Switched mode power supply The PF1600

Switched mode power supply
Switched mode power supply
Wide outpu t range 0 -72VDC
Analog control by an external 0 -5VDC
Power failure alarm outpu t
Master -slave connection
The PF1600 -PS series are a high po wer, light weight, advanced power supply series using modern swi tching
technology. All units can be used as a power supply or constant vol tage bat tery charger. The outpu t volt age and
outpu t current can be adjusted from 0 to maximum value by a inte rnal adjustmen t trimmers on the front panel,
wi th an optional 0 -5V analog control or serial bus. The reliable PAP power supply series meets the safety and EMC
requirements established by the EU.
55-250VAC (55-200VAC reduced po wer, see curve p. 2)
1600W / 9A
<30A, cold star t
<50 mVrms
>5 ms
orange: po wer OK
input 1500 VAC
input 3750 VAC
outpu t
outpu t 500 VAC
EN 60950, EN60335 -2 -29 +A2
EN 55022B, EN50081-1, EN50082 -2
All models CE marked.
IP20 metal enclosure
Class 1
w xhxd
267 x 135 x 85 m m
1,9 kg wi thou t cables
Wall, bench
po wer chord 1,5m
outpu t
2m 10 mm² cable
Temperature con trolled fan
0°C - +40°C (fixed assembly)
Switched mode power supply
PF1600 -PS12
PF1600 -PS12-AI *
55 -250VAC
0 -18VDC
0 -120A
PF1600 -PS24
PF1600 -PS24 -AI *
55 -250VAC
0 -36VDC
0 -60A
PF1600 -PS36
PF1600 -PS36 -AI *
55 -250VAC
0 -54VDC
0 -40A
PF1600 -PS48
PF1600 -PS48 -AI *
55 -250VAC
0 -72VDC
0 -30A
* Cable sets wi th modular connectors are included: 1,5 m cable for analog control.
* * Reduced po wer 55 -200VAC, see curves.
Cyclic bat tery chargers or customized charging curves for all kind of bat teries
Sense models
Switched mode power supply
Trimmer or analog control adjustable modules, type example PF1600 -PS24 or PF1600 -PS24 -AI:
The outpu t vol tage and out put current limit of the power supply can be adjusted as follo ws:
Trimmer adjustable models: with the mul ti - turn po tentiometers accessible from the fron t panel.
Analog controllable models by an external 0 -5VDC voltage. See detailed descrip tion
Both vol tage and current can be adjusted from zero to the maximum value. Maximum 1600W outpu t power is
available wi thin the adjustmen t range.
STATUS LED indicates diff erent phases during charging process. In normal power supply operation an orange LED
indicates a healthy ou tpu t voltage.
The outpu t of the power supply is protected against overcurrents and short circuits by an automatic, self - r eset ting
electronic current limiter.
Parallel operation: No restrictions, passive load sharing
Series operation: Up to 500V to tal vol tage
Dangerous voltages, capable of causing death are present in the power supply. Do not remove the cover. There are
no operator serviceable parts inside the unit. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel only .
input 0 -5V
Switched mode power supply
The optional analog control inpu t J1 allo ws full cont rol of the outpu t current and voltages and it provides the
measured values for both of these. A +5V supply power is available for the supply of the control logic. The analog
input has an isolation value of 500 V to wards th e input and outpu t of the po wer supply.
Current con trol input
Voltage control input
curren t
vol tage
+5V (max. 20mA)
outpu t
Pin configuration of the modular connector J1.
The analog control card is connected via an AMP modular 6
All control voltages must be bet ween 0 and +5V, Higher voltages are not allo wed. The control logic is positive, so
that a +5V control vol tage gives a maximum value from the power supply, while 0V means minimum out put. As
soon the control connector is unplugged from the modular connector, the power supply are reset to the minimu m
outpu t values.
The measured values can be read from the measuremen t signals. The measured values are scaled equal to the
target values. If the po wer supply is set to the voltage reference, the measured value must be equal to the target.
The same counts for the current control and its measured value. Measured signals (both together) can be loaded
wi th max 20mA; other wise proper operation cannot be guaranteed.
The modular connector is isolated from the inpu t, outpu t and enclosure of the power supply. This enables the
possibility to parallel or series connect several power supplies maintaining equal voltages. The number of
connected devices is not limi ted. The 500V insulation voltage may, however, not be exceeded. This manual cannot
be applied in case the connector of the analog card differs from a modular connector (9 -pin D -connector). In that
case it is an incompatible analog controlled po wer supply.
Connecting example using the internal +5Vdc supply and external poten tiometers.
The +5V can be used as a supply for external circuits. The circuit given to the lef t, lets
the po wer supply operate as a potentiometer controlled device. It is impor tant t o keep
in mind that the +5V output may not be loaded more than 20mA, other wise proper
operation cannot be guaranteed.
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