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The subwoofer as it is known today has been a rather disconcerting
product for the high-end audio community. The very word conjures rather
unpleasant thoughts of out of place boom that we audiophiles put up
with in our video system. Well the controversy over what a subwoofer
should do is over. Size is important so we are starting this series
small in dimensions but wonderful as low frequency support for any
audio-video system.
The new Emperor DPM 8 represents an audio technological tour de force
for bass reproduction. It is a small .84 cu ft internal volume cube
subwoofer that efficiently produces bass frequencies from below 20Hz to
above 200Hz.
The driver used is low mass aluminum operating in a
balanced pressure environment with 5mm maximum required travel. It
typically requires less than 10 w for the DPM-8 to support full range
material operating at 90db room SPL.
While the EMP-8 may look somewhat familiar it is based on totally new
subwoofer design principles. DPM (Direct Port Modulation) is the first
departure from introducing the driver diaphragm energy directly into
the enclosure volume. The DPM-8 puts the ports ahead of the box to not
only eliminate boxy sound but also allow all bass frequencies to be
output with equal efficiency and low distortion.
An internal manifold maintains the port first in the pressure sequence
then allows the box to do its magic. An internal acoustic transmission
line maintains the standing waves at the port throat. It is an acoustic
engine, which incorporates clever turbo bass extension and capable of
launching broadband output as stable standing waves. There is no static
frequency dominating the enclosures internal pressure. The ports launch
critically damped standing waves with the drivers’ motion minimal
throughout its bandwidth. The room is ignored as a source of signal
modulation as the Acoustic Intake Regulator (AIR) isolates the driver.
This serves to both isolate the room while dynamically adjusting the
drivers' acoustic impedance to comply with its ambient environment.
The DPM-8 doesn't unload quickly in the infrasonic range and will load
the room in this range when information is present making ambience an
important contributor to realism when its there. (request graphs)
There are a few secrets here as well as patented generic acoustic
processes that are now available in the Emperor DPM-8. The Emperor
series of audiophile subwoofer promises to bring joy when you turn your
system on and play your music or settle for something on the videophile
side of your system. The DPM-8 really shows its capability reproducing
effects naturally without boom (unless its in the source) at levels you
will love.
Patents issued and pending
*(DP8-P amplified version also available see info below)
Specifications: DPM-8
Alignment– Direct Port Modulation/w AIR (Driver- Aluminum 8" low mass)
Frequency response- 20/200 Hz (-9db/oct below 25Hz)
Impedance- 8 ohms nominal
Power Handling-250W program
Maximum SPL - 115db@36Hz (typical 90db room levels <10w required)
Sensitivity-87db @1w (35-200Hz) [25-200Hz with room gain]
Connection- Gold Plated 5-way binding posts- .75” spacing.
Dimensions-12.5”d x 12.5”w x 13.75”h)
Included required spikes adds 1.75” to height
Weight- 25lbs (shipping wt-30lbs)
DPM-8 (top view)
(mic @ port without room gain)
(with room gain)
Direct Port Modulation (DPM) allows for efficient reproduction of bass
frequencies. The graphs above illustrate the ability of the DPM-8P to
reproduce very low frequencies (13Hz to 49Hz with harmonic detail) with
little power input. The graphs above are shown with 1-watt power input
into the subwoofer and the microphone on the opposite side of the room.
There is no equalization or electronic DSP required. Typically all
subwoofers are quoted with high power requirements typical for a low
sensitivity motor system. With very low driver mass and DPM in control
the Emperor tracks bass detail with low distortion.
Amplifier Power Output- 250W class D into 8 ohm internal load (low heat dissipation)
THD - <1%
S/N Ratio @ rated Power >90db
Input Sensitivity (full power) 3V/50Hz @ High Level
Input Sensitivity (full power) 210mv @ Low Level
Variable Low Pass Frequency – 40Hz – 200Hz
Maximum Acoustic Output Level (typical 1m) 115db@32Hz
Variable Phase Control – 0—180 degrees
Operating Voltage – (1) 115Vac +/- 10% 5A max (2) 230Vac +/- 10% 2.5A max
LED operation indication- Red (standby) Green (operating)
Finish- Textured Black
Dimensions- 15”L x 12.5”W x 12.5”H (shipping dimensions 20” x 18” x 18”) DB
Weight-30lbs (shipping wt 35lbs)
DPM-8 $1350.00 (DPM-8P $1750.00)
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