IKE 3 Spec Sheet – English

The complete, customizable, and verifiable
field data collection solution
The All-in-One Solution
The IKE solution includes the
following components:
Device - This MIL-STD-810F rugged field data
collection device has the ability to capture calibrated
digital images along with GPS coordinates, span
lengths, and span angles. The combination of a digital
camera, sub-meter GPS, laser range-finder and
proprietary software within a single tool, allows for the
capture of field-data efficiently and accurately.
Tools Software - Tools is the customizable workflows
and forms that are created within the Desktop
Software, then uploaded into the IKE device. There
are currently eight various field data capturing tools.
The type of measurement needed, in addition to the
conditions/location of the object being measured,
determine which Tool will be used. Information within
each Tool segment varies but can include: GPS,
distance to target, bearing, line height and span length.
The ability to document attributes or make comments
is also offered within the Tool settings.
Integration - IKE data in the original report format
is a valuable resource, but the data has a broader
impact across an organization when the information
is integrated with back-end systems including
engineering, GIS and asset management software.
The data can be generated in a number of industry
standard formats which makes this possible.
Accessories - IKE is a complete solution. Each
unit ships with a hard-shell case and a variety of
accessories to support field use. Accessories include:
stabilizing tripod, glare shield, vehicle charger, extra
batteries, screen protector and more.
Desktop Software - This proprietary software performs
a number of functions including creating and editing
custom data collection forms for the IKE device. It also
provides measurement calculations for attachments
and spans on the TrueSize images captured in the
field and has the ability to generate reports in a variety
of standard formats.
— 01 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
IKE Device Specification Overview
Laser Distance Meter: Class 1, invisible infrared
Sub Meter GPS: Upgraded antenna board with sub meter
(905nm), safe to the naked eye, accurate to .2m
accuracy**, 16 L1 frequency, C/A code channels, <35
R95 from .2m to 50m; .5m from 50m-300m.*
seconds to first fix, < 25 Seconds to Restart (Warm), typical
autonomous accuracy of <1.5m HRMS in non-SBAS coverage
Digital Compass: Automatic real-time
areas, without GPS+ upgrade, accuracy is <2.5m CEP
compensation for Magnetic Declination with 0.1º
(circular error probable).
resolution and accurate to 1.0º RMS (Tilt up to
Device Shell and Display: Streamlined case built "Military
Tough" for durability and ease of operation. Magnesium
Digital Camera: 5 MP (2560x1920) with 10x
alloy with aluminum internal chassis. Power/USB/RS232
digital zoom
connections and ¼” standard camera style tripod mount.
Inclinometer: Fully integrated, +/-90º for Roll
Resistive touch-screen display is transflective and
(Swivel) and Pitch (Tilt), 0.1° Output Resolution.
measures 3.5” diagonally with 320x240 pixel resolution.
Rugged yet lightweight design provides IP67 protection
Computer: 520MHz Intel® PXA 270 processor
(dust and waterproof), meets MIL-STD-810F and 1 meter
with Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, 128MB RAM,
drop onto concrete shock test. The device measures 11” x
512MB non-volatile Flash ROM, removable non-
4.3” x 2.4” (280mm x 110mm x 60mm) and weighs only 35
volatile SD card and USB, Bluetooth and RS232
oz (<1 kg).
Battery: Warm Field-Replaceable Li-ion 14W 3900mAh
Audio Recorder: Built-in microphone can capture
Battery has 8 hour typical operating time (varies by user).
field commentary in a .wav file attached to the
Operating range is 14 to 122º F (-10 to +50º C) and can be
data collected.
stored from -22 to 140º F (-30 to +60º C).
Submeter GPS
* May vary depending on target and
atmospheric conditions (fog, rain etc).
Digital Compass
** Requires data collection with 5
satellites min, a max Position Dilution
Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
of Precision (PDOP) of 4, min satellite
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 30dB,
min satellite elevation of 15 degrees
Laser Distance Meter
and reasonable multipath conditions.
Military Tough
Device Shell and Display
Ionospheric conditions, multipath signals
or obstructions like buildings or dense
trees may degrade precision by interfering
Audio Recorder
with signal reception.
— 02 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
IKE 3 Accessories
IKE ships with the following
Low Magnetic Signature Tripod
Hard case
Soft case
USB Interface cable (USB mini to USB standard)
Standard 3900mAh user-replaceable Li-Ion battery
Power-pack/Charger with International adaptor set
(Adaptors supporting: US, UK, EU, & AUS standards)
Travel Charger
Vehicle Charger
8GB SD Card
Screen Protector
Stylus & Hand strap
Glare Shield
User Manual
Fieldcraft Guide
IKE 3 Desktop Software
System Requirements: 32bit/64bit Window XP, Windows 7.
Reporting: Create custom reports in industry standard formats such as;
Extensible Markup
Portable Document
GeoPDF Format
— 03 —
with Photos
Integrated in File
Shapefile Format
IKE 3 Product Specifications
IKE 3 Tools Software
IKE Tools is a Windows Mobile software installed on the device for capturing specific
data points you require. The following Tools represent core IKE functionality.
Capture a calibrated (TrueSize) photo of a utility or
telecommunications pole with one shot, then transfer to IKE
Desktop software for measuring the heights of the pole and it's
Target Position
The workhorse of IKE data capture. Point IKE at a remote object
such as a tree, pole or building and capture its GPS location
using the on board GPS, laser range finder and compass. One
shot and you’re on to the next object.
Missing Line
Calculate the horizontal distance as well as the bearing between
any two objects
Span Height
Calculate the vertical height above ground of a point on a span,
for example the mid-span height of a cable or wire.
— 04 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
Photo Only
Capture a high resolution photo of an object. Useful for
documenting the conditions of located or measured objects,
for identifying hazards for field crews and for including in
Local Point
Captures the GPS location of the device, not the remote object.
It eliminates the error introduced from the laser and compass,
therefore it’s more accurate than target position.
IKE 3 Integration
IKE’s accurate and verifiable field data is the end-result for using the IKE solution.
However, the ability to utilize this data within the context of your business model
provides the ultimate benefit. IKE offers a variety of formats to easily integrate this data
into backend systems including; engineering, GIS and pole-loading analysis software.
Current integration partners include:
ee PLS-Pole (by Power Line Systems)
ee SPIDACalc (by SPIDA Software)
ee O-Calc Pro (by Osmose)
Development of integration is an ongoing process and we will be expanding our
integration capabilities with future partners.
IKE 3 Warranty
The IKE device comes with 1-year hardware warranty and software upgrade. You
can purchase an additional 1 or 2-year warranty with maintenance extensions.
— 05 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
IKE 3 Device Hardware Specifications
1. GPS
1.1. Within SBAS coverage areas (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) typical accuracy: <0.6m
1.2. Non SBAS coverage areas: typical autonomous accuracy: <1.5m HRMS
1.3. Without GPS+ upgrade, accuracy: <2.5m CEP
1.4. Time to first fix: <35 seconds
1.5. Time to Restart (Warm Start): < 25 Seconds
1.6. Channels: 16 L1 frequency, C/A code
2. Physical
2.1. Size: 11” x 4.3” x 2.4” (280mm x 110mm x 60mm)
2.2. Weight: < 1kg (35 oz)
2.3. Tripod Mount Standard Camera: 1/4”
2.4. Main Connections: Power/USB/RS232
2.5. Construction: Magnesium alloy and Aluminum internal chassis
2.6. Protection: IP67 (Dust and Waterproof), meets MIL-STD-810F
2.7. Shock: 1 meter drop onto concrete
2.8. Operating Temperature: -10 to +50º C (14 to 122º F)
2.9. Storage Temperature: -30 to +60º C (-22 to 140º F)
2.10. Battery: Li-ion 14W 3900mAh , Warm-swap field replaceable
2.11. Operation Time: 8 hours typical
3. Display
3.1. Size: 3.5” diagonal
3.2. Type: High visibility transflective (high visibility in sunlight)
3.3. Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
3.4. Touch Screen: Resistive
4. Laser Distance Meter
4.1. Laser Range: IKE 3 and IKE 5 - 300 meters
4.2. Laser Accuracy: +/- 0.2m R95 (0.2m – 50m) and +/- 0.5m R95 (50-1000m)
4.3. Wavelength: 905nm (invisible infrared)
4.4. Eye Safety: Safe to naked eye over all distances.
4.5. Class: Class 1 (FDA 21 CFR 1040.10 and IEC60825-1:2001)
— 06 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
5. Computer
5.1. Processor: 520MHz Intel® PXA 270 processor
5.2. RAM: 128MB
5.3. Non-volatile System Memory: 512MB Flash ROM
5.4. Non-volatile Storage Memory: Removable SD card
5.5. Operating System: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
5.6. Communication: USB, Bluetooth and RS232
6. Digital Camera
6.1. Resolution: 5 Mega Pixels (2560 x 1920)
6.2. Zoom: Digital 10x
6.3. Output Image Format: JPEG or Bitmap. 24 bit color
7. Software
Multiple tools for different data capture scenarios for remote image and geospatial data.
7.2. Data stored in image EXIF 2.2 header, and CSV, KML & XML outputs
7.3. Windows Mobile 6.1 OS platform
8. Digital Compass
8.1. Accuracy (Tilt up to ±90º): 1.0º RMS
8.2. Resolution: 0.1º
8.3. Magnetic Declination: Automatic Real-time Compensation
9. Inclinometer
9.1. Fully integrated
9.2. Roll (Swivel Range): +/-90º
9.3. Pitch (Tilt Range): +/-90º
Output Resolution (Precision): 0.1º
— 07 —
IKE 3 Product Specifications
6’ 8”
29’ 4”
21’ 7”
25’ 4”
18’ 6”
20’ 3”
1’ 1”
Customer Support and Services
IKE 3 is developed, manufactured, and distributed by ikeGPS LTD, which means you’ll get the support
and service that a small customer-centric company provides. For questions or assistance, please
contact the support team at +1 844-445-3477 ext 3 or email support@ikegps.com.
Learn More
For more information on IKE, visit www.ikegps.com or call our sales team at +1 303-222-3218.
350 Interlocken Boulevard, Suite 250
Broomfield, CO 80221
+1 303-222-3218
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