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Ambient Noise Monitor
What are the background noise levels in your audiometric
test environment?
The ANM-2 ambient noise monitor displays the levels in real time, in
real numbers, at octave bands as required by OSHA. 125 Hz and 250 Hz
octaves are optional.
When connected to a Microsoft Windows®-based computer via an
available USB port, the ANM-2 becomes a Type 2 Sound Level Meter
with a Class II Octave Band Filter.
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An ambient noise monitor for
industrial hearing conservation
ANM-2 Ambient Noise Monitor
This system allows the operator to plug the
microphone directly into the ANM-2 module
when testing in an office environment or place
the microphone inside a sound booth and patch
it through to the ANM-2 module outside the
booth. Either way, the noise levels in the test
environment are sampled continuously and fed
back to the operator via the computer display.
Features and Benefits
Visual or Audible operator
alerts when thresholds are
Meets ANSI S1.4 Type 2, Type
S (Special Applications) for
Sound Level Meters
Accessible internal relay
triggered when thresholds
are exceeded
Meets ANSI S1.1.11 for
Octave Band Filters
OSHA- or operator-defined
Frequency range: 88 Hz to
11.312 kHz. (Octave bands
from 125 Hz to 8000 kHz).
Results are displayed in a small (approximately 2”
x 3”) display and control panel as shown below.
Levels are updated each second, and thresholds
exceeding predetermined limits are highlighted.
125 and 250 Hz octaves
Calibration adjustments
performed using standard
1000 Hz sound calibrators
Capable of logging noise
level measurements
Measurement range (typical)
at 1000Hz:
Economy class microphone:
28dB to 85dB
Professional class
microphone: 10 dB to 60dB
Consumes very few computer
Calibration levels: 94.0 to
114.0dB at 1000Hz only
Small and unobtrusive
Frequency weighting: Linear
with Octave Band only
Durable microphone and
ANM-2 module
Microphone size: ½ inch,
economy and professional
Very economical
Display resolution: 0.1dB
Powered from USB cable,
batteries not required
Power requirements: USB
Noise level certification printed
out at a click of a button
Auxiliary relay contacts:
Maximum current 2 amps and
30 volts.
The system can also be set to alert the operator
visually or audibly only when limits are exceeded.
This allows the control panel to be minimized,
and hidden from the computer display.
Microphone Options
The ANM-2 is available with either an economy
or professional class microphone. The economy
microphone is adequate for OSHA compliance,
with a noise floor at approximately 30 dB at
500 and 1000 Hz, while the professional class
microphone has a noise floor of approximately
9-12 dB at 500 and 1000 Hz.
The microphones are completely interchangeable,
though a recalibration with a sound calibrator is
required when changing from one microphone
type to another.
Standard Equipment
ANM-2 module
Microphone (Economy or
Professional class)
Microphone desk stand
Mounting bracket
Microphone cable
Patch cable
USB cable
Software disk
Operator manual
Please contact
Monitor Instruments, Inc.
at (800) 853-6785
or (919) 732-5400
or visit
for more information.
ANM-2: Product #90-0401
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