※Product Introduction
User Manual
材质:128g双铜 双面印刷 折页
※Product Overview
※Product Function
Power On / Off
The GameSir-G4s has Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connection modes. It is available for the
Power on: Press HOME button for 2 seconds to start.
Android devices (above version 4.0) and PC. This gamepad can identify all the devices
Power off: Long press HOME button for 5 seconds to power off.
automatically , no need driver installation, button mapping settings or root.
Power LED Indicator
LED 1-4 lights on: Above 75% remaining battery
LED1-3 lights on: 50%-75% remaining battery
LED1-2 lights on: 25%-50% remaining battery
Only LED 1 light on: 10-25% remaining battery
LED light flashes: Less than 10% remaining battery
Charging Tips
※Product Specification
Charge under wired connection state
When connect to the charging cable, LED 1-4 flashes in turn, and all lights keep on when
fully charged.
Model No.: GameSir-G4s
GameSir Gamepad G4
Advanced Edition
Model No.
-20℃ ~ 65℃
20 ~ 80%
Android / PC
Android Standard / GCM /
Xinput / Dinput
Bluetooth / 2.4GHz /
3.7V ~ 5.2V
1A ~ 2A
Within 8m
Gift Box
178 X 128 X 89 mm
Approx. 66mAh
155 X 102 X 65.5 mm
Net Weight
Sleeping Mode
1. The gamepad enters into sleep state after 1-minite disconnection.
2. The gamepad enters into sleep state after 5-minutes in no action.
Adjust/ Turn off the Led lights
Pressing “L2+R2+R3” , and then press “D-Pad Up/Down buttons to adjust the brightness of
the button lights.
Adjust vibration Intensity
Pressing Turbo button, then press D-Pad Up/Down buttons to adjust the vibration intensity.
※Game Controller Connection
Android Platform (Android Smartphone /Android
Connect game controller to Happy Chick emulator to play games
a. Download “Happy Chick” from user manual or http://www.happychick.hk in your
b. Open the Bluetooth in your Smartphone .
c. Open “Happy Chick” emulator and click the controller icon on the right top
d. Wait until two signals appear “Speed connection” and “Common connection”. Choose “
Speed connection”.
e. The game controller will get a vibration when it is connected .
f. Downloading the free games from “Happy Chick “ emulator, G4s can match all the games perfectly.
Bluetooth connection (Android smart phone and Android TV)
a. Open the Bluetooth on Android device.
b. Press “A+Home” button for 2 seconds to start the gamepad.
c. Home indicator light will turns green and flashes.
d. You can find “GameSir-G4s” on Bluetooth matching list of your Android devices
e. “HOME” button will turns green and keeps on.
2.4GHz connection ( mainly for smart TV)
a. Plug the 2.4GHz USB dongle into your Android devices.
PC Platform
※Wired Connection Method
Connection Method (X-Input mode)
Connecting the gamepad according to above instructions, the gamepad enters into the
battery, please use the USB cable to charge the gamepad.
a. Plug the 2.4 Ghz USB dongle into the USB port of your devices.
wireless pairing mode first, and connect with devices by USB dongle. (Android devices
2. When the gamepad was crashed or disconnected, please keep the devices at effective
b. Press “X+HOME” button for 2 seconds to start the gamepad.
should support OTG function if you want to use wired connection)
distance, or reconnect.
c. HOME indicator light will turns blue and flashes.
※TURBO Function Introduction
3. Factory reset settings: There is a small hole at the back of the gamepad, pressing the hole
d. HOEM indicator lights will turns blue and keep on when it is connected.
TURBO is semi-automatic, it can create one or more continuous button press.
a. Enter into the “X-input” mode, and press the button” A+HOME” can change to D-input
Setting Method
b. Pressing the button “X+HOME” to return to X-input mode.
Pressing one or more buttons (excluding D-Pad, joysticks, SELECT, or START buttons), and
1. Avoid strong vibration, do not disassemble, refit or repair on your own.
press “TURBO “button to set TURBO function.
2. Do not keep in humid, high temperature or soot place.
3. Avoid water or other liquid in gamepad, it may affect the performance of the gamepad.
Some of the simulator on PC can not support D-Pad settings. The players can press
Pressing “ ClEAR” button to clear the all the TURBO functions you have set up.
5. Charging voltage is USB 3.7-5.5V DC supply ( normal Android smart phone charging
“L3+Clear” button to switch the D-pad and the left joystick function. It can be reset when
power can be used)
players press these two buttons again.
d. “GameSir-G4s”will be found on the matching list of Bluetooth.
When device Bluetooth is on and gamepad is off
Press HOME button for 2 seconds to start gamepad, the gamepad will reconnect with
Enter into or Exit to Mouse Simulation Mode
devices automatically.
Mouse Simulation mode will enable the gamepad to work as a mouse. The left joystick
When device Bluetooth is off and gamepad is on
simulates mouse move, A button simulates the left mouse button. B button simulates the
4. Keeping away from fire, the built-in battery has danger of explosion.
TURBO is used in shooting games, your fingers would easily get tired if you continuously
press the same button (Shooting button) . With the TURBO, you can continuously shoot by
※Customer Support Center
※Frequently Asked Questions
If you come across any issue with this product, please do not hesitate to contact GameSir’s
Why the gamepad cannot be identified on computer?
1. Make sure your computer USB port is working.
2. USB voltage is not stable because it is short of power supply of the computer .
a. Enter into the mouse mode, when gamepad is connected, press “ SELECT+X” buttons to
When device Bluetooth is off and gamepad is off
3. Try another USB port.
enter into simulated mouse mode, HOME indicator light will turns white and keeps on.
Open the Bluetooth is on devices, press HOME button for 2 seconds to start the gamepad,
b. Exist to mouse mode: Press “SElECT+X” button to exit the simulated mouse mode,
the gamepad will reconnect with device automatically.
Why the gamepad does not work in games?
HOME indicator lights will turns green and keep on.
When device is connected by 2.4GHz USB dongle, and gamepad
is off.
1. The game does not support gamepad.
Open the Bluetooth is on devices, press HOME button for 2 seconds to start the gamepad,
Why the gamepad does not vibrate?
Android Mode only
Pressing the” B+HOME” button for 2 seconds to start the gamepad. The difference of this
the gamepad will reconnect with device automatically.
start between the “A+HOME” button is that the HOME indicator light will turn white and
Notes: If you want to connect gamepad with other devices, please match it first.
keeps on without mouse mode function.
6. Children should be under adult’s supervision to use this product.
holding the shooting button.
Open the Bluetooth on devices, the gamepad will reconnect with devices.
right mouse button.
※Auto Reconnection
e. “HOME” button will keeps on.
by using a needle to reset the factory settings.
Switch D-Pad and left joystick
c. HOME indicators will turns green and flashes.
b. Pressing “A+Home “ button to turn on your gamepad.
1. When the gamepad can not be turned on, it maybe because the gamepad is out of
D-Input mode switch
mode (HOME indicators will keep on green)
customer service by email: cs@gamesir.hk, or visiting our official Facebook Page:
We will try our best to solve your problem within 24 hours.
4. Need to install X360 gamepad software for systems below WinXP (including XP) .
2. Setting the gamepad mode for the game before playing.
1. The game does not support vibration itself.
If you want to get more information ,
please visit our website.
2. Vibration function is not started in game settings.
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