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Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum
401 S. Buchanan
Amarillo, Texas 79101
The Amarillo Civic Center Complex Coliseum was constructed in 1969 as the largest venue
inside the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. The bowl seats 4,826 with an additional 50
accessible seats available, and another 1800 possible capacity on the floor. The Coliseum is
capable of hosting a wide variety of events including floor conversions from standard
concrete, dirt, ice rink, arena turf, and basketball floor. The Coliseum in surrounded by a full
service concourse with (6) six concession stands and (4) main entrances. Spacious
concourses on all sides offer an ample amount of vendor space for trade shows, concerts,
sporting events, and much more. Room height from floor to ceiling is 50’ 10” with 38’10” of
open space from the floor to the lower steel. Underground ramp access to the Coliseum is
available on the east side of the facility.
The Amarillo Civic Center Complex Coliseum resides in the heart of downtown Amarillo.
Amarillo Civic Center Coliseum
Technical Specifications
Revised 10/1/2015
General Information
LOW STEEL HEIGHT: 38' 10" From floor
HIGH STEEL HEIGHT: 50' 10" From floor
BETWEEN STEEL (North to South): 47'
HOUSE SPEAKER CLUSTER: All speakers are above the low steel.
Z-BAR: Runs North to South between steel @ 50' from floor.
CATERING AREA: Upstage Right just off NW hallway, labeled as the HEADLINER ROOM
PRODUCTION OFFICE: Upstage Right just off NW hallway, next to the HEADLINER ROOM
DRESSING ROOMS: Upstage Right along NW hallway.
ACCESS TO FLOOR: Through vomitory on North West corner of Coliseum, down a 200'
hallway. Vomitory entrance to the Coliseum floor listed in the hallway diagram in the
tech packet.
INTERCOM SYSTEM: throughout Coliseum. Clear Com 2-channel headset system
2 -400 AMP Three Phase -25' from upstage right (NW corner of Coliseum)
3 -200 AMP Three Phase -25' from upstage right (NW corner of Coliseum)
All Above – 4.0 Cam Lock hook-ups.
1 -600 AMP THREE PHASE -200' from downstage right (SW corner of Coliseum)
Bare Tail Tie – In.
Structural Steel Load Limits
3063 Ibs. per bridle, main steel to main steel 1500 Ibs. per point dead hung from main steel
800 Ibs. maximum load per point from Z-Bar
20 Ibs. per square foot roof live load
12 Ibs. per square foot roof safe load
LED quadrant lighting.
Lighting is not dimmable, but various sections can be switched on and off as needed.
Control is on the Upper Concourse, on the same level with follow spots.
6 -Xenon Super Trooper 2000 watt
Coliseum Floor
CONCRETE LAGGING: Absolutely NO lagging is allowed on Coliseum floor due to underlying
ice floor pipes. Inserts have been distributed on the floor and may be utilized as needed.
LOADING: The load in/out point for the Coliseum area is located on east side of the Facility
at entrance #5. The load in point is a 196 foot long incline ramp that can accommodate up to
two (2) tractor trailer trucks at a time. Items must be off loaded by forklift or manual labor and
pushed 217 feet to the coliseum floor. Hallway and height dimensions can be seen in the
Dressing Room diagram also listed in this tech pack.
ICE FLOOR COVERING: When necessary, the ice surface can be covered with Polar Floor to
accommodate other events. Please check with the Production Manager if you have any
STAGING: Stageright portable stage constructed in 4' x 8' sections. Deck finish is
interchangeable between carpeted and poly surfaced Customary stage height is 48” – 60”.
Dimension capability is 4’x8’ up to 60’x40’
SCOREBOARD & GRAPHIC DISPLAYS: The Coliseum is equipped with a scoreboard,
graphic message display board, and dual penalty clocks, on both the north and south ends of
the room. The boards are permanently fixed in position at the upper concourse level, just over
the seating areas. Scoreboard and Display features are as follows.
Daktronic brand.
14 feet wide x 6 feet 10 inches tall.
Double digit Home and Guest score counters.
 (4) period/quarter indicator lights.
 Interchangeable lower panels for specific Hockey, Football, or Basketball information.
 Scoreboard controller is a Daktronics All Sports series 5000 console controller.
Message Displays
 Message Board Dimensions are approximately 14 feet wide x 6 feet 10 inches tall.
 Boards are Daktronics LED Galaxy Message Displays.
 Venus 1500 Display Software.
 Galaxy Message Displays are WILL NOT SUPPORT VIDEO.
The Amarillo Civic Center Complex does not create the images for these displays. All display
images are the responsibility of the client and are required to be submitted (5) days prior to an
event and must be in the following format.
 Still Images must measure 208 pixels wide x 96 pixels high and be in a JPEG file format.
 Animation must be in an AVI format with 208 pixels w x 96 pixels h dimensions.
 Storage is limited so graphic files must be restricted to a total of 25MB per event.
Technical services are required to run any images on the display boards during an event.
Standard rates will apply.
AUDIO SYSTEM: In-house audio system available upon request. Center Technician
Audio system consists of:
Console: Soundcraft GB4 16 channel
Amplification: (9) QSC CX12 600W amplifiers
(1) 600W QSC amplifier (subs)
Speakers: (12) EV FRX-940 full range speakers evenly dispersed to cover
grand stands
(12) EV PI Matrix Full range speakers evenly dispersed directly
over floor for floor seating coverage
(6) EV TL 606 AX Subwoofers dispersed through upper
Dressing Rooms
The Civic Center Coliseum has two (2) large dressing room areas and two (2) smaller single
dressing rooms. All dressing rooms come equipped with toilets, lavatories, and shower facilities.
All dressing rooms are equipped with one (1) television monitor for viewing the Coliseum show
floor, or local basic cable.
The lower dressing room area also has a small production office, which can also be use as a
quick change room, and a larger Headliner Room available for various uses. Below you will see a
diagram showing the area layout and the hallway the runs from the loading doors to the
Coliseum Floor.
For Additional
For additional
Vomitory entry to the floor
12’ 3”wide x 14Ft High
Cliff McElhaney
Production Manager
Information Contact:
information please contact us:
Tim Rose
Asst. Production Manager
Bryan Partin
Asst. Production Manager
Power: 2 – 400amp cam locks
3 – 200 amp cam locks
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