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TEMEDA Gate Quick Start Guide
Normal LED Operation
During Normal Operation the MC-3 will indicate its status with the LEDs. The meaning of the LEDs during
normal operation is as follows.
Red LED – Indicates the device is operating.
Off: Device is in sleep mode
On: MC-3 is powered on and operating
Yellow LED – Indicates GPS Status.
Off: GPS is Off
1 Hz Blink: GPS On and Acquiring Satellites
Solid: GPS Fix Acquired
Green LED – Indicates Cellular Modem Status
Off: Modem is off
1 Hz Blink: Modem is on and attempting cellular connection
Solid: Modem Connected (Cellular Connection Active)
The purpose of the Quick Start Guide is to provide guidelines for installation of the MC-3. Please note
that every installation will vary based on the installation methodology (covert or non-covert) and the
type of vehicle. In every installation there should be 3 major steps.
Installation Material Check
Investigating the Installation Environment
Installation of the MC-3
Installation Material Check
Please take a moment to verify that the MC-3 came with all of the materials listed below.
Gate MC-3 Unit
Gate Harness
Alcohol Wipes
Velcro Tape Strips (2)
VHB Double Faced Adhesive (2)
Cable Mounts (2)
Screws (2)
Zip Ties (2)
Congratulations your device is now installed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your
sales representative
TEMEDA MC Device Installation Entry Form
MC Device Serial Number
Company/Account Name
Vehicle Name/Number
Asset Year
Install Location of Device
Case # (If Available)
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Investigating the Installation Environment
The routing of the harness and the resting place of the MC-3 are of highest importance. There are 2
major things to consider while investigating the installation environment.
Determine the location of your assets diagnostic port. (see image below)
Installation Location/Orientation: Firmly Fixed with No Metal Above and either Vertical with
the LEDs pointed to the sky or Horizontal with the word “Morey” pointed to the sky.
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Locate the diagnostic port on your vehicle
The diagnostic port is located in the vehicle’s cabin within 2’(24”) of the steering column. In most cars
this is the driver’s foot well or just below the steering wheel.
Installing the MC-3
During installation, the MC-3 must be able to get a GPS fix, and acquire a cell signal. The optimal
environment requires a Clear View to the Sky.
Insert the MC-3 connector into the MC-3
Use the yellow tamper evident zip ties to secure the harness to the MC-3.
Note: The slits in the harness and MC-3 are designed for zip ties (see top image on page 3).
Route the harness from the MC-3 to the diagnostic port. Do not plug it in.
Note: Ensure the harness does not impair the drivability of the vehicle and avoid any
sharp bends or kinks in the harness.
Turn on the asset
Note: The asset must be powered on (ignition on) for the MC-3 to be installed properly
Insert the diagnostic connector into the OBDII port in the vehicle
Note: The asset must be powered on (ignition on) prior to this step. If this is not done
disconnect the harness from the vehicle, wait two minutes, and then return to step #4.
The MC-3 will now go through a
power on self-test. The test has 4
phases during which the status will
be indicated by the 4 LEDs. Please
note that each stage can take
multiple minutes and, in total, this
step can take up to 12 minutes.
The stages are as follows.
On power up, the Red
LED will turn solid to
indicate the MC-3 has power. If this does not occur, call your sales representative
b. Once powered on the Yellow LED will begin to blink slowly (1 Hz). This indicates
the MC-3 is searching for GPS. If the Yellow LED turns solid, GPS fix has been
acquired. If the Yellow LED blinks fast (5 Hz), the MC-3 failed to get a GPS fix.
On Completion of the GPS test, the Green LED will begin to blink slowly (1 Hz).
This indicates the MC-3 is searching for Cellular Connectivity. If the Green LED
turns solid, a cellular connection is established. If the Green LED blinks fast (5 Hz),
the MC-3 failed to get a cellular fix.
d. On Completion of the cellular test the Blue LED will begin to blink slowly (1 Hz).
This indicates the MC-3 is searching for Vehicle Bus Connectivity. If the Blue LED
turns solid, a Vehicle Bus Connection is established. If the Blue LED blinks fast (5
Hz), the MC-3 failed to connect to the Vehicle Bus. If this happens, please unplug
and re-plug the MC-3 and make sure that the vehicle is turned on.
Note: If the ignition is on and the vehicle bus scan fails, do not install the
MC-3 with a diagnostic harness; instead use a 3-wire harness.
Secure the MC-3 with the
materials provided. For proper
operation the MC-3 must be Firmly
Fixed with No Metal above the
device. The VHB (red tape) is
recommended for permanent
installations and the 3M Velcro
tape is recommended for semipermanent installations
Note: If using adhesive, make sure
the surface is clean, flat and above
50° F
Use the black zip ties to secure
excess harness length. Do not let
the harness impair the driver.
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