Lok-IT Secure Flash Drive

Lok-IT Secure Flash Drive
LOK-IT is simply the most secure & convenient USB flash
drive ever developed.
Key Features
Key Benefits
Authentication (via PINpad)
Impervious to hackers, keyboard loggers and brute force attacks
Immune to Keylogging
Not recognisable to the computer until the PIN has been entered
Use with Any Operating
system (inc. Thin Client)
or USB Enabled Device
Easy to use and is ‘truly platform independent’ as it never requires any software
installation. It works on and across any and all operating systems (all Windows
versions, MAC, LINUX and CITRIX) or other embedded systems that utilise the
USB standard such as printers, scanners, projectors, and medical devices.
On-the-fly Full Disk 256
bit AES Hardware
Use of “on-the-fly” full-disk 256-bit AES hardware encryption not only makes data
more secure but processing is remarkably fast
7 to 15 Digit PIN Length
The LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive™. USB encryption and authentication are handled
on the drive itself, so there is no software involved - no driver updates, no
software updates, no admin privileges necessary, and no worries about whether
you may or may not be able to open stored files on any operating system.
Data & Encryption Key
Wiped after 10 Incorrect
PIN attempts &
Reformat Enforced.
Hardened Anodized
Aluminium Casing, Filled
Epoxy Potting.
Waterproof to IP57
Vendor and Product ID
for use with End Point
Access utilises Hardware Authentication restricted by PIN code on the device (as
opposed to often confusing, vulnerable and inflexible software authentication)
Automatically locks when removed from the computer
Due to LOK-IT hardware authentication that requires no computer connection,
LOK-IT is the first encrypted flash drive with enterprise level security that will
allow a user to boot directly from the flash drive. A USB boot drive can come in
very handy and now users can feel confident that the data on their USB boot
drive is completely secure.
LOK-IT is completely operating system independent, so works perfectly with
Windows, Mac OSX, and with all flavors of Linux. A flash drive running a Linux
operating system, can provide a communication channel that is safe from a
possibly compromised computer. As such, LOK-IT can now provide the missing
layer of security, as booting directly from the flash drive can be desirable along
with hardware encryption of the operating system and data for ultimate USB
How does it work?
By requiring a PIN code entry on the device before access to the drive is granted using
DataLock™ PIN Protection*. The drive is invisible to the computer when it is locked
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