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Hayes Accura ISDN PCI
Terminal Adaptor
ISDN Terminal Adaptor for Windows®
95, 98, 2000, ME & NT4.0
PCI ISDN Terminal Adaptor
works with Basic Rate
S/T Interface
The Hayes Accura ISDN PCI Terminal
Channel Bonding for speeds
Adaptor connects to the world's most
up to 128 Kbps
popular ISDN interface, the 'Basic
Rate S/T Interface' which provides two
Plug and Play for easy
64 Kbps B channels and one D
signalling channel.
14,400 bps fax
By using the ML-PPP standard, the two B channels can be bonded together
CAPI 2.0 compatible (works
to give 128 Kbps throughput uncompressed, more than double the speed of
with popular ISDN software)
a 56K modem.
Flash memory for easy
Because the ISDN line provides two B channels, multitasking is possible, for
firmware updates
example, a fax can be sent on one channel while the computer user can
browse the Web on the other channel.
Voice mail supported
Call Bumping and Bandwidth on Demand features are also supported.
(requires sound card)
The Terminal Adaptor supports both the CAPI 2.0 and NDIS WAN miniport
drivers to provide a high level of application software compatibility. All the
popular ISDN protocols are supported, including Eurofile transfer.
Technical Specifications
Data Speeds
Channel bonding for speeds up to
128 Kbps
Fax Speeds
14,400 Kbps, Group 3, Class 1
Standards Supported
Point-to-Point Multilink Protocol
(MLP) with 128 Kbps
Channel Bonding
V.110 and V.120 Rate Adaptation
A Division of Zoom Telephonics, Inc.
Async to Sync PPP Conversion
V.42 bis Data compression over ISDN
Standards Supported (cont.)
HDLC transparent, X.75, T.70NL,
Eurofile transfer on B channels
Automatic Protocol Sensing (V.110,
V.120, X.75, PPP, MLP)
Operating System Support
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4.0
and 2000
Regulatory Approvals
CE Approved
Hayes Accura ISDN PCI
Terminal Adaptor
Product Package Contains
Hayes Accura PCI ISDN
Terminal Adaptor
2 Metre RJ-45 ISDN Telephone cable
CD-Rom with Software and Drivers
User's Guide
System Requirements
Standard ISDN Basic Rate phoneline
with S/T Interface
486, Pentium or faster PC
Windows 95, 98, 2000 ME or NT4.0
Hard drive with 2MB disk space
Available PCI slot
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