Dear Client, Congratulations to your new turntable TTT

Dear Client,
Congratulations to your new turntable TTT-Compact (TTT-C). This unit allows analogue playback on the highest level because of compact design and careful engineering in every detail.
Please follow this manual carefully step by step for getting advantage of all possibilities offered by your new turntable.
Please take your time to assemble, install and adjust the TTT-C carefully. Your dealer will be
ready to assist you. The TTT-C is a mechanical precision instrument. Please beware of using
high forces or hits to this unit.
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1) Unpacking TTT-C
The packaging of this unit consists of three layers. Please open the main packaging and take
out the following items carefully:
External charger
Power-adapter for external charger (country-specific)
Ground-wire, screws
Hex key wrenches (5.0 / 2.5 / 1.3), Adjusting-key
Please place these items well ordered to the side, so they are ready to be used during installation of the turntable.
After taking out the upper layer completely, the second layer of the packaging will be visible.
It contains the platter. Please take out the platter carefully and place it on a suitable base.
After taking out the second layer of the packaging, the last layer will be visible. This layer
contains the main chassis of the TTT-C. Please take out the cassis and place it horizontally on a
suitable base.
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2) Releasing the transport lock
The main bearing of the TTT-C is locked during transport to prevent damages to the bearing
caused by vibration. This locking mechanism lifts the sub-platter slightly and keeps it in position. To release the transport lock, please follow the following steps:
Release 4x hexagon-screw (1)
Remove 4x hexagon-screw (1) completely
Move both locking-cylinders (3) out of the sub-platter (2)
Turn both locking cylinders 180° around their axle
Replace 4x hexagon-screw and tighten them
Sub-platter incl. belt and flywheel shall be free turning now
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3) Installing platter
The main-platter (1) is bearing freely on the sub-platter (2). During assembling, please make
sure to guide the main-platter exactly vertically on the sub-platter. The main-platter has an
inlay of a specified lead-vinyl mat (3). Please take care on this mat for not destroying it during
Guide the main platter (1) carefully from above on the sub-platter (2).
Make sure the main -platter is bearing completely on the sub-platter.
If needed, dress the lead-vinyl-inlay (3) around the centre (4) carefully, so the record
will lay on an absolutely even surface.
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4) Installing TTT-C
For assembling the tonearm, please follow the manual of the tonearm itself carefully. The
tonearm-base of the TTT-C is mounted with 8 screws (1). For soldering the internal wiring of
the tonearm, the outlet-terminal can be disassembled by losing the 4 screws (2).
Depending on the configuration of your turntable and tonearm, the electrical connection has
been made already.
Set the level
Place the unit on an even and horizontal base. The level of the TTT-C can be set by turning the
spikes in and out of the main chassis. Please use a level gauge to level the unit exactly horizontal. Please make sure at least one of the spikes is tightened fully.
The spikes are guided not only by a fine pitch thread but by a cylindrical fitting as well.
Therefore, no locking of the spike is needed. The maximum range of adjustment is 6mm.
Connect the ground wire (deliverd with your TTT-C) with the jack of the terminal (4) and with
the fitting connection of your phono-stage.
Configure the external charger with the country-specific power-adapter and connect it with
the fitting jack (5) of the TTT-C. Plug the external charger into the electrical socket. The external charger can handle all usual input voltage.
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5) Internal Power Supply TTT-C
The TTT-C is fitted with a high-power-battery-pack. The turntable is driven by the internal
power supply only. The external charger is to be used for charging the battery only.
Please refer to the table on the right.
Important notes:
A fully charged battery-pack will keep the turntable running in playback mode
for at least 16 hours.
If the unit is kept in the standby-mode (I), a small control-current is needed.
Therefore, the battery will be discharged after 200 hours, even if the platter is
not turning. Please remember to switch the unit off (0) while not in use.
We are using most modern LiFePo batteries. These accumulators do have no
memory-effect. This means, you are free to charge them no matter what the actual charge state is. The battery can be recharged for at least 1’000 cycles.
The battery is covered by a PCB-circuit to prevent complete discharge (which destroys this type of battery) and fault-current. If the unit has been switched off (0)
for a long time period, this PCB needs to be reset by the external charger. Therefore, the unit needs to be switched into the charging mode (II) shortly after several weeks of not using it, even if the battery is not discharged.
The battery-pack can provide power up to 1’000 Watts. This energy is set free by
incorrect handling of the accumulator as well. Therefore, the battery needs to be
exchanged by your distributor / dealer only.
Depending on the charge state, the external charger can produce emissions
(electrical field, noise). Therefore we recommend to unplug it completely from
the power-plant and turntable while playing music.
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Standby: The unit is ready to be started by
the push-buttons at the front (33/45). The
external power supply is disconnected electrically from the circuit.
Off: The unit is disconnected completely
from the internal and external powersupply. The battery keeps its charge state
for many months.
Charging: If the external charger is connected, the battery will be charged. The
charge state is shown on the external
6) Setting and Adjusting Speed
The two push-buttons at the front, labelled with “33” and “45” are to be used to start and
stop the platter on the speed indicated. The push-buttons do have an integrated light, showing the actual status of the turntable:
Blinking single light: acceleration phase of the platter
Steady: Platter turns on the speed indicated
Blinking both lights: Battery needs to be charged. As soon blinking of both lamps
starts, the battery will rest for at least one hour in playback mode.
The speed of the turntable was set in our factory using most precise equipment. This setting is
stable for a long time period. If re-adjusting is needed, use the specific adjusting-key (1) delivered with the TTT-C.
The adjusting-key is set thru the hole at the front of the TTT-C and connected to the internal
potentiometer. Turning the key clockwise will decrease; turning it anticlockwise will increase
the speed of the platter.
7) Clamp
The TTT-C is delivered with a record-clamp designed for this turntable specifically. This clamp
is working harmonically with the lead-vinyl inlay of the main platter. It reduces vibration and
deformation of the record itself and ensures steady contact between platter and record.
Please plug the clamp carefully on the spindle of the turntable. The clamp is not screwed or
tightened, but operates with its mass only.
8) Cleaning
For cleaning the TTT-C, please use a soft and clean towel. The lead-vinyl-inlays of the platter
and the clamp shall be cleaned with a wet microfiber towel. For this process, please use water
only, neither cleaning nor dissolver-liquids.
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9) Technical specifications
Technical specifications
- Turntable speed: 33 ⅓ U/min, 45 U/min
- Wow and flutter at 33 ⅓ rpm, DIN45 507: ±0,06%
- Rumble: -58dB (unweighted)
- Weight: 16 kg
- Voltage charger: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Turntable specification
- 3-phase motor underneath platter
- Short belt drive system with flywheel
- High-precision bearing, hard chrome-plated
- Lead-vinyl-mat between platter and record
- Decoupling ball element feet
- Integrated power supply unit
- Black finish with silver edges
- Clamp with lead-vinyl inlay
- Additional tonearm-base for exchange (9“ / 10.5“ / 12“)
- LEVI-Base (air-decoupling-base)
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