Instructions Manual for Control Unit with 2 recall Rev F

Instructions Manual for
Control Unit with Double Save/Recall,
Cross-line and Zoom Display
Product No. OP-009 220
This manual describes how to use Control Unit together with W30x-HD cameras
1. Description
2. Connections and Power-On Sequence
3. Controls and Functions
4. Brightness
5. Focus
6. Iris mode
7. Shutter mode
8. Save and Recall camera adjustments
9. Colour
10. Display mode (Zoom factor and Cross line)
11. Notes
Camera Control Unit is an ergonomically designed user friendly device for direct
control of Optilia High Definition inspection cameras without use of PC.
Camera parameters and functions like Zoom, Colour, Brightness, Focus, Iris and
Exposure time are directly selected by functions buttons and controlled by Joystick. In
addition, the operator can Save and Recall 2 configurations.
Optical Zoom factor and Cross line can be displayed on live image of the W30x-HD
camera microscope.
Connections and Power-On Sequence
Attach circular connector of HD camera to the mating connector on Control Unit.
Attach the Foot Switch to external foot switch input of the Control Unit (Optional)
Connect the Power supply to 12/5 V DC-input of Control Unit.
Switch On the Control Unit.
At Switch On, the Control Unit will load the last saved configuration and start the
12/5VDC Power in
HD camera connection
Foot Switch connection
Controls and Functions
Joystick Left/Right: Selects Zoom, Brightness and Focus functions.
Joystick Up/Down: Increase/Decrease value of the selected function.
Auto B: Switches between auto brightness and manual brightness modes.
When Auto B is activated, brightness of the picture is controlled automatically.
Joystick up/down will change “target” value of the brightness adjustment control.
When Auto B is turned off, the camera goes to manual brightness control. Level
of the image brightness can be adjusted manually by Joystick up/down.
Auto F: Switches between automatic focus and manual focus control modes.
When Auto F is activated, camera will adjust the focus automatically.
When Auto F is turned off, image focus is adjusted manually by Joystick up/down.
Note: Image brightness needs to be set to sufficient level for smooth Auto F function.
Note: Working distance of the camera shall be set right. Camera cannot focus on the
object if working distance is out of the specified range.
Iris mode
Push Iris button shortly to activate Iris mode.
When Iris mode is activated, camera will fix the Gain and Exposure time and
allows user to control Iris (aperture) of the camera. Iris size (open diameter of lens
aperture) is adjusted by Joystick up/down.
When Iris mode is deactivated, camera goes to Brightness control.
Note: Iris adjustment allows the user to control depth of field (dept of focus).
Decreasing Iris size will produce images with larger depth of field.
Note: Image brightness is decreased when Iris is lowered, why more illumination is
Note: Image quality is improved in most cases when Iris size is decrease due to less
7. Shutter mode.
Press and hold Iris mode button for minimum two seconds. Indication LED starts
flashing slowly and Shutter mode is activated.
When Shutter is activated, exposure time of the image sensor is controlled
manually by Joystick up/down. Gain will be fixed to a low value and Iris will remain
unchanged when Shutter mode is activated.
Note: Exposure control is useful for producing good pictures at Iris mode when
illumination level is too high or too low.
Note: Long Exposure time (Joystick up) affects frame rate of the camera negatively.
Note: Selecting Auto B button resets Iris size and Exposure time to factory default
8. Save and Recall camera adjustments R1 (…s) / R2 (…s)
R1 (…s) / R2 (…s): Saves and Recalls camera adjustments.
Press and hold the R button for 5 seconds until green (control) LED starts to flash.
Current adjustments, like zoom position, brightness, iris size, colour and display
mode are recorded in camera.
Press any of the R1 or R2 shortly to recall the recorded configuration any time.
9. Colour
Sets white balance of the camera to 3 different colour temperatures. Press
to toggle between Automatic, Warm and Cold white balance settings. The blue LED lights up
when Colour is set to automatic.
10. Display Mode
Display mode enables W30x-HD camera microscopes to show current Zoom factor
and a black cross line on the live camera image.
Press and hold the … display button until the display mode changes.
Three display modes are supported:
1. Zoom Display:
Press and hold the … display button to enable Zoom display mode.
The zoom factor is displayed on top-right corner of live image and current preset is
displayed on down right-corner. Zoom control (Joystick) will function in stepped mode
when zoom display is enabled.
Push/Pull joystick shortly for 0.1x or smallest possible increment.
Push/Pull and hold joystick for 1x increments.
2. Zoom Display and Cross Line.
Press and hold the … display button to enable this display mode.
A cross line is displayed on the centre of the screen. The zoom factor is displayed on
up-right corner and current preset is displayed on down right corner. The zoom control
functions in stepped mode. In stepped mode joystick for zoom control functions as:
Push/Pull joystick shortly for 0.1x or smallest possible increment.
Push/Pull and hold joystick for 1x increments.
3. Standard.
Press and hold the … display button to disable display mode.
Display is off. Control box will function as standard. The zoom control functions as
Note: At Zoom Display mode, zoom position will function in stepped mode, which will
be slower than the standard mode. It is advised to use this mode to only setup the
zoom levels according to desired inspection specifications and save it as pre-sets. For
quick inspections that doesn’t need precise zoom level or changing the zoom level
constantly during the inspection use Standard Mode.
Note: At display mode, optical zoom position of camera microscope is displayed.
Optical magnification or on screen magnification depends on which camera, monitor
and if additional close-up lenses are used.
Note: When switching from Standard to Zoom Display mode zoom position will be
set to last position in stepped mode.
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Rev F – February 2017
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