VUgarde Specifications

Product Specification
VUgarde2 offers Unique, Advanced and Industry Standard Surveillance
VUgarde2 is a highly stable software platform, easy on any network and very easy to deploy with the
advanced Auto Detection feature for IP cameras. VUgarde2 also provides extreme flexibility as it can
manage unlimited servers, sites, and cameras remotely, quickly and efficiently. VUgarde2 is an open
architecture Video Management Software (VMS) for Windows. VUgarde2 accepts MJPG, MPEG-4 and
H.264 as well as Full HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, encoders and
capture boards. This along with VUgarde2 client-server architecture allows you to build hybrid scalable
solutions from a single NVR/DVR to multiple servers handling thousands of cameras.
VUgarde2 accepts video streams from Network (IP) cameras from 90+ manufacturers including all
major manufacturers such as Axis, Arecont Vision, Pixord, SONY, JVC, Panasonic, IQinVision, Toshiba,
Zavio, Acti, Vivotek (more than 1800 models supported) VUgarde2 also works with several DVR cards,
like H.264 (up to 960fps and 32 channels at D1 resolution) boards from UDP and other manufactures.
Moreover VUgarde2 is considered to be a hybrid system, since a DVR card with analogue cameras, IP
cameras and IP mega pixel cameras could be combined together on a single server.
Unique features:
Surveillance from anywhere – Multiple client options are supported, including Vugarde2 client, Web
client, VUgarde2 VMS Mobile client app for IOS, and Android. Web client "Anywhere Server" including
IE, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, iOS, Android, etc. VUgarde2 Anywhere re-samples and recompresses
original video streams for the best performance, quality and bandwidth utilization.
Fully-featured Client application – All functions, without exception, may be controlled both locally
and remotely (only one user interface). Anyone operating the client application can connect to the
server, access live and recorded video, change settings, etc. in accordance with granted user rights. It
enables quick navigation between cameras from any server.
Server can run as a Windows Service – (no need to login). This feature allows the running VUgarde2
server to go virtually unnoticed. Also the server can run without logging in, so the security of the server
is not compromised. Server can run as a stand-alone server using Windows Exclusivity.
EDGE VCA (Video Analytic with DATA MINING Filters)
• DATA MINING for post event analysis and data management.
• Sensitive tracking with a low false alarm rate.
• VCA adapts automatically to varying lighting and weather conditions.
• Simple detection zone set-up.
• Fire and Smoke – WARNING - The smoke and fire video analytic s does not comply with any
detection standards and should not be used as a safety device. It should be installed in
addition to certified safety devices and used only to supply additional information.
• VCA enabled encoder/camera can be used as a stand-alone intruder sensor or digital output
contact can be set to react to specific triggers.
• Analytic s stabilization allows software to work effectively on swaying cameras.
Rapid 'learning time' of just a few seconds. Can be used with PTZ cameras - detection is
suppressed during camera movement
Unique features - PTZ auto tracking, fog and smoke reduction, image stabilization and camera
VCA has NO single point of failure, because the Analytic s is integrated on the Edge HW; Video
server or into the Camera.
VCA is very easy and simple to configure even for installers with limited experience.
VCA fits many market segments without modifications.
OPEN VCA (Video Analytic s with DATA MINING Filters) No extra hardware required.
Software video analytic s. Includes data mining. VCA Advance includes:
• Counting lines
• Camera Tamper Detection
• Camera Shake Cancellation
• Surveillance tracker
• Presence filter
• Appear Disappear Filters
• Abandoned Object Detection
• Removed Object -Detection
• Class and speed filters + calibration
• Direction & dwell filters
• Tail-gating filter
• On-screen counters
• Object Meta data
• VUgarde2 VMS data mining.
Counting (open VCA), No extra hardware required - Counting (people, car, and object counting) With
VCA counting highly accurate information on the number of people who enter their premises to use
their facilities. It can apply to several applications such as, airports, bus and train stations, bars and
clubs, car parks, retail stores and shopping malls, museums and tourist attractions, sports and leisure
facilities, and more.
Live View VCA Metadata – Live Viewing of Metadata Filters, Such as: Classification for People and
Vehicles and much more.
Event and Action Management Wizard – Send E-mail and SMS Text notifications. Client application
audio notifications by alarm events. Create Events such as: Video Lost, Video Restored, Motion Events,
VCA Events and Digital Input. Create Actions such as: PTZ preset, Digital Output, Write to
application/event log, Activate Layout, Popup video, Email/SMS Notification and Run program.
Client can be connected – To multiple servers simultaneously. A client application user, if granted
sufficient privileges, can connect to an unlimited number of servers to view live or recorded video as
well as perform other operations.
Supports unlimited number of cameras – (hardware limitations may apply, cameras licences added
in packs of 16). The PRO edition imposes no limitations on how many cameras can be connected to a
server. Although there will be hardware performance cap (mostly CPU productivity and network
bandwidth) you may still connect to several hundred cameras. However, in time these limitations will
decrease as hardware efficiency grows.
Efficient CPU usage – If used in connection with Network (IP) cameras, Network Video Servers or
DirectShow devices, the server will not use the power of the CPU to digitalize video and audio; this
means that the CPU usage will be low enough to avoid interference with other software applications
enabling the user to use the server for various applications in conjunction with video monitoring. (This
configuration is not recommended. Please refer to TDSi for any specific requirements).
Full featured local and remote playback – With search on motion and areas of motion you can now
find momentary clips of video without searching for hours. If an object is missing just highlight the
area and hit go. VUgarde2 can take you to all of the video clips that had motion in that area until you
are satisfied.
Archive Investigation - Multi-camera Playback and Advanced Functionality:
 Timeline
 Multi Layout Video Export without extra codec needed
 Motion regions settings
 Quick Snapshots over Timeline
Multi-Language Support – English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish,
Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Korean
and Japanese localizations.
Audio Support - Supports: Two way Audio from IP cameras and encoders. One way Audio is supported
from the H.264 frame grabber HC7008, HC7016, HC7032 and from devices that expose themselves as
(compatible) MS DirectShow devices, this includes USB audio devices.
Multicast support – (from server to multiple clients)
Authentication for Windows Domain – via Microsoft Active Directory for Enterprise Edition
Bandwidth Control (VIDEO TRANSFER Properties): Our advance built-in module in all VUgarde2
editions allows you to, enable time laps broadcast, Motion control video Transfer, Bandwidth
controlled Broadcast, And Video re-compression for optimum video frame rate according to available
Supported compressions: H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, JPEG.
Client configuration – (screen layout, connection to servers, etc.) is a registered file type, so it is
possible to store different configurations on one computer, email them or export them as a database
and open them on any computer with the client (configure one client with all your connections and
import database to unlimited computers).
Support for the standard Direct Show devices – The list of these devices includes everything from
very basic USB cameras to camcorders to advanced multichannel video capture boards. These devices
can be used alone or together with supported hardware and/ or IP cameras.
Screen may be configured for HDTV or wide-screen monitor (WXGA).
Supports all major brands of IP (Network) security cameras – Network (IP) cameras by multiple
manufacturers are supported; the list of supported IP cameras is growing rapidly and an addition of a
not yet supported camera may be expedited upon request.
IP Camera Configuration – All IP cameras on the LAN may be configured via Auto Search Wizard. Using
the Wizard a user is able to find all Network IP cameras available within the network. A user can
configure them and connect them in no time and with little effort.
Full range of editions – For all needs and budgets.
Global configuration – All cameras, IP and Analogue can be configured globally all at once for
Recording, Motion, Video motion information, Time Lapse, Motion control, Event, and Storage Quote.
Camera status report: VUgarde2 VMS offers an application which will interrogate and report the
status of configured camera, including snapshot.
VUgarde2 Anywhere - is a part of VUgarde2 VMS suite. Its purpose is to make video streams received
by VMS server available through web interface to various web-browsing platforms, such as: Internet
Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome as well as for iPhone, Android, etc. VUgarde2 Anywhere will
optionally resample and recompress video streams for web or mobile clients depending on connection
speed and viewing capabilities for the best performance, quality and bandwidth utilisation.
Licensing for the VUgarde2 software is bound to the Hardware of your computer, like motherboard
and Ethernet controller. Cameras are licenced in bundles of 16 channels. Client licenses are based on
the number of concurrent connections.
Advanced Surveillance Features:
User-friendly wizards – Make VUgarde2 easy to use and configure. All commonly used operations,
such as adding access to a new Server from the Client application, searching for Network IP cameras
within a LAN, User management, etc. can all be performed via the VUgarde2 intuitive wizards. This
helps make very advanced features accessible to the average computer user.
Enterprise Scalability and Monitoring (ESM) – All functions such as: Screen Mapping, Layout
Sequencing, Alert Notifications, PTZ Control, Camera Configurations and more without exception may
be accessed and administered both locally and remotely allowing management and administration for
an unlimited number of servers around the world. Flexible Event/Action configurator that enables you
to manage events and notifications such as emails, text messages and more task for multiple servers
from one interface.
Runs as a Windows Service – Not only can you lock windows, but you can log off windows all together
and create a bullet proof environment.
Optimized and Designed – For Microsoft Windows 2008/2012/Windows 7 and Windows 8.
User Management - Controls access to cameras and program features. Depending on user status, user
can be either allowed or denied access to software abilities and features such as: Administer server,
Camera viewing, remote connection, Playback, Archive, Data Delete and so much more.
Network Camera Search Wizard – Using this Wizard a user is able to find all available network
cameras, configure them, and connect them in no time and with little effort.
Automatic detection for IP cameras – Available for LAN or a WAN range of IP addresses – Just connect
your IP cameras to the network and tell VUgarde2 an IP range to find cameras on. NO additional
configuration required by integrator.
Hybrid and Tribrid – Captures video from any source or multiple sources. CCD, CCTV analogue camera,
IP camera, USB camera, Web camera etc. Mix and match on the same machine.
Control PTZ cameras – Pan, tilt and zoom cameras can be fully controlled from within the Client
Multiple clients may be connected to a single server – Depending on licence and user management
settings, 1 to unlimited number of local and remote client applications may access the server to
receive live and recorded video, as well as perform other operations. Depending on User Name
limitations, the user could do everything or may be limited to certain access only.
Client connected to multiple servers – A user of the client application, if granted sufficient privileges,
may connect to an unlimited number of servers to view live and recorded video as well as perform
other operations.
Each camera is individually configurable – This allows adjustment of the camera operation to the
particular monitoring area. The options that can be individually configured include: Frame-per-Second
(FPS) rate, recording, motion detection, image adjustments (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue,
saturation) and more.
Map camera layouts – Create map layouts on either Google maps or using a jpeg map. A user can
place camera markers anywhere on a map for easy navigation of cameras.
Fully featured local and remote playback, no limitations on remote client.
CD/DVD Backup Wizard with player. Hard drive backup wizard. Using our CD/DVD export wizard, any
computer can open the exported videos with audio without the need of codec or the need to install
any playback software.
USB Joystick Support – Control PTZ Cameras, Presets, Open Archive and much more from remote
client with VUgarde2 VMS support USB Joysticks.
Advance server recording settings – Can be configured locally and remotely.
TCP Port – User can select TCP port to their Preference the default is 60554.
Disk analysis screen display – For improved recorded data analysis.
Layouts – Create custom Layouts by grouping cameras from different DVR Servers/Locations into
groups for more efficient monitoring, and better management. Drag and drop cameras from a server
or multiple servers to custom layouts.
Exclusivity Mode – Exclusivity Mode (windows lock-out) can be set up, to take special care to ensure
VUgarde2 is the only application the user is interacting with. Advance properties are available for startup and password authentication as well.
Layout Sequences – Layouts can be used for Sequencing. Layout sequences can be set in custom time
intervals with custom layout priorities. Multiple Sequences can be created and activated at any given
Adjustable screens – Need to view more than 32 cameras? Adjust the VUgarde2 window and open
multiple instances. Open as many as your monitor can handle or you can view.
Software watchdog – Advance Watchdog Operations, Programmable with maintenance settings.
Watchdog can be configured to periodically restart server services to clear any possible problems
which could degrade server system performance, (select different time frames (days, hours, etc.),
Adjust auto settings for error control and advance detection for problem detection and recovery.
Hardware watchdog – (On supported frame cards when available).
Video Adjustments – Video adjustment can adjust every individual camera with its own settings
remotely and locally. Adjustments for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness, and Hue.
Adjustable image quality camera by camera. Adjustable compression settings camera by camera.
Motion control recording – with option for recording frames when no motion is detected (EX. 1 FPS
when no motion and 30fps when Motion).
Export Snapshots – Save current frame as JPEG or Bitmap file.
Export recorder video – Available Properties with options built into VUgarde2 for most supported
Digital zoom – Available for all cameras.
Free distribution of the client software for unlimited computers – User can install client software on
unlimited pcs at no additional cost for licensing.
Output Video to a NTSC/PAL
Live View Events Pane – Shows Live Events configurable via Action & Events configurator. Allows to
quickly switch to selected camera and open archive for selected event.
Network Drive Mapping – User can map network drives at no additional cost for licensing.
Camera/Network Support – Supports all major brands of Network (IP) cameras and Network Servers.
Each camera is individually configurable – including: recording, motion detection, and image.
Multiple resolutions support – (camera by camera) up to D1 (frame cards) and 5960x3352 Pixels (IP
Mega Pixel Cameras).
Display Mode
 1 camera (full screen) layout
 4 camera (2 x 2) layout
 6 camera [2x2 + 1(large view)] layout
 8 camera (7 + 1(large view)] layout
 9 camera (3 x 3) layout
 10 camera (8 + 2(large view)] layout
 13 camera (12 + 1(large view)] layout
 16 camera (4 x 4) layout
 25 camera (5 x 5) layout
36 camera (6 x 6) layout
48 camera (6 x 8) layout
54 camera (6 x 9) layout
49 camera (7 x 7) layout
64 camera (8 x 8) layout
96 camera (8 x 12) layout
81 camera (9 x 9) layout
108 camera (9 x 12) layout
100 camera (10 x 10) layout
1 row of streams from 1 to 10 streams in a row
Wizards are for easy navigation and step-by-step setup instructions on how to perform configurations
and other setup tasks as follow:
 Add a new connection to the VUgarde2 server
 View or modify Server connection properties
 View or modify server User permissions (camera by camera)
 Add, Configure or delete camera device
 Configure export of video frames
 Open Server Archive
 Manage server Watchdog settings
Configure Server Events
Report camera status
Start and stop server services and application
Configure Server Events
Submit a problem report
View or modify server recording properties
View or modify server TCP communication properties
Submit a problem report
Automatically discover network video devices
Backup server archive data
More Standard Surveillance Features:
Generic and Standard Support - VUgarde2 DVR supports PSIA, ONVIF and Generic RTSP compatible
Quota Management - VUgarde2 VMS is capable of using individual per camera recording quotas.
Options to constrain footage in gigabytes or duration of days or both
Continuous recording – No tapes to be replaced; Recording operation uses FIFO Technologies (First
in, First Out).
Scheduler-Based Recording – No tapes to be replaced; Recording operation uses FIFO Technologies
(First in, First Out).
Multiple screen configuration options – You can choose from 1 screen view, 4, 9 or 16, 25, 36, 49, 64,
81 and 100 equal screen views. Other options include custom views, where as one or two screens are
larger than the others.
Motion Detection – Each camera may be set to detect motion. No additional hardware is required for
motion detection; Motion detection is performed solely on a software based level. Triggered by
motion, a camera can perform numerous operations and is not limited to only recording video. Motion
activated recording supports an unlimited number of Motion Zones that each have unique sensitivity
settings. View results in real time for easy setup - label each Motion Zone to trigger actions and event
log allows quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events.
 Event log allows quick review of video associated with motion or alarm events.
 High performance Motion Detection mode added, featuring software motion detection on
key frame and sub stream (Designed to reduce CPU load on Server PC)
Sound Notifications – for Client Application Events.
Notification sounds – Custom sounds can be upload for certain application events, such as:
 Connection to server
 Disconnection from Server (Failure)
 Disconnection from Server (Success)
 Server notification 1, 2, 3,
 Video Source Alert
 Video Source motion
Option for live screen and mapping – User define options for screen mapping mode are available,
such as automatic, manual, per arrangement. This option includes Away Mode, which includes
Window minimization action (Default (Away mode), Do nothing Mode, Temporarily Unmap). Leave
Map, Unmap on Away, and Temporarily Unmap on away)
Option for archive playback – User define option for to pause live stream whenever archive window
is open for faster remote playback
Event Indication – Flashes box around video if event is triggered or motion is detected
Remote Management – via Internet and/or LAN/WAN. The server can be accessed from any part of
the world for remote monitoring, remote playback, user management and more.
Real-time playback – without interrupting the recording cycle any camera can be played back using
the local or remote Client application software. Such playback will not interrupt on-going video
recordings, nor will the quality of the recordings be compromised.
Output Video – for NTSC/PAL
Digital Zoom – Available for all cameras
Screen Footer Options – Will show you Average Frame rate, Resolution, Bandwidth Usage and more.
Multi streaming support (designed to reduce CPU and network load on Client PCs)
Fisheye video stream de-warping - support (Live view and Archive)
On-screen PTZ control - for all PTZ cameras
Notifications on server's storage failure/malfunction
Sub stream configuration - Available for Generic RTSP video stream configuration
Quick save snapshot ability - Available for Live View
Support for ImmerVision 360-degree Panomorph lenses
SureView Immix® compatibility added (contact Immix for the driver)
VUgarde ANPR
Vugarde ANPR is an automatic License Plate Recognition application that is designed to work with
VUgarde2 VMS Server. This application accommodates customers with the specific need to detect,
recognize and register motor vehicle license plates. VUgarde2 ANPR is ideally suited for vehicle access
control applications as well as for traffic control and enforcement applications.
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