Item 092/546: 7” Uno Capacitive Touch Screen

Item 092/546: 7” Uno Capacitive Touch Screen Tablet
Firmware update
Back up any data first! Data will be lost during this process.
First make sure you have download the items below to your PC or laptop from our website:
1. Download LiveSuit to your PC or laptop
2. Download Image (update) for the tablet
Instructions for LiveSuit:
1. Open downloaded LiveSuit file and run LiveSuitPack_v1.07 .exe file on your PC or laptop
2. LiveSuit icon will appear, click on icon to launch the main page
3. Click on icon shown below
4. Locate and select the update file as shown in the example below
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You are now ready to connect your tablet
5. The tablet must be off to update. If the tablet is on, turn off by holding down the power
6. On the tablet press and hold the + volume button while connecting to your PC or laptop via
USB lead
a. The volume button is the long button next to the power button. Press the area
closest to the power button for + volume.
b. The tablet should remain off while you connect to your PC or laptop. If not, please
try again.
Warning: you will lose any downloaded applications and data that you have. Please back up first.
Select “Yes” to enter the format upgrade mode (back up any data first)
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Select “Yes” again to confirm the format upgrade mode
When complete a notice will appear. Click okay and disconnect. Your upgrade is complete.
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Download PDF