Perfect registration
The i-cut® vision control system and i-script™ workflow allow die-less cutting contours to perfectly match printed
i-cut® vision
i-cut® vision
Printed signs and displays can get custom-shaped right
on the finishing table. Contour cutting follows the graphics
exactly as created by the printer.
Often with other methods, slight distortions between printed
graphics and contour cut may cause unacceptable results.
With the i-cut ® vision system, you can guarantee a cut
contour that perfectly matches the printed graphics.
i-cut ® vision registration
The i-cut ® vision registration system is integrated into the
tool head. First, a camera measures actual dimensions
and positions on the actual printed result. Then, finishing
is adapted to the shape of the graphics.
The system works with strategically placed registration
marks – the dots – that are printed along with the graphics
and that are used to align the cutting path.
Dynamic compensation
During the finishing operation, the i-cut ® camera optically
locates and analyzes the position of the registration marks.
Not only is registration corrected, but also i-cut vision-pro
is capable of automatic and dynamic compensation of any
dimensional changes, distortions or material variations, like
shrinkage or stretching.
The i-cut® software automatically fine-tunes each cut contour
for perfect cut-to-print. The i-cut ® is a fail-safe, patented
and proven registration method that guarantees the highest cut quality on runs from a few to thousands, and from
small shapes to large sizes.
i-cut ® registration mark optically checked and adjusted:
i-cut ® automatically locates registration marks, compensates
for material and print distortions and cuts the job.
Digital Printer
2. RE
The i-cut® camera
i-cut CAMERA
Heavy duty industrial type CCD camera, proven in Custom
designed, CNC machined housing with built in LED light
source, specifically designed for precise and reliable recognition of printed registration marks on a wide range of
substrates and printing methods.
• CNC machined aluminum housing
• Custom engineered, industrial LED light source
Cutting table with
i-cut ® station
• Rugged design for uninterrupted use in industrial
production environments
• Industrial type, CCD camera
• Integrated, highly
flexible coax cable and
power cable
• Reliable capturing of
registration marks and
barcodes on the widest
range of substrates and
printing methods
• Integrated with highspeed, industrial video
frame grabber PC card
Original non-distorted artwork
Basic offset or rotation distortion
Cut line adjusted with i-cut® vision
Linar distortion
Cut line adjusted with i-cut® vision
Skewed distortion
Cut line adjusted with i-cut® vision
Non-linear distortion
Cut line adjusted with i-cut® vision
i-cut ® camera
i-cut ® vision optimizes each cut contour for each graphic on each sheet
i-cut ® vision pro is capable of automatic and dynamic compensation of any
dimensional changes, distortions or material variations, like shrinkage or stretching.
Streamlined digital production workflow: i-script™
The i-script ™ workflow enhances finishing productivity. It connects the separated routes of the graphic design and the
finishing data. It is the interface between the digital print control and RIP software, and the i-cut ® digital finishing system.
Streamlined Digital Production Workflow: i-script™
Design stations
RIP station
i-script™ file
Cutting table with i-cut ® station
Digital Printer
With i-script ™, the operator does not have to re-register the tool head for each printed file on one sheet or roll of material.
The i-script ™ standard allows digital print control software to generate and communicate key finishing data to the i-cut.
Setup time can be reduced to just placing the printed material on the cutting table and pressing the ‘Run’ button.
The complete cutting file for an entire sheet, including cutting contours, nesting coordinates and paneling dimensions, is
automatically generated with i-cut registration marks and a unique barcode.
To begin the finishing process, the i-cut camera reads the job number barcode, retrieves the corresponding cutting and
layout data, and automatically moves to the registration marks for measuring. It is then able to automatically align the cutting paths to the graphic objects of the entire layout.
Integrated into a digital production system, i-script ™ completely automates cutting and trimming for a wide range of flexible as well as rigid materials. It is particularly capable of finishing materials from the rapidly emerging class of large format
flatbed inkjet printers, as well as other high performance roll-fed digital output devices.
Major front end and printing manufacturers have integrated i-script ™ into their RIP software.
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