FOBA M1000

FOBA M1000
Compact laser workstation for
marking components and batches
The compact manual laser workstation FOBA M1000 has been designed for
use with our high-quality laser markers for small to medium sized parts, work
pieces and batches. It is ideally suited for manufacturers with low volume
requirements or where space constraints demand an efficient solution. The
workstation can also be cart mounted for mobility throughout a user's facility.
The compact M1000 can be employed in a variety of industrial applications
and whether it is metal, plastic or other laser markable materials. The workstation is perfectly suited for the automobile, tool and metal industries but
also for engineering or medical technology applications.
The desktop workstation is operated in laser safety class 1 and comes with
a programmable Z-axis, a small work table and a smoothly opening lift door.
When open, the interior space is accessible from three sides. In order to cover
the broadest possible spectrum of applications, various fiber laser markers
are available for integration. As a standard, the M1000 is supplied with an
integrated lighting, a large window and an exhaust nozzle.
Your product benefits
→ Design: small and compact desktop workstation with
programmable Z-axis for a flexible and mobile use
→ Ergonomics: wide and easily opening door for a comfortable loading/ unloading, perfectly visible and accessible
→ Productivity: small footprint, optimal accessibility,
air-cooled laser systems, comfortable handling
→ Flexibility in operation, manual laser adjustment to the
left, right, front and rear for the processing of larger
→ Safety: workstation complies with European safety
requirements (performance level d)
Day/night design switch:
demanding lacquer removal
Screws: annealing/black
marking on metal
FOBA M1000 Laser marking workstation
Ergonomic manual workstation
For comfortable working and portable use
FOBA's M1000 is a compact workstation for benchtop or cart mounted operation at the user's
discretion. With a minimal footprint and generous working area, the user-friendly M1000 can
be easily integrated in various environments for low- to medium-volume production requirements. With the built-in programmable focus and tooling plate, job setups are easy and
highly repeatable.
Pulsed fiber marking laser for integration
Highly efficient:
FOBA's smallest marking machine
The minimal footprint and optimal accessibility ensure high efficiency in a
small space. FOBA's compact M1000 workstation makes maximum use of the
available space and almost fatigue-proof loading and unloading with a wide
easy operating door for interior access.
Near maintenance-free air-cooled laser marking systems are available for
integration with the M1000. These laser systems apply high-quality laser marks
both efficiently, reliably, and repeatably even in low-volume operations.
1,210 mm with open door
M1000 with lift door closed and
completely open
→ Easy visibility: Thanks to the wide upward opening lift door
and integrated lighting the complete workspace of the
M1000 is easily visible. Additionally, the large laser safety
window allows the operator to maintain the overview even
during the marking process.
→ Easy operation: Major control elements and status displays
are integrated in the membrane keyboard of the connected
supply unit.
Height: 780 mm with door closed
→ Comfortable sitting or standing: The M1000 fulfills both
requirements and is perfectly designed for both seated and
standing working. Parts no longer have to be lifted as both
loading and unloading take place almost at tabletop level.
→ Easy to open and close: The smoothly opening and closing
lift door ensures comfortable working – particularly when
the workstation is fully utilized to capacity due to the processing of batches.
→ Easy to load and unload: Once the lift door is completely
open, the parts that have to be processed can be loaded or
unloaded comfortably. The workspace is well accessible
from the front and the sides.
Supply unit
Optimal accessibility pays off
during daily use: The inside of
the workstation has excellent
visibility. Thanks to the large
doorway the M1000 can be
easily accessed from three sides.
To-be-processed parts and components are as quickly placed
as they are removed.
FOBA M1000
Technical Data
260 mm
Table-top laser workstation with
programmable Z-axis
Front view
600 mm
Available laser systems
Fiber laser markers
Y.0100-fc, Y.0200-fc, Y.0300-fc, Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300
Side view
780 mm
450 x 250 mm
Up to 25 kg
450 x 250 x 200 mm (W x D x H)
Manual opening, max. doorway 430 mm
→Laser marking software FOBA MarkUS (on sepa rate, external, optional Win 7 PC or Win XP PC)
→ Ethernet interface
→ Operation via a laptop/ all-in-one PC/ remote PC
Programmable Z-axis
→ Travel 298 mm
→ Travel speed up to 20 mm/s
Dimensions 600 x 702 x 780 (1,210)* mm (W x D x H)
0.45 m2
→ Housing** approx. 55 kg
→ Marking unit (laser) approx. 5 kg
→ Supply unit approx. 20 kg
Safety class
Laser class 1 (according to DIN EN 60825-1)
IP rating
→ Housing IP43
→ Supply unit IP21
702 mm
757 mm
531.75 mm
→Exhaust systems
→Rotation axis
Supply unit
Options and accessories
575 mm
→Laser workstation M1000 with
integrated Z-axis
→Configurable laser system
→Laser marking software MarkUS
436.5 mm
Scope of delivery Top view
Depends on workspace and utilized laser system
Electrical requirementsL/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Depends on integrated laser system,
fiber lasers listed above: 400 VA
5 – 35 °C
10 – 90 %, non-condensing
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Gem./According to
DIN EN 60825-1:2008-05
* Height with door completely open ** Without laser and external components
Max. load
Max. work piece size Lift door
User interfaces
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