Ford Crown Vic Display Bracket Installation

Parts included with Bracket:
 WGP01459-003 – Bracket, 4RE, Display/Mic, Ford Crown Vic, 2005(b)+
Screw Kit (WG01459-HDW):
(2) – #8 x 1 and ¼ Black Phillips Self Drilling Screws (WGP01552-002)
1 and 1/4”
Self drilling
RAM mount assembly (WGA00420-KIT):
(1) RAM mount bracket, display 4RE (WGP01283)
(1) RAM mount, arm, Double socket 2” Coupler (WGP547)
(2) RAM ball, 1” Ball, 2 point mounting plate (WGP545)
(2) – 10x32 3/8” Allen (5/32”) Machine Screws (WGP01781-001)
(2) – 10X32 1/2” (WGP01451-004)
(4) - Buttonhead #4 - 40x.250”(WGP504-404)
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RAM mount Bracket Buttonhead #4 ‐ 40x.250” RAM ball, 1”
10X32 1/2” Allen 5/32”
RAM mount, Coupler
Washer Head #8 x 5/8 Parts needed from 4RE system (in separate box):
 Touch Display Screen
 HDMI cable
Tools Required:
 Torx 20 screwdriver
 5/32” Allen Wrench
 Philips screw driver
 1/16” x 50 wrench
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Before installing the bracket in the vehicle, ensure there are no missing or damaged parts from
the box. If there are any missing or damaged parts, please contact:
Customer Service at 866-384-8567
*Note: For more detailed instructions on installing the complete 4RE system, please refer the
4RE Vehicle Installation Instructions.
Before attaching the bracket, route the mini HDMI (HDMI to mini HDMI) connector between the
driver and passenger visor post. The HDMI cable is typically routed through the headliner
down the passenger A Pillar.
After the cable is routed (HDMI mini to the headliner and HDMI to the 4RE) use the Torx 20 or
Philips screw driver to remove the visor post screw on both the driver and passenger side. The
visor clip will then detach from the headliner.
Place the visor clips in the bracket cutouts with the notched visor post cutout in the bracket to
the driver’s visor post. Install the Bracket and visor posts using the removed screws.
For added support install self-drilling screws, into predrilled holes located on each side of the
visor bracket cutout.
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Install the RAM ball bracket using the (2) – 10x3/8” Allen (5/32”) machine screws. Be sure to route the mini HDMI cable past the edge of the bracket with enough room for the
display to rotate. Typically 5”–6” is sufficient.
Attach the RAM coupler to the RAM ball on the Bracket.
After the Bracket and RAM coupler is in place, connect the mini HDMI cable to the back of the
display unit.
1. Remove the buttonhead screw and cover with 1/16th Allen wrench.
2. Attach the mini HDMI cable
3. Replace the cover on the Display unit.
4. Attach RAM mount bracket using (4) Buttonhead #4 - 40x.250”.
5. Attach RAM ball bracket to RAM mount bracket using (2) - 10X32 1/2” screws.
6. Attach the Display to the RAM coupler, orient to suit and tighten the coupler to hold.
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