Store, a window will pop-up
asking you to either sign into an existing Google account
or create a new one. Follow the steps to sign in or create
a new account.
Downloading additional apps
This is the Play Store main menu. In this example, we
are going to click on the search button and look for
Pandora Internet Radio.
We found it, so the next step is to install it. After clicking
on the INSTALL button, the app will show up on both the
main menu (as a shortcut) and in the App drawer.
Additional Information
Our support staff are always here to help and with Insane Audio you
receive lifetime technical support.
Our forum is entirely free and is there as a resource for our customers.
It’s a great place to share ideas with other users as well as get
additional tips and tricks from our techs.
We sincerely hope you get the most out of your new Insane Audio head
unit and enjoy it for many years to come. In the meantime, we’ll see
‘ya on the trail!
Question: I am listening to the radio and it automatically
starts scanning by itself. Is my unit haunted?
Answer: You most likely have AF turned on in the radio
app. AF is short for alternative frequency. Having this
turned on means that if your Insane Audio unit senses a
weak signal, it will automatically scan to try and find
another station broadcasting the same digital tag. There
may or may not be another station broadcasting the same
content so the unit may just end up going back to where
it started. This is a great feature for some applications
but may be confusing for some users. So, if you don’t like
ghosts in your radio then we suggest just turning AF off.
Question: I have an early model JK and my dash looks
different than the installation instructions. Will the
JK1001 fit my vehicle?
Answer: YES! Insane Audio’s JK1001 fits ALL JKs. That
means that if you have a 2007 to 2015 Jeep Wrangler or
Wrangler Unlimited, then the JK1001 will fit your vehicle.
The JK1001 also works with all factory sound systems.
Question: Can I leave the OBD Bluetooth adapter plugged
in all the time?
Answer: Your Jeep's OBD port was designed for
diagnostics and not necessarily for continuous use. As a
general rule of thumb, we recommend using things as
designed so that means that you probably shouldn’t leave
it plugged in if you aren’t using it. That being said, we are
unaware of any adverse effects of continuous use and we
have tested extensively. Lastly, the adapter does draw a
small current so if you left it plugged in and parked for an
extremely long time, it could theoretically drain your
Question: What kind of backup camera is recommended?
Answer: Insane Audio currently makes two backup
cameras for different applications.
Question: Will Insane NavEngine work in another
Answer: You bet! We currently ship with US and
Canadian maps, however, so you'll need to go online and
purchase maps for other countries for a nominal fee.
Question: How can I get Sirius XM?
Answer: You can install the Sirius XM app directly on your
Insane Audio head unit. The upside is that we understand
this to be cheaper per month for your subscription. The
downside is that it requires an internet connection (i.e.
tethered from your smartphone). You can also install the
Sirius XM app on your smartphone (both iOS or Android
are available) and stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth
audio. Lastly, you can install an external SiriusXM
receiver and connect it to your Insane Audio head unit via
the aux audio inputs and access it through the AV In app.
The last one is a great option for those who don’t want to
use their phones data plan and you can also leave the
external receiver in your glove box and move it between
vehicles (or inside your house).
Question: Does my Insane Audio head unitsupport
steering wheel controls?
Answer: You bet! Some of our units work right out of the
box while others require a little programming. Refer to
the installation instructions for your particular Insane
Audio head unit.
Question: How do I reset my JK1001?
Answer: There is a hardware reset on the bottom right of
your JK1001 (near the microSD card slot). Simply press it
with a paperclip and the unit will re-boot.
Appendix a: Torque Setup
Your Insane Audio head unit comes with the Torque app preinstalled. While this isn’t something that we build or support
directly at Insane Audio, it’s pretty darn cool so we included
it on your system. To that effect, this guide should help you
get started in setting it up for the first time.
STEP 1: Plug your OBD Bluetooth adapter into your vehicle’s
OBDII port.
You’ll want to make sure that your vehicle’s OBDII port is nice and
clean. If you just finished that wheeling trip with your doors off and
managed to cover your entire interior with mud.. then we highly
recommend blowing out the port with an air compressor, then
spraying it with some contact cleaner.
When you plug the OBD Bluetooth adapter in, you should see a red
indicator light.
Appendix a: Torque Setup
STEP 2: Connect to your OBD Bluetooth Adapter
• First, click on the BLUETOOTH icon (unless you moved it,
it will be on the bottom right of your main menu)
• Click on the Match icon at the center of the bottom row
• You’ll note that this menu shows all PAIRED and
AVAILABLE devices. A PAIRED device is something that
has already been connected. It’s either currently
connected (in which case it will be displayed in green) or
it’s been connected before (in which case, your unit has
remembered the connection for future use).
Appendix a: Torque Setup
• To make life easier, let’s remove all paired devices. You
can always add them back later. So.. if you’ve got
anything listed under Paired Devices, simply click on it
once then click on the trash button on the bottom right
of your screen.
• Once you’ve removed all the paired devices, you’ll want
to ask your Insane Audio head unit to search for all
available devices. Click on the search icon (top right)
• The search takes a little bit but should find your OBD
Bluetooth Adapter.
Appendix a: Torque Setup
• Click on the OBDII device under Available Devices, then
click on the connect button (just below search). If it asks
for a password, the password is “1234”
• Once you successfully connect, your OBDII device will be
listed under Paired Devices and should now be green to
let you know that all is good.
Appendix a: Torque Setup
STEP 3: Configure Torque
Unless you moved it, the Torque icon is located
on your main screen. Click on it to enter the
Torque application.
Appendix a: Torque Setup
From the Torque main menu, click on the settings icon on
the bottom left (it looks like a mini mixing board with
three sliders)
At the pop-up menu, select settings
Appendix a: Torque Setup
Scroll down and select OBD Adapter Settings
Then find “choose Bluetooth device”
Appendix a: Torque Setup
If you followed our directions in Step 2, then there should
only be one device listed. Click on it!
Torque is now setup!
Appendix B: Using torque
From the main Torque menu, click on the
Realtime Information button on the upper right.
Assuming your engine is running, you’ll start to
see some data
Appendix B: Using torque
Most users find it more convenient to have the Torque
application start directly to the gauge view. To do this…
1. Open your Torque app
2. Go to settings from the pop up menu.
3. Select General preferences
Appendix B: Using torque
4. Scroll down and select ‘Startup in Dashboard’
5. Select ‘Always go to Dashboard’
This will have Torque start up in the digital engine readout
screen whenever you open the app.
Appendix B: Using torque
Play around with the realtime information interface. There is
a ton of cool stuff that you can access and display and almost
everything is customizable.
For example, swipe down to a blank screen. Long press on the
screen and click on “add display” and check out some of the
different display types.
Appendix B: Using torque
•Once you select one, you’ll see some of the sensor information
that you can now access.
•If you add a gauge and it shows up sideways… simply exit
Torque, then go back in and it will re-orient itself properly.
Appendix B: Using torque
•Note that Torque can only display data that is available on your
Jeep’s computer. If a gauge says “no data” that doesn’t mean
that it’s broken… it just means that the information simply isn’t
available. For example, unless you have a turbo that was
installed at the Jeep factory, then you aren’t going to get any
information for the boost display.
•With 7 screens to customize, this is a pretty cool feature.
Appendix C:
Adjusting pre-amp settings
There are some cases where you’ll want to tweak the pre-amp
settings on your Insane Audio head unit for optimal sound
quality. Think of your Insane Audio head unit as a big mixing
board – bringing in multiple audio sources from different media
devices then sending them through a high quality amplifier to
your vehicle’s own sound system. If you find that your volume
controls are too sensitive (i.e. even on a low setting it’s too loud)
or not sensitive enough (you’ve got the system cranked up and
it’s not loud enough or that factory sub isn’t quite kicking in like
you want) then you may want to adjust the pre-amp settings.
Important note: Adjusting the pre-amp settings involves going
into the factory settings of your unit. This is password
protected for a reason! There are settings in here that can
cause quite a headache so follow these instructions exactly
and do not adjust any other settings!
Appendix C:
Adjusting pre-amp settings
To get to the pre-amp settings, go to settings -> factory settings
(password is “126”) -> then click on the AUDIO tab on the top.
Here you will see the input gains for various different sources.
Increasing these will basically make your volume knob more
sensitive and the system will be louder in general. In general,
you want these to all be set at the same level (unless, for some
strange reason, you want your Radio app to be twice as loud as
the music player).
Download PDF