Randall Warranty
1.7 Watt amplifier output @ 8 Ω
3 Channels with Gain and Level
Switchable volume boost with level
control that doubles as switchable FX
loop or mute/mute-tune option.
Randall Amplifiers, a Division of U.S. Music Corporation warrants the
product you have purchased to be free of defects in materials and workmanship
in normal use for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase.
This warranty shall run to the original purchaser when purchased from an
Authorized Randall Dealer. The manufacturer warrants speakers for a period
of (1) years. The manufacturer warrants tubes for a period of (90) days.
Defective parts found during the applicable warranty period with proof of
purchase will be replaced or repaired without charge if the complete product is
returned to US Music Corp or any Authorized Randall Service Center within
the U.S.A. Randall reserves the right to use materials readily available at the
time of the repair. All Warranty service requires Proof of Purchase (sales
receipt) to be presented at time of service request. Any repair or service
performed by any person of entity other than an Authorized Service Center is
not covered by this limited warranty. The customer pays transportation to and
from Randall factory service or any Randall Authorized Service Center. Rental
stock is warranted for (1) year from date of invoice to the Authorized dealer.
Warranty on rental units is not transferable.
What is covered against manufacturing defects
Parts and Labor to correct any defect in materials used and any defect
attributable to workmanship.
What is not covered:
EQ with Bass,Mid,Treble,Presence
Bass EQ Boost
Mid EQ Scoop
9v DC power for external pedals
Speaker Emulated XLR Output with
Ground Lift
External power supply
Shipping Damage. Report damage upon receipt of item to the carrier (i.e.
UPS). Freight carrier must be notified upon receipt of items to insure freight
damage claim resolution. Shipping damage not filed with carriers within (48)
hrs upon receipt will not be covered under warranty. Report any shipping
damage within (48) hrs of receipt to the Randall Customer Service Dept at
1-800-877-6863, ext. 5120. Keep all original documents and packing materials
to insure freight damage claim resolution. Merchandise that has been modified
after original shipment from the Randall factory. Products whose serial
numbers have been altered or removed. Exterior normal wear and tear damage
to the finish due to misuse, operation outside the specified ratings, neglect or
accident. Warranty claims by anyone other than the original purchaser. Randall
is not responsible for any items left in protective covers or cases, (We strongly
advise that all personal items such as chords, cables, tuners, etc… be
removed!) freight charges to and from the factory or an Authorized service
center on customer owned goods, any and all charges incurred from priority
service requests (Rush Service) or priority shipping for replacement parts. Any
and all charges if no problem is found.
Return Authorization
All items being returned for any reason must have a Return Authorization
number. This RA# must be placed on the outside of the carton of the item being
returned or the carton will be refused upon delivery. Please call the customer
service department at 1-800-877-6863, ext. 5120, for the return authorization
number. Dealer stock items will be returned to the dealer freight prepaid.
An Authorized Warranty Service Center must perform any and all field
warranty service work. Customer will not pay for parts and/or labor provided
the problem found is within warranty guidelines. Proof of purchase must be
provided at the time of service request. Transportation charges to and from the
Authorized Warranty Service Center are the responsibility of the customer.
Rush service charges and special freight charges for required parts are not
covered under warranty and are also the responsibility of the customer. If a
unit is not easily transported to an authorized service center, the customer is
responsible for technician travel charges. Any charges for labor or processing
when no problem is found are also not covered under warranty. Any charges
incurred for work performed by an unauthorized service center are the
responsibility of the customer.
Warranty terms may very per country, check warranty
terms with local Distributor or at point of purchase.
Model - RG13
For detailed product videos please visit our
website at :www.randallamplification.com
Congratulations on the purchase of your new RANDALL RG13 Pedal/Amplifier! We at Randall Amplification appreciate that you chose our brand of guitar instrument
amplifiers and wish you years of great tone and enjoyable playing time with your new machine. Please review the safety instructions and be aware that the documentation
provided in this manual references 120volt USA versions of the models covered. Note that the POWER listed on the power supply should be for your countries’ power standard.
Connect included external power supply
unit here.
Note that power supply will vary for each
international region. Check voltage if your
bring your RG13 to different countries.
Power switch turns unit on
and off. Be sure to power off
or mute volume on other
external devices connected
when powering RG13 on or
off to avoid damage.
XLR Balanced output with Speaker
Emulation circuit that electronically
simulates the sound of a microphone
signal miking a Randall 4x12 speaker
cabinet. This allows for better tonal
performance when sending direct feed
to a PA/Sound System or directly to a
recording interface.
Speaker output- connect this to any
speaker enclosure 8 Ohms or
greater including headphones.
(some headphones may only play on
one side) Minimum 8Ω Load!
Wattage isn’t an issue, so don’t be
afraid to use a big cab like a 4x12.
***Note that unit does not need
speaker load to operate***
External 9 volt DC power output for
external pedals. Do not exceed 500ma
power maximum! (check the power draw
on your external gear) Also note the
polarity in the diagram- center pin is (-)
negative - if you plug in a device with
opposite polarity then sound may mute or
power will not be activated.
Loop/Boost mode selector:
Boost mode disables the send/return
allowing the LOOP-BOOST knob to control
the amount of boosted or cut (- or +) signal
sending to master volume when engaged.
Loop mode allows for external FX to be
engaged in and out of signal.
Mute mode - with Loop mode engaged and
nothing plugged into send/return engaging
Loop-Boost footswitch will mute signal.
Tuner-mute mode - with Loop mode
engaged, plug from send into external tuner when LOOP-BOOST footswitch is engaged,
unit will mute and send signal to tuner
XLR ground lift changes the
ground connection to fix
ground loops when interfacing
with other equipment - use at
quietest setting for best
Loop send: Plug from this into input of
external FX or into tuner input when
using in tuner-mute mode.
Loop return: Plug from output of
external FX into this return when
using loop mode.
1/4” line output:
No Speaker Emulation
1/8” Stereo Media input: Plug
your i-anything, CD player,
computer here and the level
form the external device will
send signal to play along with.
• Connects to guitar amplifier
• Connects to amplifier effects
loop return
• Connects to power amp input
• Connects to next pedal in
effects chain.
Equalizer Section:
BASS - this knob will boost (+) or cut (-) Low Frequencies.
Bass Boost button- boost low end “fattening” sound
(use caution engaging this at high volumes - some speakers may not be
able to handle these low frequencies at certain volumes)
MIDDLE - this knob will boost (+) or cut (-) Midrange Frequencies.
Mid Scoop button- removes midrange when depressed- creates smiley
face eq curve :)
TREBLE - this knob will boost (+) or cut (-) High Frequencies.
PRESENCE - this knob will boost (+) or cut (-) Highest Frequencies.
1/4” instrument input:
Plug your guitar in here!!!
Master Volume:
Channel 1- Clean:
For cleanest sound
turn volume all the
way up and use gain
knob to match
channel volumes.
Bright switch adds
some “Sparkle”
Channel 2 Gain1:
This is standard
overdrive channeluse gain knob to set
amount of distortion
and set volume to
match other
Channel 3
Gain2: Same
set up as
Channel 2 but
with more
available gain.
Loop-Boost : this footswitch engages or
disengages all of the possible modes
associated with Loop-Boost.
Boost mode
Loop mode
Mute mode
Tuner-mute mode
This knob
controls the
overall signal
feeding all of
the outputs 1/4”, XLR &
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