Intellimix, the desktop mixer everybody will love

Use it. Love it.
Desktop mixing reinvented
Intellimix, the desktop mixer
everybody will love
Experience a whole new perspective of intelligent
audio mixing. We designed this unique masterpiece
to simplify your daily work and stimulate your
creativity. Be it media, audio production or video,
you will discover amazing features.
From the way it works to the way it looks, Intellimix
is something that values your job. Fitted with our all
new G-Touch© faders and built into an
awesome aluminum body, it offers uncompromising
Enjoy how intuitively you can control a wide
selection of groundbreaking features with the ease of
using a smartphone.
Never miss what matters
When you think of a fader
you wouldn‘t necessarily
dream of a touch screen.
That‘s why we invented
G-Touch©, our
transformation of a
mechanical fader. Let your
fingers slide through a
molded groove and
experience exceptional
precision and smoothness.
Be amazed about all the
smart options we added.
For On/Off functions with
the need for tactile
feedback we get you sealed
push buttons and a robust
rotary control. No worry
about spilled liquids or dust.
One more essential benefit of
Intellimix is its beautifully
designed touch screen. The
widescreen display offers
immediate access to all
properties. Get your settings
and selections done more
intuitively than with any
other GUI. Learn reliably
from the corner of your eyes
how each channel works.
Express your personal style!
Choose your color scheme
and select your preferred
types of indicators.
Multi-standard connectivity
Intellimix is more than a good looking desktop mixer. It is a multi-standard
gateway to the various sources and destinations of your individual infrastructure.
Get in line with any common multichannel platform.
Audio over IP on board
Intellimix has the next generation of audio
connectivity already on board: with its built in
Dante 4x4 technolgy your are plug‘n‘play ready
to interface with the world‘s most popular AoIP
platform. Ready. Set. Done.
An internal extension slot will allow to integrate
with other AoIP standards in the future.
PUC goes multichannel
You will love another powerful feature for the
seamless integration of Intellimix: we developed
a 16-channel version of our rewarded USB audio
interface. Use it to connect with your PC
workstation and have your playout or production
system all set.
APC for video and more
Intellimix will also be a perfect mate when
you need to work on audio for video. The APC
interfaces allow for multiple extensions like SDI
Line in 3
Line out 3
Multi I/O 2
Mic 2
Line in 1
Line in 2
Line out 1
Line out 2
Line in 4
Line out 4
Multi I/O 1
TechSpecs to let you smile!
Control Unit
Light Hi-Res Color TFT Transreflective Widescreen with 250Cd/m2
5-finger touch sensor, gesture ready
4 x G-Touch©120mm faders with multifunction position indicators
12 x illuminated sealed hard keys
Solid aluminum desktop cabinet with SD-Card reader
Base Unit 19“
Mic/Line Inputs
Line Inputs analog
Line Inputs analog
Line Inputs digital
Line Outputs analog
Line Outputs analog
Line Output digital
APC Extension-Ports
Internal Extension Slot
SFP Cage
2 - XLR, balanced, with selectable sensitivity -77 dBu ... +18 dBu
2 - XLR, balanced, max. +24 dBu
2 - RCA, unbalanced, max. +18 dBu
3 - AES3/EBU with Sample Rate Converters
1 - TOS Link, selectable ADAT 8-channel input or S/PDIF stereo input
1 - multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo inputs with SRC
1 - RJ45 4 mono inputs
4 - XLR, balanced, max. 24 dBu
2 - RCA, unbalanced, max. 24 dBu
2 - 1/4“ jack Stereo
3 - AES3/EBU with Sample Rate Converters
1 - TOS Link, selectable ADAT 8-channel output or S/PDIF stereo output
1 - multichannel PUC 16 mono/8 stereo outputs
1 - RJ45 4 mono outputs
2 - GPI on optpcoupler + 4 - GPO from PhotoMOS relay
4 - RJ45 Powered Ethernet for Audio, Power, Control
1- for other AoIP standards
2 - for MADI
* channelcount in mono
AES3 in 1
AES3 out 1
PC 4
A shortcut to the things
you need most: our
multitouch widescreen
When you want to do things fast and safe
you need a clear, tidy and logic
interface. Any settings of Intellimix will
be intuitively made on its bright
multitouch display. Most importantly, we
let you decide what you need most. Setup
your home screen with your favorite
functions and get your work done faster
than ever. Immediate actions need a
simple and uncluttered display. Get
intrigued by the clarity of the Intellimix
widescreen touch display.
smartphone easiness
The moving spirit behind the
redesign of an all new interface was
a simple perception: professional
devices in general tend to be
complicated. With our interface you
will experience a paradigm shift.
Follow your intuition
A rotary control is one of the most useful devices
for setting audio parameters. Because we love to stay
with skilled patterns, we designed a perfect
transformation of a rotary onto screen. Whenever
you point to a control a magnified circled bar will pop
up. Slide your finger over the round bar and enjoy
exactly what you would expect. All relevant
information will be displayed, too.
Get a feeling for the
world‘s most advanced
fader - explore G-Touch©
Mixing equates with faders. For good reasons mixing
consoles have been using mechanical faders for many years.
But they all have been handicapped in one or the other
way. They have suffered from wearout and they have been
accident-sensitive against dust and liquid spills. They need
motors for automation and a lot of room for installation.
We found that we needed a change.
G-Touch© is a revolutionary transformation. Enjoy its smoothness and precision when
you slide your finger through a guided mold. Watch your fader‘s position on the LED
bargraph. You will not miss out anything you liked about your mechanical fader.
But there is more!
With G-Touch© you have a choice of various fader modes. In Snap-Mode you do not need
to touch the actual position but take over control by sliding over the position. In OffsetMode you can move your fader by touch and move it anywhere inside the groove!
No need to watch , just do it.
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